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  • Cause and Effect

    Cause and Effect


    Many people to date have assumed the existence of the phenomenon of “Cause and Effect”, but without being able to grasp its underlying working they have mostly been unable to be convinced that it absolutely exists in every circumstance, without fail or exception.

     The grasping of the underlying working that relates all effects to particular causes, in a manner that can be logically followed, requires that the one who desires this understanding becomes more familiar with the working that brings to him his own fate.


    In other words, he has to become aware, through direct experiencing, of the relationship between the conditions that form for him to experience and what issues from him in the form of his inner attitude, his thoughts, words and actions. Only that individual, who seeks this clarification and deeper understanding, can himself discover, along his own path of personal experiencing, the strict and unbreakable link between cause and effect. This is so because only he can experience the beginning as well as the end, in a complete and unbroken manner, in order then to make the necessary connections.


    For the human spirit, which is the animating core of man, the beginning of the process is his inner attitude, which forms the foundation for his thinking (carried out with his frontal brain), which precedes his words or his speaking, as well as his physically visible actions. Paying more attention to what comes up from within him can, therefore, allow him to see connections between his actions and his fate, that is, what comes to him for his experiencing; either inside of him (psychically) or in his physical environment. 

     The capacity to make these necessary connections has been increasingly lost to mankind, due to their desiring of mainly that which they can see and examine with their physical senses and tools.  This mainly physical desiring, be it in the context of resource gathering, or love, or happiness, or any other context, has meant that their inner attitudes have been mostly inclined towards what is earthly and physical. This simultaneously and automatically manifests as a desire for the physical and earthly, in all that they seek to pursue and to understand, also with regards to the scope of their perceptive capacity.


    This means that with the narrow focus on the physically tangible and the earthly, man can only see so far and so deeply.  A person in this state cannot see the beginning that leads to what then comes to him as his fate or the condition he is obliged to live through. He cannot make a connection between “Cause” and “Effect” in his life, in spite of his seeing this phenomenon play out in the happenings around him, also in Nature, which he is able to follow from the beginning to the end as an objective observer.

     But only the conviction that comes from seeing, and thus experiencing this happening also in his own life, can allow him to steadfastly plant good seeds with his thinking speaking and acting, in spite of pressures that might push him to do otherwise. Only the person who can consistently plant such seeds as lead to his spiritual growth would grow to see those beneficial fruits that man is supposed to bring to bear also in his material surroundings. 


    And because the phenomenon of “Cause and Effect” never ends, there would never be an end to the discoveries that he would make in the course of his own expansion and growth, whilst on earth and also after he has left it.

     Contemplating this issue is very difficult for the man or woman of today because we have, over several millennia, formed for ourselves a world in which the desiring for true knowledge is discouraged. In this world, the desire for what is superficial is promoted and is supported by the mindset, structures and institutions that this desiring has led to as its fruit. And since the yield is always much more than the planted seed, mankind have become overrun by and entrapped within the narrow world of their own making.

     This narrow world also has very rigid walls, making the sounding of alarms on the outside of it imperceptible to many within it. In this state the nourishment that is meant for the spirit of man, which does the actual experiencing and living, has been cut off, because the spirit requires for its nourishment, growth and expansion the recognitions of lawful truths. Lawful truths are revealed in every single happening and would be recognised as soon as the earnest desire for it awakens within the onlooker, and he presses forward accordingly.


    The currents of energy that come to the spirit when it makes these recognitions, bring about the simultaneous expansion of the spirit of man, as well as the transformation or enhancement of its environment. This transformation also includes the expansion of the environment in question and the enhancement of its permeability to light radiations; that is, to clearer recognitions of the way things actually come together in the Universe.

     With the clearer recognitions the ones concerned also apply the received currents in new ways that further the blossoming of their smaller and greater surroundings, as an expression of the joy that they then possess, and gratitude to the One that has sent the possibility.


    “What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” goes deeper in its description of the currents of energy that govern and uphold Creation or the Universe. It seeks to alert the reader or listener to his (her) ability to draw these currents in the course of his living and being, his sowing (planting) and reaping, and the inherent responsibility to use or direct these currents well.

     The author hopes to convey to the reader or listener, through the depth and expanse of the details revealed in this work, that there now exists on earth complete and gapless explanations about the workings in the Universe or Creation. It would then be up to the willing listener or reader of “What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” to follow up on what is revealed therein, for his own obtainment of this now available Help, which made the writing of this work at all possible.


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