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  • The Destructive Effects of Intellectualism

    The Destructive Ends of Intellectualism




    Over recent millennia mankind have raised the intellect to a level to which it does not belong. It is a tool that the spirit of man is to use in bringing its volition or will into earthly realization. It is used to facilitate this process and it always works to find ways to do so. However, the working of the intellect leads to collapse, as a certainty, when, in its calculations and analyses, which cannot go beyond the ambit of what is earthly, it is not guided by the sensibility provided by the inner warmth of the human being.


    The spirit at the core of man is the only thing that can provide the necessary inner warmth. The spirit, the human spirit, is the human being; it makes man a human being. It is of an entirely different species from the intellect. Through its being and its activity, it is able to magnetically draw its material surroundings together according to the nature of its own particular vibrations.


    The thoughts of man are based upon the nature of the inner movement of man, that is, upon the nature of the activity or vibration of his spirit. The intellect is the reflection and actual capacity of the perception of the frontal brain of man. Being focused on the happenings on earth in the process of bringing together material substances for the carving out and weaving of a path for the materialization of the will of man, it is to work in a serving and cooperating way with the spirit, which itself alone is able to detect the higher vibrations of the governing and sustaining energy currents of Creation or the Universe.


    The spirit of man has descended into the material world, which includes the earth, for the purpose of its own development into a self-conscious spiritual being.  In the process of its descent, it cloaked itself with the substances of the different planes of the material world through which it had to pass in its journey downwards. The earth was to be the be lowest and farthest point in this process, and the point at which it was to start the return journey upwards again, being pulled upwards by the power of the attraction of what is similar – the activity of stronger spiritual beings who did not to have to go through this process of development from seed-germ to mature spirit, and through whom the spiritual currents that govern and sustain the Universe pass, like transmission points in the relay of electrical power on earth.


    The final cloak for the developing entity that is the human spirit on earth is the physical body, and this body is controlled through the brain. Through the physical body, the spirit is able to interact with the physical environment in which it currently resides on earth, and without this bridge there would not be the possibility of a connection between the spirit and the physical substance of the earth.


    In the same way that the physical body forms a bridge for the working of the developing human spirit on earth, through which it can at all make any impression on the substance of the earth with which the physical body is homogeneous, the brain of the physical body is the transmission point for the impressions that pass through the living spirit to the physical world.


    The physical world offers the human spirit the opportunity to experience the working of the Laws of Creation, in part as the effects of its volition or will come back to it as developed fruits. The human spirit is able to see that the nature of the seed that it sows with the intuitive perception, the thought, word or physically visible action, determines the nature of what forms for it as its physical or psychic condition here on earth.


    As the human spirit on earth experiences this, it becomes more and more certain that the nature of what it puts out will always determine the nature of what comes back to it. In the course of time, along this developmental path, the human being concerned could then come to take for granted that whatever he comes across must be the result of what he had allowed to come into being in some way or another. This is because his conviction about the perfection, and therefore, unchanging nature of the Laws that make this so would have become developed enough for it.


    Living and working with this mindset on earth allows him to see more of the nature of the working of the Laws of Creation, which at the same time are the laws that govern the working and development of the spirit itself.


    The spirit always draws to itself everything that forms around it, but it does not do so arbitrarily. It draws according to how it is, how it stands, according to its attitude, its particular vibration. The maintenance of a particular inner state by man is a decision, an action that he has carried out, whether consciously or unconsciously. This action influences the nature of the thoughts that form in order to bring this inner attitude into physical reality, upon the prompting from some stimulus that indicates and opens an opportunity for the earthly expression.


    Seeing that there is always a connection between what has come to man and what he had previously willed, even if unconsciously, allows him to see the perfection and unchanging nature of the Laws of the Universe. He discovers something unchanging on which he can always count. He discovers certainty and consistency; something he can trust never to fail.


    The conviction attained is what keeps him alert and open to the working that he has discovered. It is the seed that he sows with his inner attitude, which vibrates in conviction, developed through personal exertion and effort, vigilance and rigorous examination, that leads to his seeing even more and thus reaping the consequence of becoming even more certain, more convinced. Acting upon the conviction gained thus brings him even greater conviction.


    The increase in the strength of his conviction goes together with the growth and expansion of his spirit, which makes the recognitions. The recognitions can therefore in some way be seen as nourishment for the spirit. They permit more light to enter into it. With the entrance of or absorption of more light by the spirit, it gains more clarity and capacity for absorption. It is then in a more expanded state than it was prior to the absorption of more light. For it can only perceive more when it has increased its capacity to do so. This capacity increases with the expansion or growth of the spirit.


    So, one can say that through such recognitions the spirit takes in light. It is in the dark and starving without these recognitions, and it must also be in a relatively more shrunken and confined state.   


    When the human being on earth acts in the light of the awareness brought by these recognitions, he makes decisions that would serve to uplift everything in every way possible, in spite of whatever difficulties or perceived obstacles may stand in his way. He therefore spreads light, which nourishes and causes upward development and growth. In this he makes use of the intellect to bring the developed spiritual, and thus, broader sensibility into earthly form. It is open to guidance from above through chains of spiritual beings, because it stands in a state of wanting to receive, according to the way it attunes itself in conviction that the Light will provide guidance for all the creatures of Creation.


    This conviction cannot be his when he has not made the effort to harmonize his inner nature with the Laws of Nature. He cannot enjoy the providence that comes with being natural, according to the way that this must occur with his species, which is spirit. He gets to this point through the personal experiencing of the natural Laws.


    The discovery of the perfect working of the Laws of Creation, through his own efforts, causes him to seek to align his whole being to them. And because these laws build upwards, such alignment thereby forms the basis for the sound expansion and resurrection out of matter of the concerned human spirit. It can then rise out of matter like a germinating seedling. In the process of this germination or resurrection from matter, the human spirit concerned also acts as a conduit for the transmission of spiritual currents to the different planes of the material world through which it has sojourned.


    The end of this process of resurrection, which is also the fruit of the process, is his eventual return to his spiritual home, in the Spiritual realm, far above the World of Matter and the earth, whence the then developed human spirit once departed and was sown as a seed-germ in matter for the purpose of a necessary schooling in the working of the Laws.


    The World of Matter itself is without inherent mobility and could be termed lifeless. It receives animation and the accompanying friction and heat for the development of forms, through the activities of the spiritual and other beings developing in it. The other beings include the Nature Beings that weave the material environments of the developing human and beings, in accordance with what the latter have decided. For through the nature of their inner attitudes, they decide what they would like to live through and experience.


    Also included are the beings that weave for the developing human spirits their fate. They give form to the inner perceptions, thoughts, words and actions of men, which remain linked with the latter as these forms develop and return to men fully laden with attracted homogeneous additions (from other similarly-minded people) and modifications, so that the fully matured and ripened energy-forms could be discharged upon their originators, to bring them joy or pain, in strict accordance with the original intuitive perception, thought, word or deed that led to the form. In this way these beings serve the Light, God, by weaving and delivering to human beings exactly what is their due, depending on what they have willed and how they stand at the time of the return of the developed fruits.


    The World of Matter, which includes the earth, cannot therefore be considered the home of the human spirit, but a place temporarily made over to it for the purpose of schooling it in the way of the Will of God, Which shows Itself in the Laws of Nature. As the human spirit develops rightly according to these Laws, it also gives back by forming with his intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions, a material world that is a replica of the home to which it is striving towards returning to. Man can only form such a replica through being linked to threads of currents connected to said home, but never by being estranged from it.


    After its return, the human spirit could then form yet another link in a chain of spiritual beings in the transmission downwards of spiritual currents, which govern and maintain the Universe, to the World of Matter, which would continue to serve as a temporary dwelling place for many a creature in need of development within its folds.


    The way that this our earth has developed hitherto has, therefore, been dependent on the nature of the spiritual species developing on it.


