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  • Beauty in Life

    Here on earth we experience life in the form of movement. It is the particular movement of a life-form that identifies it as such, as a living member of its species or group. For the manifestation of one single visible-to-the-naked-eye stroke of movement, a variety of invisible ones has to take place. The nature of these movements determines what eventually manifests and becomes visible. In the course of the various movements, particular similarly vibrating units come together to produce particular forms, which agree in different ways with the individual natures of the movements of the individual component parts. Once the vibration or nature of movement changes, the kind of form produced as a result also changes. Through this phenomenon we are able to identify taste, look, colour, temperature, texture, etc. in the different substances that we come across in our earthly environments. The movements within and around these substances add to the fabric of our experiencing in our environments, and we can consider the effects of these movements to be pleasing and favourable or unfavourable and off-putting.


    Of all the experiences of the comings together of the different vibrations that characterise the various forms that we encounter here on earth, that which we call Nature comes up with what we often consider to be the best in the presentation of combinations of movements or vibrations. We are awed by the variety and constitutions of the species in Nature and how their effects weave in and dovetail with one another in a manner that is splendid and intricate, as well as logical in its simple explainable relatedness. These effects of the natural environment and the creatures alive and at work in them leave us wide-eyed and marvelling, often as we nod in agreement and in recognition of that which appears to us as though it had to be just that way and could not be otherwise … and yet appears great and unexpected, fresh and refreshing – livening. This experience in Nature arouses a good feeling in us because it brings about certain movements within us that resonate with the nature of the combinations of vibrations at work in such natural settings. These movements and combinations of vibrations that feel and look good - beautiful, follow the same natural laws as we regularly discern in our sciences and daily experiences. These are the Laws of Nature that form the basis of all the movements of all the species of the natural world around us.


    The movement according to these laws by the different creatures involved alone brings about that which could have such an effect on man. Only such lawful movements, carried out albeit unconsciously by the different creatures involved, could lead to the intersections in colours, sounds, smells, textures, behaviours and developments, in such harmonious and logical a process as can be seen and experienced in Nature, where all natural outcomes lead ultimately to what is good and beneficial.


    Man, too, is able to bring about works that could have these kinds of effects on his surroundings. He could achieve this by striving to walk in step with the movements of the Laws that he recognises in Nature. In this process he cannot know the exact form the outcome would take, but he would only be certain that it would dovetail in nicely with everything else and must have a beneficial effect in spite of its differing from what might appear good according to his old and wrong pictures. His desire for refreshing and livening beauty would lead him to the recognition of how his species should move if it wishes to harmonize with that which makes Nature so awe-inspiring. Each of these recognitions gives him joy because he feels the vibration of that which he recognises. His perception of it is at the same time a harmonizing with it. A falling in line with a vibrating string that at the same time speaks to him convincingly of truth, justice, love, logic (purity) … of perfection. His reaction to it is joy and gratitude, which cannot be separated in the experiencing of man. He gives off gratitude in the form of an erupting and spontaneous release of joy, as only a particular kind of vibration can set free through a human spirit.


    And since that which he recognizes at the cores of the happenings around him allows him to know of the Will of God, since such movements manifest only the Will of God, the erupting joy is his reaction or response to the Will of God. The joy that comes from him returns to the origin of that which gave the impulse for the vibration which we know as joy. This joy is his expression of his gratitude. At the time of his perception of this feeling of joy he thinks of its origin, even if not consciously. For one only truly expresses thanks when at the moment he is thinking well of the one whom he is thanking, as even the similarities in the words (think, thank) express.


    With the sending forth of a ray (the most powerful kind of ray, P-ray, Prayer) from the recognizing spirit towards the Height from which the Will descends, he expresses the desire for a connection with that Origin. Automatically, he receives in return the fruit of his desiring, which comes in cases like this in the form of opportunities to see and recognize more of this Will, for this alone allows him further opportunities of connecting with the Origin of that which is recognized – the working of the Will of God. And since this Will is inseparable from beauty in the various ways that beauty can be experienced, one who has become able to see in the individual moments of the hours of his days on earth, the workings of the Will of God, also sees and experiences beauty and joy in the moments of the hours of his days. The effects of his experiences would help those around him to benefit from his contributions to the fabric of their own experiences.   


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