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  • "Living" on this Earth; What it Entails for Mankind




                The art of being alive involves movement, and this can be seen to be true with every species of Creation that is considered to be living. One must be able to detect movement within such a species, which leads towards its development, and which accords with the nature of the species, i.e., the way in which the Animating Force that governs the Universe or Creation manifests through the species; how the effects of this Force are revealed through the cloak of the activity of the species.


    This Animating Force is the Power of the Light, of God, Which brought about Creation and courses through it as it brings about development. The Power brings about a pressure, which leads to movement. The movement leads to the generation of friction and heat, and of forms and radiations or emanations. This resultant radiation travels downwards and away from the Light Itself, through Creation, from species to species, affecting each one in a particular way, and bringing about a particular kind of effect within the species.


    The movement in the species shows how the radiation of the Light is absorbed and transmitted by the species in question, because the Light alone bears Life, is Itself Life, and thus animates all else in accordance with the manner in which the particular species responds to the effects of Its Radiation. The response from the species being animated in this way brings about movement within it and the appearance of its being alive. It is this impelled movement that we are able to see and regard as evidence of life.


     The particular way in which a species responds to the pressure inherent in the radiation of the Light then becomes the signature vibration of that species, i.e., the way in which it presents itself, functions in its cooperation in the transmission of the radiation of the Light in Creation, and thus, is identified by other species. This signature vibration or manner of acting becomes the identifying mark that makes the species what it is.


    Man is not different in this regard, for he is of a very definite species in Creation, one which bears at its core an entity known as spirit, which serves as the driving and motivating power within the species called “man”. This entity – spirit –possesses and provides man with a definite degree of consciousness or awareness, depending on the degree of maturity of the particular spirit. It is therefore the part that absorbs the power in Creation first and, in making use of it or in responding to it, gives it a form that is perceptible through the physical cloak in the earthly environment where the species man lives.


    So, what is perceived as the activity of man on earth, or the effect of his nature, is really the outward, final and physical manifestation of the spiritual volition – the nature of the will and movement within the spirit-core. The spirit therefore is the real being that is man on earth, since everything that is seen as coming from man is only the consequence of the activity of the spirit within. In fact, there is no man where there is no spirit on earth.


    The spirit has abilities that are revealed in the course of its responses to the effects of the radiation of the Light. These abilities are therefore also revealed in the physical manifestations of these responses. It is an entity that is able to express personal volition or will. Therefore, it is able to decide how it makes use of the power that weaves through the fabric of Creation.


    It makes this decision by focusing its gaze in a particular direction, and attracting to itself, using its capacity to attract, what lies in that plane or world where its gaze has been directed. It attracts to itself the substance of that world, which has a specific consistency, density and degree of penetrability to light radiations, and which forms around the spirit like a cloak or veil. This ability to attract, which the spirit possesses, is one that cannot be annulled or stopped, even for a moment. It activates a process that never fails in its working. It is also the same with its ability to direct its volition towards one thing or a particular kind of vibration. Hence, it cannot be without volition or a driving will. Its gaze is always focused on something at any given moment.


    Man’s perception of what perpetually comes from the Light as radiation is formed through the lens provided by the cloak that forms itself around him, and which is of a density that corresponds to the world of its (the cloak’s) origin. Man links himself to such a world through what he attracts to himself that is of that world, and correspondingly alters for himself the perception of that which comes to him from the Light in the course of his daily experiencing. If his volition is of a base nature, then he will attract from a correspondingly base world that which accords with this volition, and which works to encourage and nourish it through a natural process of development.


    The guidance that is constantly available to the pure, unburdened spirit, and which comes to it through the Spiritual World above the material world, is unrecognized by him when he is heavily overlaid with dense substances through his base volition or desiring, and this also negatively influences his ability to know, through personal experience and recognition, the nature of the working of the Will of God in Creation.


    The recognition of this working requires and happens simultaneously with a broadening of perspective, because it requires that the human spirit in question be able to see the beginnings and ends of the happenings that he is monitoring. He is only able to experience this broadening when he expands as a spiritual being. The expansion in turn is the result of new recognitions of the workings of the Laws that express this Will. The recognitions can be seen as the nourishment that the spirit needs for its expansion and growth, similar to how the body needs food in order to grow and stay strong.  


    The Will that is recognized in the workings of the Laws of Creation governs all happenings and works in an upward-tending manner only. Man’s wrong reaction to what impacts him in the course of his hourly and daily activities, assumes a corresponding form, as an expression of his inner attitude, his own will, which further binds him to what is dense and burdensome. Thus, he develops according to the direction of his volition, his willing or desiring, which, in this case, is downwards. What causes him pain and distress is the consequence of his opposition to the upward-tending Will of God expressed in the Laws of Creation.