    Whether the material world harbouring developing spiritual beings forms rightly or wrongly depends on the degree to which such spiritual beings have opened themselves to the broadening and expanding influence of the guidance from above.


    When the activity of the spirit is lacking, through lack of inner movement and exertion, then all that is left is the cold calculation and reasoning of the earthbound and transient intellect.


    But the activity of the intellect can only take into consideration the earthly point of view, in its attempt to secure the most advantage in that sense. It does not know anything of the broader world beyond what can be physically sensed. It cannot therefore be counted upon to address issues with the right development and nourishment of the spirit in mind. Surely, this has now become clear to many a person, in the face of the happenings and collapses already discernable on earth today.


    Intellectualism is simply the narrowing of the perception to only what the intellect can grasp. It is a severe and stifling boxing-in of the spirit, the very nature of which wishes for expansion, a connection with, and an eventual return to its origin.


    Unfortunately, mankind sank and drew away from the Light and from the perception of the need to exert themselves spiritually. This happened because they bought into the idea of relying wholly on their intellects for the solving of problems and the addressing of issues before them.


    But due to the fact that the intellect is tasked with focusing only on earthly matters, mankind had to fall farther away from their spiritual home and from the Light, as they relied and made themselves subject to the implement that was only supposed to be used as an aid in the earthly activity of the spirit. With this fall came their limitation to the perception of only what could be sensed or perceived by the narrowly confined and earth-bound intellect.


    This meant that they increasingly were not able to see more broadly, and thus cut themselves off from being able to see the beginning that formed their experiencing in their conditions on earth. They could not see the origins of what they had to live through in their physical environments, nor were they able to become convinced of the existence of anything beyond what was physically tangible.


    Being in the dark with regards to this keeps the one concerned from being able to see the connection between cause and effect. But only the perception of the development of an effect from a cause can allow a human being to become convinced of the natural working that brings him his fate. The experiencing of this happening is a lesson that he is able to learn without any erudition whatsoever. He needs never step into a school to become aware of this happening and grow in the conviction of its perfection.


    The conviction derived from this experiencing cannot be taught to him in any other way but through his personal experiencing of it. It then shows itself to him as a law that cannot and will not change, thus perfect.


    Only the perception of the adamantine nature of the working of the Laws of Nature, which express the Will of God, can lead him through and past all of the difficulties that may confront him in the process of his striving to stand aright with regards to this Will. The perceived obstacles and difficulties, in any case, are the fruits of his own volition, set into motion at times in his past that he may not recall. It could also be something that he initiated in a past earth life.


    Only the certainty of victory, with regards to the ultimate goal of the spirit, would encourage him along the right path when it appears to him as though everything were being put before him to prevent him from moving forward, or to make his journey forward a tedious one. Only such conviction can keep him from giving in to the opposing currents and allowing all his prior efforts to run into sand, as if he had done nothing at all.


    Such a failure would then appear to be confirmation for him that he should not have embarked on such a “foolish” venture in the first place; that he should have listened to his friends when they told him he was not being “realistic”. Success would take him past that point at which many stop and fall away, and he would see the confirmation of the rightness of the path that brought him thus far, and the guidance that made it at all possible. The guidance and the path travelled would then no longer be something that exists outside of him as a fantasy, but would be alive within him as a lived experience, because it would be imprinted on the part of him that is alive and responsible for decision-making, as well as receives the consequences of said decisions – his spirit.


    With an over-reliance on his intellect he would not gain this conviction, because he would be open only to the earthly manifestations of his decisions-making, and would not be able to know of the actual beginnings of them, this would allow for gaps to develop in his conceptions about how things work, and he would never in this state be able to carry through to the end a truly pure and untainted spiritual volition.


    He would not discover what is possible beyond his self-imposed narrow-mindedness and so would continue to react wrongly to the fruits of his past narrow-minded and, therefore, wrong decisions.


    This has been the fate for mankind for several millennia. It has led to mankind’s over-reliance upon and over-cultivation of his intellect, to the detriment of his spiritual development. This one-sided development of his intellect can be seen expressed in the one-sided development of his frontal brain over his hind brain, which is responsible for receiving impression from and passing on impressions to his spirit. That part of his brain is now stunted due to lack of use and exercise, due to the inactivity of the spirit that has been walled-in and subjugated by the distorted and earth-bound intellect that was to be its tool.


    Today, as the consequences of the decisions made in ignorance, and so in darkness, come back to mankind as fully developed works, as their fates, they feel the effects in ways that are to them unfavourable. But they are mostly unable to tell of their origins or beginnings. The cause of this is in the one-sided and over-reliance on the intellect, which has led to its over-development and to the stifling of and cutting off of nourishing impressions from the spirit.


    And since every stirring within man takes on a form that corresponds to the main theme of the particular emotion, be it one of hate, envy, greed, fear or joy, gratitude or happiness, and the spirit of man exerts a pressure on the ethereal and physical world of matter, man has been implicated in the development of the environment around him, even that which he refers to as Nature. All these have also formed in a way that agrees with man’s volition, his inner nature. They have been implicated in his narrow thinking and perceiving.


    The first steps in this direction followed temptations; the temptation to do what men had previously recognized or intuitively perceived as wrong. One step in this direction made going further in this direction easier. The path that required the least self-exertion was always taken in this process of downward development.


    The next thing that followed was “letting oneself go”. The spirit, which has the ability and responsibility to go upwards, being starved almost to death, could no longer magnetically hold the personality together and pull it upwards. The personality had to fall towards disintegration, towards falling apart, beginning with the decision to “let itself go”.


    One can see this in the behaviours of mankind today, in comparison to times not so far back. Hand-in-hand with this letting-oneself-go came the adoption of shamelessness and the loss of scruples. Scruples had to go because after everything became subject to the calculating and earth-bound intellect, it became very difficult to rationalize making the right decisions where they did not immediately assure one of material benefit, and may even at first cost him materially.


    There was no longer any reason to think of a higher rationale. The then leading factor – the intellect – could not think so far, so broadly. It has, therefore, become difficult to expect anything different from the governing bodies and leading organizations in any country or group, since they are all made up of individuals who have more or less subjected themselves, over millennia, to the rulership of the self-made idol that is the intellect of man. The destructive effects of this leaning by mankind is felt by the spirit whose interests are not even known by the greater part of mankind, let alone addressed. The fruits of mankind’s labours now mostly oppress the spirit, and it is the spirit that can be heard groaning under the unavoidable oppressive consequences of past wrong decisions.


    A surge of energy now flows into earth, bringing all developments to a rapid conclusion, so that in revealing the contents of their fruits to their originators, they show to them the nature of the seeds that they had trusted in the past to give them good fruits. They would now be forced to experience, whether they wish for it or not, the true consequences of said fruits and, perhaps, change for the better in how they view such seeds or actions.


    As happens when decay occurs, the fruits that are the institutions, organizations, conceptions, nations, religions, groups and individuals, will begin to collapse as they are expected under this increased pressure to show their fruits. One needs not even do anything from the outside against any of these bodies, for the collapse must surely come in the natural course of their development. The energy-surge speeds up all happenings and developments because of its purity and strength. It forces everything to be magnetically drawn upwards, whether it wishes for it or not, including that which we refer to as Nature.


    The unraveling of the distortions and wrong forms that we have placed in Creation is therefore a natural consequence of this energy-surge. The surge of energy itself is a consequence of God’s intervention, for mankind had woefully failed to make the right use of their abilities and lead according to His Will, i.e., according to the natural Laws in Creation. The so-called catastrophes are a part of this unraveling and transformation of our works. All the chaos and horror that we are experiencing in the present are but the fruits of what we have cultivated over millennia come back to us to reveal their barrenness, transience and worthlessness.   


    Man should pay heed to the opportunities now coming for the necessary recognitions that he cannot do without, for the existence and continued maturation of his spirit, his only true self. He would also at the same time recognize where in every case he made a misstep and, through changing himself, make atonement and move on upwards.

