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  • Knowing the Laws of Creation

    Certain principles govern all that happens in Creation or the Universe. So much so that they appear as Universal Laws. Everybody is able to experience their effects in every happening or development that he is able to calmly and objectively observe. Upon such observation one is able to discern principles of working that run uniformly through all such developments.

    This working is seen in the development from seed to mature fruit in the growing and maturing of a tomato plant, for instance. The fruit that emerges in the end of the process is always of the same kind or species as the planted seed. And through the nature of the seed, the type or nature of the fruit can be discerned.


    The same process takes place in all that man does, all his actions, as a species of Creation. With his intuitive perceptions, his thoughts, words and actions, he sows particular kinds of seeds. These seeds develop accordingly to form for him his physical and ethereal world, determing what he has to live through physically as well as psychically. Living through the effects of such attitudes, thoughts, words and actions is the same as harvesting the fruits of planted seeds.


    Man's core, his spirit, the only living part of him, is responsible for the attracting and the forming that takes place in this process of develoment, according to existing, unchanging Laws; the Laws of Nature that are the governing principles in Creation or the Universe. He pulls together substances and forms in his seen and unseen surroundings with the way he uses the attractive and formative capacities of his spirit. The final effects are his works, which he is bound to live through, because in going through the cycle of development, the fruits come back to their origin, to him.


    Due to his not paying attention to this most important part of himself - his spirit - he could no longer see the beginnings of what developed for him to live through in his everyday conditions. His narrowed and shallow perception caused him to develop a distorted view of reality and the nature of the workings around him. With this distorted view came wrong reactions and expressions of fear, anger, envy, conceit, greed, narrow-mindedness, and all the other forms of dark attributes detectable in man.


    But with these base expressions he was still subject to the existing natural law, and thus still made use of the ability of his spirit to attract and form, therefore to sow and be obliged to reap! So he reaped and has for a long time now reaped conditions that have given him even more cause to be fearful, angry, envious, conceited (and therefore unable to see what is beneficial to him), and so on. With the harvest of fear, envy and anger-inducing conditions he experienced the fruits of what he placed in Creation in his past (in past life-times as well as in the present one) through his thoughts, words and actions. His world has thus been formed according to the nature of the seeds he has so far planted.


    In this world that he has formed, he has caged himself and enslaved himself to his tool here on earth - his intellect, which has become overstimulated and over-developed, to the detriment of his spirit, the growth of which was stunted and retarded as a result.

    The limited gaze of the earthbound intellect, and the opposing, earthbound direction in which it takes one who is reliant upon it, make it unable to think up or calculate a way out of the oppressive mesh into which man has woven himself over millennia. Thus it became necessary for help to be sent to man from outside of this world that he formed, which would enable him to disentangle himself by righting the wrong conceptions that he developed and acted upon while in darkness.


    As the help now emerges to the recognition of some, having already been given on earth, every happening and development has clearly sped up, giving expression to a certain energy surge. In the quick return to indviduals and peoples of fruits, a long time in development, men are feeling the adverse effects of not-knowing, as they look anxiously about themselves for relief only to meet with failure and disappointment.

    "What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man" has been written to alert mankind to the existence on earth today of this help.



    That this help is available is evidently expressed in the content of the work mentioned above. With it the author wishes to share his discovery of the aforementioned help, in this late hour, with earnest seekers of truth.


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