    Stopped edit here. Lighter volitions form for him cloaks, ethereal (non-earthly) bodies and surroundings and physical conditions, which aid him in the clearer recognition of the Will of the Light. The penetrability of light radiations through the correspondingly formed cloaks around him allows for the clearer perception of guidance from the Light, in accordance with the expressed volition from him for what is light. So what forms for him as a consequence of his desire for Light allows him to recognise what leads to the Light.


    Adjustment of his volition to the Will of the Light, Which manifests as unchanging and unstoppable Principles of Working or Laws in Creation, in the course of making his decisions, must lead him to the experiencing of influences and conditions that further his spiritual development and maturity. This is because they lead him to greater spiritual movement, which must be present in a human spirit that is alive, i.e., in a real human being, and which he will need in order to reap the fruit of his volition to experience light in the form of higher recognitions. Higher recognitions of the working of these Principles or Laws allow him to heed them in his decision-making processes, so that the results of said decisions emerge with many-sided good effects, such as can be seen in the manifestations and happenings in undisturbed Nature.


    If what he has cloaked himself with is dense, then a dimming occurs to what he is able to perceive of the manifestations of the Will of the Light, and he fails to get the full picture of the happening, or only sees a part of it. As a result, he draws wrong conclusions about this working and, in acting according to these wrong conclusions and assumptions, directs his volition further in the wrong direction and draws to himself more of what is wrong and misleading, and what further veils his gaze and his clear perception of the Truth, and thus also leads to his reacting wrongly and further burdening himself.


    The resulting effects of these finally come to him on earth in the form of his earthly conditions, to present to him exactly what he has asked for through his various expressions of volition, which rise from him every moment of his existence. What forms in one earth-life could also include effects of volition that originated or took on form ethereally during in a previous one.


    So, it happened that when the human spirit directed its focus mainly on what was earthly, i.e., what mainly concerned the earth and was seen to be important from the earthly point of view, it attracted and cloaked itself with corresponding substances. It revealed the nature of its attunement, i.e., where its volition was directed at the time when it was impelled towards movement as a consequence of the animating pressure in the radiation of the Light.


    One who sees earthly pleasures and earthly positions of influence as valuable and worthy goals, and who places these above all else, will, for instance, in reacting to an earthly condition, generate forms and effects of envy if he happened upon a situation where such craved goals or desires were in the possession of someone else and appeared unattainable to him. Envy will rise from within him as a vibration because of his feelings regarding the condition, the perception of which will be influenced by the way he has attuned himself within, and the conceptions which he has formed regarding what is important in earth-life, the amount and availability of this object of his craving, and how this “important thing” could be obtained.


    Through this spiritual or intuitive perception of envy automatic links are made to homogeneous worlds, from which return-currents of envy flow back to him, in accordance with how he has expressed his volition, how he has willed. These substances weigh him down to correspondingly low planes where envy forms teem. He sees everything through the filtering veil of envy. The conditions that form for him to experience as a result of this would harbor plenty of situations in which he could reap more envy feelings, since he has through his reaction placed in Creation the request for more envy perceptions as fruit.


    Following the ethereal happening, the intuitive or deep inner feeling, which forms the volition of the spirit, gets to his brain for transmission to earthly form in a natural process of development. It could also influence the physical actions of all those who are similar in nature. The hindbrain (cerebellum) receives this impression first in picture form and passes it on to the frontal brain (cerebrum), which, in trying to form words, generates corresponding envy thoughts, which also assume definite forms with definite kinds of effects. All of this happens as though simultaneously.



    If he does not stop himself in the process of this development, he is then able to move physically towards the execution of that which has been given an earthly form and focus in the thoughts generated. And so he goes on and carries out the act, which, in his mind, is designed to address the condition that led in the first place to his envious feeling, that is, which he thinks will get him what he wants or desires, or at least will make it impossible for the other person to have it (which will be a part this desire). He carries out the act in accordance with how he “sees” the situation, i.e., according to his intuitive or deep-perception of it, or lack thereof, because his actual intuition will always lead him upwards.


    Whatever physical action he carries out in this state will be geared towards living out on earth the envy-volition. It will be driven by envy, and will manifest as a physical after-effect of the generation of an intuitive perception of envy. It will be tainted by this deep feeling of envy and cannot fit in nicely with what is upbuilding in the environment in which it manifests. He may not notice it immediately, if he does at all eventually, but he would also form in his physical environment, through his thoughts, words and actions; a world founded on envy and related attributes. All that he receives and experiences would be in accordance with the nature of his innermost being, that which actually does the living his spirit. He will interpret happenings around him and communications from people he comes into contact with, in accordance with his tainted view of reality. And it is that which is similar to what he has within him that he would draw from others and from his surroundings.