    © Sampson Iruoha 2013.

  • Liberating Pressure


    It is quite evident today that a pressure is being exerted on everything, on every development and every happening. A certain pressure is driving every process of development to its final conclusion much faster than has been the case hitherto. It is clearly evident today that as soon as a step is taken in a particular direction by a person, a group, a nation or a people, the consequences of said step develop very quickly to their logical conclusions.


    The quickly developing consequences also come together and converge upon the one who has taken the step or the decision, focused like a laser beam, so that he experiences conditions such as he never bargained for, but which are in strict accordance with what he had set in motion with his prior decision.


    Also, the consequences of old decisions are maturing and adding their collective influence to the fruits of the newly made ones, to exaggerate or diminish their effects, because they either agree with or counteract with one another. In all of this mankind find themselves in unfamiliar territory; one in which old, widely accepted and apparently settled assumptions are being challenged and toppled, so that those who formerly thought they “knew” are now raising their hands in reluctant submission, and for the first time uttering phrases such as “ I do not know”.


    It has become a time when one cannot see past the very moment in his ability to predict, when he has to allow for possibilities that would have in the past appeared to him as highly improbable, and so, of no real relevance in his calculations. He is being made to acknowledge his smallness and that of everything that he had previously held up to high esteem. It seems that in this process nothing is being left untouched. It must appear so to everyone who really takes the time to examine everything objectively.


    For the most part, the ensuing pressures are causing pain to many. Various kinds of pain. And in response, the part of man that has been allowed to sleep for a long time now is waking up to ask the questions “What is going on?” and “How on earth did we get here?”. Other questions include: “How could we have made such crazy assumptions in the past?”, “How could we have been so blind to something so clear and logical?” or “How could we have let this go on for so long?”.

    These and other questions are now being asked by various groups of men (people) on earth today as they are forced to experience the consequences of decisions which, all of a sudden, are yielding drastic consequences where, in the past, they had appeared quite benign in their effects.


    The true nature of mankind’s perceptive capacity is becoming clear to all, and the conclusion has to be that mankind have not been far-seeing in their perceptions and past decisions-making, and this fact is coming to light in the nature of what men are now being forced to experience in the conditions of their daily lives.


    One thing can be seen to be common in the experiences of mankind world-wide: the fact that most of the pressures affecting men have come from mankind having made decisions based primarily upon what would address material goals, without at the same time considering the welfare of their spirit, their living inner core.


    Man’s narrow view of things and of happenings stems from his considering his brain as being the origin of what comes from him, and so he sees himself as the starting point of that which flows through him and which manifests in outward deeds. As a result of this, he does not look beyond that which the intellect, which is a product of the brain, is able to perceive or detect. And where he does not look he also does not see.


    Thus, over time, he has restricted his perception to that which he is able to see and feel with his physical senses, and has made himself insensible to all else. At the core of this lies also that which scientists are beginning to discover and speak about; that we only use about ten percent of the capacity of the brain. Discovering this and speaking about it is one thing, however, knowing what it means, what has led to it and, so, how to remedy it is quite another.


    Since the brain and its product, the intellect, are only able to make contact with what is physically tangible, man restricted himself through this narrowing of his gaze to only the outward forms of all happenings around him. This meant that he could not see or perceive the actual beginnings of such happenings, or even acknowledge the existence of such beginnings where they did not accord with the explanations that made sense to his intellect, and therefore, to his earth-bound brain. Through this he placed himself under the leadership of his earth-bound brain, and also simultaneously restricted what could flow through this brain from outside and above his perceptive capacity in a nourishing and beneficial way.


    This restriction to the perception of only the outward and final happenings, therefore, also correspondingly narrowed his perception of what was possible and what other avenues could have been explored outside of what he could think up with his earth-bound and correspondingly constricted thinking faculty.


    Also, he did not stop the natural and logical development of his works as they came out of him, went through the process of its development and returned to him fully developed as corresponding fruit. He could not put a stop to the machinery of the Universe that does not take into consideration the ignorance of man in its working, but justly and minutely gives to man what he has given rise to with his every intuitive perception, thought, spoken word and physical action.


    What man is able to physically see and feel are the final ramifications of what began within him as an intuitive thought, as a stirring from deep within him, from that part of himself which he has closed himself to through his self-imposed narrow-mindedness. An objective following by him of the process of development of all that emanates from him, from inception (within him) to final fruit (manifestation in his earthly condition) would have and still could show him the nature of the working of this machinery that runs the Universe. He has to make the decision to do so in order to gain the necessary recognition. The decision from him to do so is the only seed that can bring back to him the fruit of making the necessary recognitions.


    In recognizing this working he recognizes, thereby, unchanging laws that govern everything, from the minutest to the greatest, without ever changing. He also sees that most of the activity of every man is unseen and imperceptible to the physical senses.


    Through this recognition he could have and could still see that it is possible to count on a particular kind of outcome when he sows a particular kind of seed, as opposed to the notion that now generally prevails on earth, which allows for the possibility of arbitrariness and chance to govern the goings-on and developments on earth and in the Universe. The recognition of the strict working of the laws that bring to man exactly the kind of fruit that agrees with the type of seed he sowed with his seen and unseen actions (intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions), already relieves that pressure that weighs upon him due to his not-knowing.


    In addition, he is then able to remain steadfast on a path of goodness, if he so chooses, because he would have discovered through personal experience that a bad turn never has a good outcome, in spite of how it might appear at the time of making the decision; that the fruit would always reflect the nature of the actual seed that led to it, even if traditionally certain wrong things have come to be accepted by mankind as good, because men made themselves incapable of seeing the bigger picture and knowing any better, and also because the fruits of many a wrong thing done in the past only came back to the wrong-doer in his next incarnation on earth.


    Today, one of the effects of the narrow perception of man, which directly translates into the formation of a narrow-minded world community, is the limitation that men have placed on the conceptions that they form about everything. These narrow conceptions are then the starting points for many a reasoning, which leads to the actions of men. So, from the very beginning, actions stemming from decisions based on such conceptions are destined for collapse and failure, because only the smallest parts of the equations were taken into consideration. Often, completely different results then emerge in the end from what was intended by the decision-makers. The parts that they did not take into consideration did not stop existing simply because men refused to acknowledge their existence, and thus deprived themselves of the opportunities to increase their own capacity to know better the nature of the working of the process that guides everything in the Universe.


    The narrowing of the perceptions of men has also led to the metaphorical boxes into which men have placed themselves, the existence of which is becoming ever clearer every passing day, and with every argument or conflict between individuals, couples, nations, races and so on. The narrow perception of each person or group leads to his building a box around himself beyond and through which he literally cannot see. He is bound by the boundaries of such a narrow perception as now forms a box around him, a self-made prison, which keeps him from expanding and thus from experiencing the bliss of an unburdened and free spirit.


    The pressure that results from all of this weighs upon the spirit, for it is the spirit, the human spirit, which is the actual entity that is alive in man. It is the spirit that uses (or should use) the brain and the intellect only as tools for the execution of its volition or will here on earth, but it has been caged in and bound by the self-imposed limitations of the earthbound and thus narrow perceptions of the intellect (the tool).


    This entity, the human spirit, is the entity that feels the pain, since it has not been allowed to “feed” and expand as it should. It is nourished by the experiencing of the workings of the Laws of Creation, and the ensuing expansion (from being so nourished) also gives it the responsibility to act on and make use of the knowledge gained, for the expansion of and right building up in Creation, a process that does not cease for the spirit after it has left the earth following physical death. As it draws more from above following this steady expansion, it also passes more currents through the brain, causing the latter to also expand its capacity and take in more from its surroundings back to the spirit for transmission upwards again.


    The desire to be conscious and expand is woven into the very nature of the human spirit developing in matter and on earth. Every gap that exists in his attempts at achieving this goal therefore presents for it a pressure that can only go away when that gap no longer exists.


