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Art is Life

And the waters of Life

pour forth in waves

that pulse through Creation

like a heartbeat…

and the human being is given life.


As this life is pressed out

the human spirit births its forms

that unravel as they grow.

And in their swirling and twirling

one can see the signposts

pointing either up or down

on a bypath or the straight road.


It is in us to create.

The brush or the pen,

the spoken word, or the deed that stands…

The outward form the tools create

outlines the face of the Self.

And as beauty lives within, so is it given life without.


And in the filaments that vibrate in beauty

as they finely veil with an ethereal glow

all art that is truly artful

one finds that gasp

that inhales from eternity’s air

and the connection can be made

with all that lifts one’s gaze, to the Highest.

It is the strength of these ethereal filaments,

the height of their vibration

that repel the destruction by man and time

of works that speak words

needed for all future time.


And the man

who lives and breathes forms

reflecting the purest arrangement of elements

moves with an air

that rouses the joy of life

within another human spirit.








© Dalida Iruoha.


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