    Since the spirit is what actually lives or possesses the capacity to move, as an impulsion due to the pressure of the radiation of the Light, it is in the volition of the spirit that changes have to occur first if the conditions in the physical realm are to become more peaceful and harmonious, not only between nations and peoples, but in the first place within individuals, families and communities.


    At present, and for a long time now, however, mankind have been in the dark as to the nature of the working of the Laws or governing Principles in Creation, because the world that they have formed around them is one that makes it difficult for them to clearly perceive and understand this working, let alone adhere to it with every stirring of their intuitive perceptions to create better perceptive opportunities in their future.

    The distortion that men have introduced into matter and the earth through their base volitions, has manifested also in the malformation of the brains of the physical body. The hindbrain, which is designed to receive the more delicate and finer impressions meant for the spirit within, was used less and less over time, over millennia, as the frontal brain, which has the task of bringing the spiritual volition into coarser, earthly form, was used to destructive excess.


    The frontal brain is responsible for the execution on earth of what has been perceived by the spirit. Thus it is meant to bring into earthly formation the impressions that come from the higher Spiritual Realm. When the focus of man’s thinking and acting is based mainly on earthly matters, concerns and aspirations, then a one-sidedness develops in the working of the two brains. An over-development of one to the detriment and shrinking of the other, due to lack of use, is the unavoidable consequence.


    The pressure of the volition or yearning for what is earthly upon the frontal brain led to its one-sided over development over the hindbrain. So it happened that generations of spirits that incarnated upon earth had to work with a physical body that became increasingly distorted over time, as the product of the wrongly directed volition of mankind, who were meant to help develop matter as they themselves developed upwards.


    The one-sided development of the brains meant that it was easier for men to “see” their conditions in unbalanced ways, i.e., without recognizing the spiritual component, which is the most important part in every happening, the foundation upon which everything else is built, as well as the actual prototype that determines the nature and shape of everything else.


    This meant that they could not see the beginning of the process that led to the conditions under which they found themselves at any given moment, the attitudes that formed the basis for the attraction of the conditions in question. In this blind and ignorant state they could not recognize the working of the Law of Reciprocal Action, which brings back to one those conditions that agree with his innermost stirrings. This Principle of Working or Law brings to one, as developed fruit, that which he advocated through his inner attitude, but many times enhanced or developed, just like a farmer reaps much more in the form of fruit than the amount he actually sows in the seed. So, he did not see how the accumulated fruits of his volitions, intuitive perceptions or deep inner stirrings, led to the conditions that formed for him to live through on earth, in the same way as particular seeds lead to particular fruits in the garden.


    Had he rightly recognized this happening he would have also seen that he attracted to himself conditions and people who were similar in nature to the attitude that he harboured within, and that he drew to himself through these processes, everything, whether good or bad, which was meted out to him in the course of his earth-lives and also in the periods in between. He would have seen that the attitudes that lead to such forms and conditions as he might criticize or find unfavourable and disturbing, can assume various forms in different individuals. Thus his gaze would have broadened in that regard.


    He would also have seen that the nature of his attitude determined how much he was able to recognize in the happenings around him of the true nature of how things work and develop from seed to fruit, from beginning to end-result, because he would be dragged low to depths where his gaze would have become too narrow for him to see this, if his attitude was wrong, or lifted up so that he felt light and could see a wider perspective of the happening, which would allow him to see more of the beginnings of the process of development, whilst also helping him develop more confidence that this process always works in this manner, does not change and so can always be trusted.


    But anyone who earnestly wishes to see this happening can do so if he exerts himself for it with the right degree of openness and objectivity (unassumingness). He will find in the conditions that form for him evidence that his own attitude has led to the nature of what has formed for him. He would also allow himself to see that the process is unfailing and that all non-recognitions in the past have been due to the limitations that he placed on himself due to the manner in which he viewed everything then.


    He will have to discover this for himself because only through the personal experiencing of this working, along the path of his own personal journey, can he develop trust and confidence in the constancy and perfection of this working. He will need to develop this trust and confidence because they will lead him to the development of conviction that this always is the manner in which things develop for man and every other species on earth and in the entire Creation. Only this conviction can allow him to remain steadfast in his willing or desiring for what is good in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles in his earth-life.


     And contrary to what many might think, even if he discovers that many a disastrous or calamitous event, which he had to live through in his past, came about as a result of his volition, he only gains thereby, for he will then have the opportunity to see that he has a say in what comes across his path here on earth and in the entire Creation. He could then come out from under the pressure of not-knowing, of thinking that there is no perfect justice in Creation, that it is possible for another to take away what is rightly due to him, in other words, that there is arbitrariness in the meting out of conditions here on earth and afterwards.  