    The intellect is an earthly tool needed by the spirit for the carrying into earthly fulfillment of the spiritual volition or will. The spirit, on the other hand, is a completely different species from the material and, therefore, from what is earthly. As such, it vibrates at a different frequency and harmonizes accordingly with what vibrates similarly. That which vibrates according to the frequency of the pure spirit does not reside or belong to the earth, but belongs to a region of a similar species – the Spiritual Realm outside of the material Universe.


    It can therefore be easily understood that the perception of that which comes from such a world can only be made by the spirit and never by the differently vibrating intellect. The spiritual world and perspective is much broader than the earthly ones. It follows then that subjecting oneself to the narrower and more bound and limited perspective of the intellect, in decision-making and in interpretation and analysis, must result in the binding of oneself to the smaller and more constricted part. This must always lead to wrong conclusions and analyses, to pain and suffering.


    Through this he sentences himself to a fate of failure and collapse, since the structure, ideas and developments that are borne by the incomplete foundation would have to fall and collapse, as a just reflection of the incompleteness and narrowness of the perception of the guiding factor.


    Through the pain, which makes impact on the spirit, however, it is able to know of the faultiness, shakiness, unsoundness and incompleteness of such a foundation and its source. The pain resulting from the reciprocal effect of working on such a basis should therefore be welcomed, even if one is not able to see reason for that yet.


    Had man been permitted to reap good fruits where he sowed bad or wrong ones, he would never be in a position to stop and reflect. He would not get to the point of knowing the reason for his existence and would fall to ruin and uselessness, together with his material surroundings.


    But the Laws are perfect, have always been and would ever remain so for eternity. This means that they do not change on any account. It cannot, therefore, be possible that a man can reap where he has not sown. Such a thing only appears to be possible here on earth, but that is because the examiner who draws such a conclusion only sees a small part of the entire happening, and often considers only one earth-life in his analysis.


    It is also because he would only reap as he has sown that he would not be permitted to cause the work of Creation to come to ruin. He would be stopped in time by the just working of the perfect Laws of the Universe and, if he does not change, would be ground to dust together with all his false and wrong works. At a very definite point in the development of every form in matter, the process of disintegration takes it back to its basic components, so that they may come together (reform) again more energized in a different form.


    It is also the same with the conceptions that men form. And men would go through this process in a manner that is very painful to them if the works they have formed have been based primarily on the narrow perception of the earth-bound intellect. The conceptions that they form reflect the growth and expansion of the developing and maturing spirit, or lack thereof. Lack of movement in this regard must lead to rigidity in conceptions, opinions and ideas. A solidification and separation into rigid, immobile lumps, of the personalities and groups populating the earth, which find themselves unable to understand each other because of their increasing narrow-mindedness, becomes an unavoidable consequence of said narrow-mindedness.


    This narrow-mindedness is the direct result of letting the intellect of the brain determine the way that man makes his decisions. It is the wrong that man has done and which has affected and still today affects him through most of his works.


    In refusing to voluntarily change in this regard, through earnestly seeking a better understanding of the reason for his existence, growing in the knowledge of the governing laws of the Universe and adapting to these laws in his decision-making, man binds himself to the old that has to now go through disintegration. This means that he would be drawn into the process of disintegration himself, rather than continue to develop spiritually after he has left the earth, right up to the time when he gets back to his origin in the Spiritual Realm whence he came as a seed, but this time as a mature and capable fruit, eternally able to consciously transmit the currents that get to him from the Origin of Life Itself, to the material worlds that lie below him.


    This process has already begun. The increasing intensification of the pressure of the Light now increases the speed with which everything goes through the process of its development to flowering and bearing fruit. The nature of the resulting fruits give expression to how mankind’s works have harmonized over millennia with the Will of God.


    The disharmony between the Will of the Light and the volition of men, which is revealed in their works, leads to these works colliding with the Light pressure rather than being uplifted by its effects. Man feels the collision psychically and in the conditions of his earthly life, where he did not beforehand make a change in his attitude to avoid a more direct collision.


    The insensitivity of most of the human beings developing on earth to their ethereal surroundings have kept them from feeling enough pressure in that part of their world, and thus from making the required changes to their way of thinking and viewing their responsibilities. The pressure that holds the possibility of bringing the awareness of all this to today’s mankind now comes through that part which they have declared through their actions to be their only reality – the physical.


    Only through the physical substance can many a man now feel anything strong enough to move him towards making a change in an upward direction. Through happenings in the physical realm today many are receiving shocks to their spiritual cores, which alone are able to move them to the point of asking the questions that should have occupied the human spirit as ones of a paramount nature. Without such questions from the human being, however, there cannot be any answers.


    Now, as mankind watch and see how powerless their intellects are in the face of the problems that they have, in conceited ignorance, created for themselves, the fruits of which are now maturing and falling to them in the reciprocal action, they may start to recall that there is after all One Who can help and Whose assistance they had thought themselves too wise and too clever to seek in the past.


    Men have never really known the Will of God, to the degree that it is possible for the human spirit to know It. They have only listened to other developing human beings, with their flaws and narrow perceptions and interpretations, and have taken edicts and pronouncements by them to represent the Word of God. But the Will of God can be “seen” or perceived in the Laws of Nature by any human being who decides to do so. And every person is well-equipped to discern the Will of God in his hourly and daily interactions with his surroundings, for the Laws of Nature express and manifest the Will of God.


    Through applying these laws to himself in his thinking, speaking and acting he would always be able to grow in his understanding of the Law of Reciprocal Action (cause and effect), the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the Law of Spiritual Gravity. He would come to the point of seeing the perfection in the working that brings to him the just fruits of the seeds that he sows with his actions. His actions include his intuitive perceptions, his thoughts, words and physical deeds. Only through this process, experienced personally, could he become convinced in his knowledge of this Will. He bases his actions on assumptions, pseudo-knowledge and narrow-mindedness, when he lacks this personally attained conviction.


    Many have misrepresented the Will of the Creator, and these have mainly been the ones whose actions and wrong opinions have drawn scoffing and derision from thinking people, who could not reconcile illogical statements coming from groups of “believers” with what they could intuitively sense themselves. The false pictures of God that have stemmed from the caricatures transmitted in this way have stayed in consciousness of many a person who would like to know more about the world beyond what he is able to physically see. With their rejection of the false pictures of God, however, many also rejected the idea of any continued existence of the human spirit after the death of the body that it used while on earth.


    This was a part of the limitation of the perception of such earth-men, who thought development in this direction to be progress. But now they cry out to those whom they had trusted to provide for them, and it is becoming clear to many, through pain and suffering, disappointment, fear and anger, that the promises of the intellectuals had been empty. They could not but be empty promises since the intellect is in no way capable of addressing the needs of the human spirit, which is of a completely different and a much higher species.


    Ignorance of all this, however, cannot prevent the development to fruition of all that men have wrongly formed. It is, in fact, the fruits of their not-really-wanting-to-know that have led to the ignorance in question, for the opportunity to know was made available to every human being in equal measure. The machinery of Creation goes on working uninterrupted, in spite of mankind’s general ignorance, and man must still come to know Creation and adapt to its laws in order to successfully make it through this on-going process of purification.   


    Now that the pressure is becoming more perceptible to many, they may after all find the time and the energy to ask the questions about the reason for their existence in Creation or the Universe. Having lost the conceptions that they had relied upon and considered to be right without any real and earnest personal investigation, they would now be forced to ask for help, even if it requires more crushing blows to their psyche.


    Happy would be the person who does not wait until events catch up with him, who does not regard the opinions of the masses as right simply because they belong to the majority on earth. The pressure that comes with the on-going purification prepares the willing person to quickly fill the gaps that exist within him with regards to the reason for his being alive, and the path to its realization. Such gaps must in any case be filled if there is to be fulfillment of the purpose of any human being’s existence.


    In fulfillment of the promise given by the Light through prophets and Light bringers in the past, the pressure today comes together with the Counsel that offers explanations to all who earnestly seek them. The explanations of the Laws operating in the Universe are at the same time the explanations of the Will of God Who made the Universe. To know and adapt oneself to the working of these natural laws is to come closer to understanding and living in accordance with the Will of the Maker of the World we inhabit.


    The pressures from which man can now get liberation, if he so wills, come to him in the forms of the collapse of the institutions, governments, organizations, politics, law-making, marriages, unions, general conceptions, etc., which have been built on intellectual calculation, and which he remains bound to through his ignorance of and non-compliance with the natural Laws of Creation. All that had been put together under the guidance of the narrowly-confined perceptive capacity of the intellect will now crumble upon itself. It does so as it shows the barrenness of the fruits expected from the leadership of the intellect, which really should serve the spirit as a tool. Those who have believed in and supported its (the intellect’s) supremacy over the spirit have also been bound to the works that have to collapse under the advancing pressure. The pain that mankind is reeling under is a consequence of this one and original sin.


    The pressure that now makes him seek true knowledge, through direct experiencing, must therefore be seen as liberating pressure. It liberates him from the world of Darkness, of not-knowing, which would have taken him down for eternity, because he would have been drawn into disintegration together with said world, a process that would have led to the painful falling apart of the personality that he had formed over several millennia and earth-lives, but which could have been preserved for eternity had it been formed aright and proved useful and able to live in the spiritual realm, which is eternal by virtue of its connection and relative closeness to the eternal Realm of God.


    Let man therefore open his eyes, for we all today stand in the process of purification, a time when our works will pronounce a final judgment upon us, allowing us to rise spiritually higher for continued growth and maturation, or taking us down and crushing us to spiritual dust or seed, as a consequence of our decision to be useless for Creation. 

  • The Love of God

    The Love of God is the reason for the existence of Creation or the universe. But this Love is far from man’s understanding of it. He needs to understand it to the degree that his species can, for only then could he adapt to the Will that brings it to Light and that weaves the forms that manifest it in Creation. The Will that Itself formed and maintains Creation as a perfect work, through which this Love can travel out and be experienced.


    God is Life and this His Will or Nature seeks to make available Light and consciousness, thus the possibility of that experiencing that is seen as being alive - the possibility that comes from moving. The process of moving (inner, spiritual movement) allows the one concerned to experience the manifestation of the force that allows for this movement. It allows the creature to experience the Love that is borne by this working, Which fills it with the desire for more movement and more recognitions or spiritual nourishment.


    The process that leads to the movement that allows for the attainment of more consciousness, which comes through the recognitions acquired in the course of said movement, is driven by Love and carried out by the Will, the Creative Spirit of God.


    Movement in Creation/the Universe is governed by Principles that issue from and are expressions of the Spirit of God, His Creative Spirit. Everything that happens and forms in Creation does so in accordance with this Will. We see it unadulterated and clearly in untouched Nature. But even in everything else, we see the manifestation and apparent enforcement of it. Only, in certain cases, this manifestation is viewed as unfavourable by human beings who view it narrowly and only with regards to how the working-out of the governing Principles affects the coming to fruition of their own small, selfish desires, which in reality do not bring them true and lasting benefit.


    The Spirit of God formed and maintains Creation and is His Will. This Will can be referred to as the Laws of Nature or of Creation. The working or weaving of the Will of God, the Laws of Creation, allows for the transmission of Light through Creation. They build and lead upwards back to God from Whom they issued through His Spirit.


    In experiencing the working-out of this Will, one is able to experience the Love of God. It strikes him as the experiencing of Light, the expansion of his consciousness, evidencing the Love of the Creator, Which allows the one concerned to see more and to aspire to, desire or will to see more.


    The aspiration to see more can only exist in one who has seen evidence of the possibility to see more, who has enjoyed the experience of seeing more, or who trusts or believes that there is more and expresses the desire for it. The experiencing of the Light of God illumines the spirit and soul of man, and animates the spirit to the point of wanting, desiring or willing to expand. “Seeing more” logically necessitates the expansion of that which is doing the seeing – the spirit of man.


    In expanding, it grows in this ability to see more of the expression of the Will of God, Which bears this Love, Whose desire it is that the creature experiences supreme joy and happiness and lights up in the process. The expansion in man is his lighting-up, which goes together with the expansion of his consciousness, his seeing more. And because of this expansion, he naturally and simultaneously vibrates in a manner that joyously calls out for more.


    His experience stays with him and helps form his inner attitude and nature, and he is aware of how he must be in order to maintain and receive more of the nourishing light and consciousness that acts as food for his spirit.


    So he acts accordingly towards his neighbour and his environment, thus spreading light. He spreads light by adapting to the working of the Laws of Creation, which he recognizes when he experiences the Love inherent in the Light that is God, Which comes through the weaving of His Spirit; the weaving that is the entire Creation, a perfect work in which this Will can be experienced every moment by every crearture as unchanging and unchangeable Laws.


    His own actions are his own weavings. He recognizes this weaving in the reciprocal effects of his intuitive perceptions, i.e., his innermost perceptions, his thoughts, words and his physically visible deeds. In the coming to fruition of the seeds he sows, as matured and developed works or forms. He sees how what comes at him for experiencing always reflects something that originated from within him, and through this he is able to understand better the nature of the working of the Will that governs his Universe. He recognizes his ability to magnetically affect his surroundings according to the nature of his inner attitude, his thoughts, words and actions, and how these works of his go on to influence other people because of the inherent magnetism in them (the works), due to their continued connection to him, who is a bearer of spirit.


    He is able to do this, however, only if he so wills, because he must look for this himself in order to discover it. It cannot be shown to him from the outside by someone else, not in a manner that would allow him to experience the liberating feeling that comes from recognising something of the nature of the Will behind the working that he thus partly sees. He must experience the liberation from the pressure of not-knowing by himself and for himself. In no other way can it come to him. He must sow the seed in order to reap the fruit.


    When he experiences this and adapts his nature to what he has discovered, he forms works – intuitive perceptions, thought-forms, words and actions that affect, in an uplifting and liberating way, his surroundings. He thus transmits light as a human spirit, mimicking the Holy Spirit that is the Living Will of God, through Whom Creation itself formed. The notion that what is good will always lead to what is good for all would become clearer to him and more matter-of-fact. And through the feedback process woven into the mechanism of this working, he is able to see what indeed is good and what is not, and act accordingly.


    The animating force of Love, traveling through the formations created by the spirit particles that constitute the energy that runs Creation or the Universe, becomes perceptible to the one who has harmonized himself to the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature, and also has a livening effect upon him. He cannot but wish to spread light upon receipt of this fruit.


    He recognizes and wishes for others to see that one always gets back as fruit the kind that he sows as seed. Also, that those of a similar nature would be drawn to each other to give of themselves to their homogeneous surroundings, and that the weight or lightness of the human soul, at the core of which is the spirit, determines the nature of man’s experiences and conditions. With this in mind he is able to put forth, with all of his might, only what he sees as good and beneficial for spiritual development. He tries just as hard also to avoid that which, according to his recognitions along this path, can cause spiritual harm, and as such is wrong and evil.  


    The joy and happiness that he experiences in the knowledge of the existence of a strict working that would never let him be at the mercy of chance, and which guarantees that he would reap beneficial fruit when he sows goodness, fills him with gratitude. The gratitude that he feels deep within him can only be directed towards to the One Who made all of this possible. Through this he sees worth in this One. He worships Him by striving to do His Will.


    But these his efforts can only come from his own conviction and not from listening to others speak about their own experiences. For this reason the experiences that result from them as fruit reflect what the person concerned is in need of as an experience. It is tailor-made, so-to-speak, for him.


    As a result many have come to experience the Love of the Creator in a variety of ways. As many ways as there are human spirits with personal experiences of It, for each would experience it in his own way, as it suits him with his own peculiar spiritual condition and state of maturity.