    If he discovers, through this kind of experience, that he had a hand in the development of the unfavourable events that he had to endure in his past, and that, in fact, he was the architect of them, he would also be able to see that he could influence future conditions for the better by the way he attunes himself in the present. This is quite different from what many people hold as conceptions of the way that events develop for them to experience. Such a discovery, if truly recognized, would keep him from endangering himself and his surroundings with superficiality and base thoughts, words and actions. He will pay greater attention to what comes out of him as his works (his intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions), and he will perceive a greater enthusiasm for life, would have a higher sense of motivation to live and participate in upbuilding activities on earth and in Creation.


    Through his one-sided view of happenings and things around him over millennia, man denied himself the opportunity to see the strict consistency with which the Principles of Working in the Creation of which he is a part, work to bring man the fruit of his volition, of his inner willing. And because he did not see the regularity of the working, the perfection of it, he did not develop trust in it and could not steadfastly maintain the volition for what is good; the only thing that can lead him successfully through his wanderings through the World of Matter and back to his origin in the Spiritual Realm as a self-conscious and mature spiritual being.


    He could not notice any development in his capacity to know of the Will of the Light, because his volition was not so directed. Had he adjusted his inner being to the nature of the Will of the Light, he would have become increasingly more knowledgeable as to the Laws that govern Creation and how he is to cooperate in the furtherance of the creative radiation that comes from the Light. He would have unmistakably sensed a development within himself that would have encouraged him to strive more towards the Light in an upward development, and this development would have been reflected in beautiful earthly manifestations, just like his neglect and ignorance have led him justly to the ugliness that has been nurtured to date on earth.


    Most of what men do today encourage the production by man of base volitions such as envy, narrow-mindedness, conceit, vanity, one-sidedness, superficiality, fear, the pursuit of earthly power and influence, a craving for what is earthly, sordid sensuality in its various forms, spiritual ignorance and indolence, and a host of other dark attributes of the Darkness. Not one of these forms of dark attributes goes or manifests by itself. In accordance with the Law that similar forms attract each other, where you find one, you find evidence or potential for the manifestation of the others. And in all their effects they bind man to the earth plane and hinder his ability to see the spiritual import of happenings. They thus prevent his development as a species through the spread of darkness. They keep him spiritually inactive, immobile, and as if dead. To become spiritually dead then becomes his default aspiration, even if he does not know this.


    The developed dark volition has used the abilities of the spirit in man to form works that keep men in the dark as to their true capacities. In this way, this volition has ruled over mankind on earth and in many other planes in matter. Just like a virus takes over the protein-production machinery of an invaded cell in the physical body for its own use, thereby producing the building blocks of proteins that aid in its own development, replication and the maintenance of its species, so does the Darkness work to use men at all costs to maintain itself on earth and in matter and to lord over it. All the pain and misery, hopelessness and despair that men experience and have in the past experienced, are and have been due to their nurturing of base attitudes, which only serve the maintenance of a dark volition and further entangle them in the network of burdening and dense ugly forms.


    From these entanglements mankind can no longer on their own extricate themselves, and must follow these forms and the surroundings that they have formed towards destruction, through disintegration, if help does not come to them in time.

    A Spark from the Light, bringing with It a purifying Flame, has sunken Itself into Creation in order to rid it of all the darkness that has crept in through the wrong attitude of mankind. This is done out of Pure Love for the rest of Creation, so that the power coursing through Creation no longer is wasted in the formation of dark works through men. This Divine Spark also comes with the Volition: Let there be Light, so that those human spirits who still have a spark of longing for the Light can benefit from the effects of this Volition as it manifests here on earth and in other planes in matter. In the end of the purification process, which will give to men exactly in accordance with how they have sown for millennia, only those human spirits who have proved themselves capable of willing only what is light can exist or continue to live on this earth. This is because the Volition: Let there be Light comes from the Light Itself and so is now the strongest Volition in matter and on earth, Which is able to pull on every happening and form in matter in a manner that serves the fulfillment of this Will.


    This means that everything that has been wrongly formed by men, that is, everything that men have formed, will have to collapse and go through disintegration. It will be disposed of like excreta, involving a long and torturous process for those who remain attached inwardly and outwardly to what is wrong, and what must now decay. Recognition of how to move aright as spiritual beings, who have the capacity to form and shape their environments, will have to follow the development of the earnest volition for it from those so inclined. Only this will attract to them the uplifting effects of the Volition: Let there be Light. 


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