    This has also led to the feeling amongst many of the Creator being right there with the one going through the experience, as if personally guiding him. Or to the cases where the Creator is perceived to be in all things at the same time. The effects of the existence of His Love are indeed in everything, show themselves in every happening and cannot be absent from anything that has formed, because the Laws of Creation that govern all happenings in the Universe always manifest the Will of the Creator, Which Itself cannot be separated from His Love. Both the Love and the Will issue from the Creator and are inseparable. The Will wove Creation into existence and maintains it, and in the tiniest of stirrings within this perfect Work one is able to perceive the Love.


    The manifestation of one is at the same time the manifestation of the other. The recognition of this through personal experiencing would also help man rid himself of the false picture of the Love of God that mankind have come up with and spread amongst themselves. It is a one-sided picture that seeks to see this Love only from the perspective of the narrow and selfish desires of the ignorant creature that is man. If he were more knowledgeable with regards the actual nature and scope of this Love, he would yield to it and no longer desire that his version of it prevail. He would also no longer do harm to himself and his fellow men whilst under the impression that he is doing what is good.


    It is also the Love of God that will now bring about a purification of the Work of Creation to which the earth belongs. In the same manner as a healthy body would pass out excreta from itself if it is not to be poisoned and sickened, after the absorption of all that the body needs for its nourishment, so would the working of the Laws of Creation, in Justice and in Love for the Creation and its creatures, remove all disturbing elements through the process of a disintegration back into the basic units from which they were formed.


    This includes all the works of man that do not vibrate harmoniously with the Laws of Creation, as well as those to whom these works belong. The works include the intuitive or inner perceptions of man, his thoughts, words and actions. The energy surge that brings the purification greatly animates all cycles of development and quickly takes them to fruition.


    Man can experience these developed fruits as painful or joyous, depending on what he gave rise to in his past using his ability to form matter. Either way, he gains when he realizes this and makes a change for the better; he marks himself for destruction when he does not do this and has to suffer spiritual death through disintegration with the disintegrating material forms.   


    That is the situation for mankind today. Only Divine Love could make it possible for him to once more know and adapt himself to the Laws of the Creation of which he is a part, so that he need not be considered as useless for the necessary upbuilding in Creation.


  • First, Do No Harm

    Many people think that they understand what this maxim says and what it asks of the one who wishes to adhere to it. But when we consider that there is already, amongst all of mankind, a very narrow understanding of all words, including the words “do” and “harm”, then we can conclude that in most cases, if not all cases, the right conception of what is harmful and how this harm can be done, is really not known. As a result, much harm has been done, and is still being done, where people have thought and think that they are doing what is good.


    We can leave those who do not wish to do what is good out of the discussion for the moment and focus on those who wish to, and who wish to make use of the maxim; first, do no harm, as a guide in their execution of this their volition.


    Without delving into the acts themselves, let us consider the definitions and understandings of the words “do” and “harm”. The willing reader can then view his actions or those of others that he is able to examine, in this light, in order to see whether what is written here holds true.


    First, the word: “do”, the expression “to do”. What does it mean for a person to do something? 


    Does he do something only when the act is visible, or also when it is not? What are the various ways that one can carry out an act, seen or unseen?


    The actions that we are able to examine with our physical eyes and perceive with our physical senses have their beginnings, their foundations, in the inner stirrings within us, which give rise to the thoughts that we form, and then to the words that we use to express those thoughts, and finally to the physical deeds that accord with the same thoughts. It is always the same in all that man does, that is, that his physically visible actions have a beginning in the inner perceptions and vibrations that constitute his inner attitude.


    The “doing” by man, therefore, begins and lies mainly in what goes on within him. The physically visible actions are the final manifestations of the goings-on within him, and reveal for all to see the nature of his inner self. 


    What is it that lies within man and does the perceiving, the thinking, speaking and acting? What makes use of the brain, the nervous system and all the organs of the body for this purpose? Who is it that carries out the visible actions and is impacted by those of other people?


    This question is an important one to note because it is able to help broaden, and make more accurate, one’s notion of what is indeed helpful. What is helpful in this regard would have to be what helps this largely unknown entity, that is, the real man, develop in the right way into its actual purpose as a creature of the Universe. Only this would help it grow and mature, everything else must have the opposite effect. There cannot logically be any middle ground in this.


    It is either helpful or it is not. If it is not, then it is harmful, because it would be wasteful and in opposition to what is helpful. It would be in the way of what is useful.


    Harm is done to the growing plant if it does not receive what it needs to grow well. It experiences something that opposes its normal and right development. Understanding the true nature of what makes the decisions within man, the actual living being that is impressed upon and that transmits impressions through its own “actions”, would be very important in trying to adhere to the maxim: First, do no harm. For, any harm done to this entity, either through preventing its normal development or standing in the way of its maturation, must show itself also in the physical world as something disturbing to the peace and harmony in the surroundings of the one concerned.


    And without this right understanding, that which comes out of him as a consequence of the ignorance would also not be rightly understood and must, as a result, lead to further wrong actions that would beg for more misunderstandings and misreadings, and so on.


    The entity within man, which brings about all the effects that can then be seen outwardly expressed, is not the human brain, as this is only a tool for the transmission of what this entity desires to express in the physical world, and also of what it wishes to take in from this physical world. For this reason also, the physical tools invented using the physical brain and the intellect, cannot be used to answer the question about the nature and activity of this entity, which only uses the brain itself as a tool. The difference in species cannot allow for such a happening.


    It is because of this that those who make use of the brain and its product, the intellect, for this investigation, are only able to go so far in their quest. They go as far as the limitations of the intellect would take them. When they, however, reach conclusions based on these greatly limited experiments and observations, then they widely miss the mark. They must do harm if they base their actions on these conclusions, because much would already not be taken into consideration due to the narrowness of the perception. They would feel the pressure of not knowing and thus of not address something that is vital for the right development of the entity in question.


    The actions carried out under such conditions must do harm to the entity whose nature and true needs have not been known and factored in.


    It is because of this neglect that, in spite of the numerous “highly educated” persons in the civilizations of past and present, mankind have always followed the same trends in their developments, which have ended in collapse. It is the distortion in the flow of energy currents, meant to travel through the entity that uses the physical body on earth, which manifests in the collapse of the works of men, upon men themselves, just when the fruits of these works are to show themselves. The period just after the blossoming of the peoples and civilizations in question, together with their works, when, like developing plants, these works have to show their fruits for harvesting by those who sowed them. They reveal the barrenness that is the unavoidable consequence of building on a false foundation.


    Only the entity within man is able to investigate matters that are related to it.


    This entity is the spirit of man. Spirit is the Life Elixir in Creation or the Universe. Creation or the Universe formed under the effect of the radiation of the Will of God, His Spirit. It is the Will of this Spirit, Its Volition, that we experience as natural laws also here on earth, and in every other part of the Universe that we are able to examine with the variety of tools available to us.


    These laws would also be seen to be at work in the future discoveries that mankind would make as their tools evolve and further develop. Every creature that we are able to observe follows and adheres to these laws, causing men often to regard them as “smart” and “incredible”, since many of them could not possibly possess the brain and intelligence that is associated with the human capacity.


    The animating force provided by the Creative Spirit shows itself through all that goes on with every species in the Universe, right down to the “lowest” forms of life, clearly revealing the nature of the Will of the One in Whom It originates.


    The human spirit developing in matter and on earth is part-bearer of this Spirit. It is a creation of this Spirit. So far from the beginning of Creation as the earth and the world of matter are, the human spirit residing here possesses a correspondingly low replica of the Creative Spirit of God’s ability to create; so that every movement within a human spirit results in the formation of something, whether good and uplifting or wrong, and therefore harmful and hindering to upward development. It is the expression of the human spirit’s will, its creative capacity, whether or not it is aware of this fact.


    The more man brings his inner nature, and thus his actions, in line with the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Creation, the more he would allow for the radiation that bears life to pass through him, spreading upbuilding energy currents as it does so, and drawing in response, like a huge magnet, substances of the plane in which he resides into beautiful forms, for the service of the Light, the Owner of the power at work in the process.


    As this happens, he experiences within himself the processes at play and through this knows more of the working of the Laws to which he must adhere for his continued existence. The recognitions gained in the process are nourishment for his spirit. It grows in the process of the normal, upbuilding working of this process.


    He suffers pain and distress when he does not align himself thus, because his actions will place him in opposition to the upward-tending activity of these light rays, causing him to bump up against them through his wrongly formed works, which always come back to him to give him a taste of what he has caused to developed in Creation using the ability granted him as a part-bearer of spirit.


    In the end, he succeeds when he is able to return from his long sojourn in matter to his spiritual home, a mature and conscious spiritual being, able to consciously transmit energy currents onward for the furtherance and expansion of Creation, in service to the Creative Spirit. He fails when he proves himself useless for this one task through not developing the latent gifts that lie within him like a promise to be unearthed and polished, tended and nurtured only through following the Laws that express and teach the Will of the One he is to serve.


     Therefore, only what leads to the right development of the spirit of man can result in what is good overall. Also, where the development of the spirit of man is hindered by anyone or any policy, then those involved in bringing about this hindrance implicate themselves in it, and cannot be freed from their entanglements until they have helped those that they led astray, whose paths to spiritual maturity they blocked, back to the paths from which they were initially diverted.


    This is the case even if those so implicated had good intentions in mind when they committed the sin of such hindrance. Ignorance of all this cannot prevent it from taking place promptly and exactly, because the ignorance itself is always the fruit of a prior not-wanting-to-know, which will always be respected and allowed to develop into corresponding fruit, since the human spirit has free will to make its own decisions. It possesses the free will to make decisions, but remains bound to the corresponding consequences, whatever they may be, until they have been lived off and thus redeemed. Until he no longer feeds the forms that he caused to arise from his actions and these forms have completely withered away from being starved of sustaining energy.


    One can then imagine that it must be even more serious when the actions in this regard have been intended to cause harm, such as is the case when peoples are provoked to anger or violence, and also when others carry out violent acts against perceived opponents, with the aim of causing them certain grief. In such cases the prevailing volitions or inner attitudes of such persons does not even permit them to take in a different and lighter perspective, and also does not allow them to be impressed upon by the suffering that they cause, which could lead to their desiring (willing) for something different.


    Today, the narrow perspective that mankind cultivate, through focusing mainly on what is physically tangible and visible, and also on material resources as the primary reason for actions, has closed them in and kept them from seeing the cause and effect that occurs with their thoughts, words and actions, and so they go about spreading seeds that can only lead to great harm.


    In the first place, they cause those affected by what they put out to also vibrate in ways that would not be helpful to the latter, thus urging them on to sow seeds that would only bring them more grief. Secondly, they reap the consequences or fruits of what they spread as seeds, forming for themselves worlds of perception that allow them to reap much more of the same kind as they sowed, further narrowing the possibility of their seeing clearly enough to recognize the Laws of Creation, thus guaranteeing their standing in opposition to the working of these Laws, a position that guarantees pain and leads to spiritual death through slow disintegration.


    If these factors were taken into consideration, men would be very careful with how they compose themselves within, how they think about others and situations, and how they use their words and carry out visible deeds. They would see how they form their own psychic and physical environments with what they intuitively perceive, think, say and do.


    The political fights and attack ads, which work towards damaging reputations and destroying the confidence that members of the public may have in an opponent, the attacks on others who may believe differently in whatever contexts, thus expressing various forms of fear and lack of confidence in the strength of the foundations of the attackers’ own convictions, as well as the words spoken in suspicion of others’ intentions due to one’s own fears, all lead to the growth, development and materialization of just those things directed at others, but coming back to their originators as developed fruits.


    Today, a purification is taking place in all of matter, which includes the earth upon which we currently reside. This is happening to rid Creation of all the distorted forms placed in it by lost mankind over millennia, and also to give the few who yearn for it the breathing space for nurturing their good volitions to productive fruits.


    A surge of energy now penetrates the earth and matter, accelerating all developments to rates that would increasingly alarm mankind. The works of men would in the process be quickly driven to the point of bearing fruits, so that their barrenness or usefulness can be experienced, and their originating seeds forever abandoned or further developed accordingly. It is no longer requiring the span of decades or several lifetimes for fruits to mature and return to their originators. All intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions are now quickly leading to corresponding fruits so that everyone can see this for himself. A final opportunity presents itself, making every excuse even more nonsensical than it already is.


    Man should therefore take heed to leave vengeance to the Creator, for His perfect machinery does not leave a single stirring within a person, a single action, unaddressed, whether the action is a good one or one that does harm in any way. He who wishes to see this at work must now strive with all of his strength to leave all of what is old, including previously held views of battles, success, revenge, love and everything else, so that he can experience and take in the new, how all this really should be. This will happen quickly, but all that he is tied to will still have to be addressed in the process of this development towards seeing more clearly. In fact, everything tied to him will have to be resolved in order to make way for the new, one step at a time. But no one would be able to do so for another.


    So let no man bother himself with fixing his neighbour, either through punishing verbal or physical attacks, or through a wrongly conceived act of love. The need to know how to truly live and be, thus to know the working of the Laws of Creation, the Creative Will of God, is urgent and paramount. Leave others and their actions to Him and His Laws.

  • "Living" on this Earth; What it Entails for Mankind




                The art of being alive involves movement, and this can be seen to be true with every species of Creation that is considered to be living. One must be able to detect movement within such a species, which leads towards its development, and which accords with the nature of the species, i.e., the way in which the Animating Force that governs the Universe or Creation manifests through the species; how the effects of this Force are revealed through the cloak of the activity of the species.


    This Animating Force is the Power of the Light, of God, Which brought about Creation and courses through it as it brings about development. The Power brings about a pressure, which leads to movement. The movement leads to the generation of friction and heat, and of forms and radiations or emanations. This resultant radiation travels downwards and away from the Light Itself, through Creation, from species to species, affecting each one in a particular way, and bringing about a particular kind of effect within the species.


    The movement in the species shows how the radiation of the Light is absorbed and transmitted by the species in question, because the Light alone bears Life, is Itself Life, and thus animates all else in accordance with the manner in which the particular species responds to the effects of Its Radiation. The response from the species being animated in this way brings about movement within it and the appearance of its being alive. It is this impelled movement that we are able to see and regard as evidence of life.


     The particular way in which a species responds to the pressure inherent in the radiation of the Light then becomes the signature vibration of that species, i.e., the way in which it presents itself, functions in its cooperation in the transmission of the radiation of the Light in Creation, and thus, is identified by other species. This signature vibration or manner of acting becomes the identifying mark that makes the species what it is.


    Man is not different in this regard, for he is of a very definite species in Creation, one which bears at its core an entity known as spirit, which serves as the driving and motivating power within the species called “man”. This entity – spirit –possesses and provides man with a definite degree of consciousness or awareness, depending on the degree of maturity of the particular spirit. It is therefore the part that absorbs the power in Creation first and, in making use of it or in responding to it, gives it a form that is perceptible through the physical cloak in the earthly environment where the species man lives.


    So, what is perceived as the activity of man on earth, or the effect of his nature, is really the outward, final and physical manifestation of the spiritual volition – the nature of the will and movement within the spirit-core. The spirit therefore is the real being that is man on earth, since everything that is seen as coming from man is only the consequence of the activity of the spirit within. In fact, there is no man where there is no spirit on earth.


    The spirit has abilities that are revealed in the course of its responses to the effects of the radiation of the Light. These abilities are therefore also revealed in the physical manifestations of these responses. It is an entity that is able to express personal volition or will. Therefore, it is able to decide how it makes use of the power that weaves through the fabric of Creation.


    It makes this decision by focusing its gaze in a particular direction, and attracting to itself, using its capacity to attract, what lies in that plane or world where its gaze has been directed. It attracts to itself the substance of that world, which has a specific consistency, density and degree of penetrability to light radiations, and which forms around the spirit like a cloak or veil. This ability to attract, which the spirit possesses, is one that cannot be annulled or stopped, even for a moment. It activates a process that never fails in its working. It is also the same with its ability to direct its volition towards one thing or a particular kind of vibration. Hence, it cannot be without volition or a driving will. Its gaze is always focused on something at any given moment.


    Man’s perception of what perpetually comes from the Light as radiation is formed through the lens provided by the cloak that forms itself around him, and which is of a density that corresponds to the world of its (the cloak’s) origin. Man links himself to such a world through what he attracts to himself that is of that world, and correspondingly alters for himself the perception of that which comes to him from the Light in the course of his daily experiencing. If his volition is of a base nature, then he will attract from a correspondingly base world that which accords with this volition, and which works to encourage and nourish it through a natural process of development.


    The guidance that is constantly available to the pure, unburdened spirit, and which comes to it through the Spiritual World above the material world, is unrecognized by him when he is heavily overlaid with dense substances through his base volition or desiring, and this also negatively influences his ability to know, through personal experience and recognition, the nature of the working of the Will of God in Creation.


    The recognition of this working requires and happens simultaneously with a broadening of perspective, because it requires that the human spirit in question be able to see the beginnings and ends of the happenings that he is monitoring. He is only able to experience this broadening when he expands as a spiritual being. The expansion in turn is the result of new recognitions of the workings of the Laws that express this Will. The recognitions can be seen as the nourishment that the spirit needs for its expansion and growth, similar to how the body needs food in order to grow and stay strong.  


    The Will that is recognized in the workings of the Laws of Creation governs all happenings and works in an upward-tending manner only. Man’s wrong reaction to what impacts him in the course of his hourly and daily activities, assumes a corresponding form, as an expression of his inner attitude, his own will, which further binds him to what is dense and burdensome. Thus, he develops according to the direction of his volition, his willing or desiring, which, in this case, is downwards. What causes him pain and distress is the consequence of his opposition to the upward-tending Will of God expressed in the Laws of Creation.


    Stopped edit here. Lighter volitions form for him cloaks, ethereal (non-earthly) bodies and surroundings and physical conditions, which aid him in the clearer recognition of the Will of the Light. The penetrability of light radiations through the correspondingly formed cloaks around him allows for the clearer perception of guidance from the Light, in accordance with the expressed volition from him for what is light. So what forms for him as a consequence of his desire for Light allows him to recognise what leads to the Light.


    Adjustment of his volition to the Will of the Light, Which manifests as unchanging and unstoppable Principles of Working or Laws in Creation, in the course of making his decisions, must lead him to the experiencing of influences and conditions that further his spiritual development and maturity. This is because they lead him to greater spiritual movement, which must be present in a human spirit that is alive, i.e., in a real human being, and which he will need in order to reap the fruit of his volition to experience light in the form of higher recognitions. Higher recognitions of the working of these Principles or Laws allow him to heed them in his decision-making processes, so that the results of said decisions emerge with many-sided good effects, such as can be seen in the manifestations and happenings in undisturbed Nature.


    If what he has cloaked himself with is dense, then a dimming occurs to what he is able to perceive of the manifestations of the Will of the Light, and he fails to get the full picture of the happening, or only sees a part of it. As a result, he draws wrong conclusions about this working and, in acting according to these wrong conclusions and assumptions, directs his volition further in the wrong direction and draws to himself more of what is wrong and misleading, and what further veils his gaze and his clear perception of the Truth, and thus also leads to his reacting wrongly and further burdening himself.


    The resulting effects of these finally come to him on earth in the form of his earthly conditions, to present to him exactly what he has asked for through his various expressions of volition, which rise from him every moment of his existence. What forms in one earth-life could also include effects of volition that originated or took on form ethereally during in a previous one.


    So, it happened that when the human spirit directed its focus mainly on what was earthly, i.e., what mainly concerned the earth and was seen to be important from the earthly point of view, it attracted and cloaked itself with corresponding substances. It revealed the nature of its attunement, i.e., where its volition was directed at the time when it was impelled towards movement as a consequence of the animating pressure in the radiation of the Light.


    One who sees earthly pleasures and earthly positions of influence as valuable and worthy goals, and who places these above all else, will, for instance, in reacting to an earthly condition, generate forms and effects of envy if he happened upon a situation where such craved goals or desires were in the possession of someone else and appeared unattainable to him. Envy will rise from within him as a vibration because of his feelings regarding the condition, the perception of which will be influenced by the way he has attuned himself within, and the conceptions which he has formed regarding what is important in earth-life, the amount and availability of this object of his craving, and how this “important thing” could be obtained.


    Through this spiritual or intuitive perception of envy automatic links are made to homogeneous worlds, from which return-currents of envy flow back to him, in accordance with how he has expressed his volition, how he has willed. These substances weigh him down to correspondingly low planes where envy forms teem. He sees everything through the filtering veil of envy. The conditions that form for him to experience as a result of this would harbor plenty of situations in which he could reap more envy feelings, since he has through his reaction placed in Creation the request for more envy perceptions as fruit.


    Following the ethereal happening, the intuitive or deep inner feeling, which forms the volition of the spirit, gets to his brain for transmission to earthly form in a natural process of development. It could also influence the physical actions of all those who are similar in nature. The hindbrain (cerebellum) receives this impression first in picture form and passes it on to the frontal brain (cerebrum), which, in trying to form words, generates corresponding envy thoughts, which also assume definite forms with definite kinds of effects. All of this happens as though simultaneously.



    If he does not stop himself in the process of this development, he is then able to move physically towards the execution of that which has been given an earthly form and focus in the thoughts generated. And so he goes on and carries out the act, which, in his mind, is designed to address the condition that led in the first place to his envious feeling, that is, which he thinks will get him what he wants or desires, or at least will make it impossible for the other person to have it (which will be a part this desire). He carries out the act in accordance with how he “sees” the situation, i.e., according to his intuitive or deep-perception of it, or lack thereof, because his actual intuition will always lead him upwards.


    Whatever physical action he carries out in this state will be geared towards living out on earth the envy-volition. It will be driven by envy, and will manifest as a physical after-effect of the generation of an intuitive perception of envy. It will be tainted by this deep feeling of envy and cannot fit in nicely with what is upbuilding in the environment in which it manifests. He may not notice it immediately, if he does at all eventually, but he would also form in his physical environment, through his thoughts, words and actions; a world founded on envy and related attributes. All that he receives and experiences would be in accordance with the nature of his innermost being, that which actually does the living his spirit. He will interpret happenings around him and communications from people he comes into contact with, in accordance with his tainted view of reality. And it is that which is similar to what he has within him that he would draw from others and from his surroundings.


    Since the spirit is what actually lives or possesses the capacity to move, as an impulsion due to the pressure of the radiation of the Light, it is in the volition of the spirit that changes have to occur first if the conditions in the physical realm are to become more peaceful and harmonious, not only between nations and peoples, but in the first place within individuals, families and communities.


    At present, and for a long time now, however, mankind have been in the dark as to the nature of the working of the Laws or governing Principles in Creation, because the world that they have formed around them is one that makes it difficult for them to clearly perceive and understand this working, let alone adhere to it with every stirring of their intuitive perceptions to create better perceptive opportunities in their future.

    The distortion that men have introduced into matter and the earth through their base volitions, has manifested also in the malformation of the brains of the physical body. The hindbrain, which is designed to receive the more delicate and finer impressions meant for the spirit within, was used less and less over time, over millennia, as the frontal brain, which has the task of bringing the spiritual volition into coarser, earthly form, was used to destructive excess.


    The frontal brain is responsible for the execution on earth of what has been perceived by the spirit. Thus it is meant to bring into earthly formation the impressions that come from the higher Spiritual Realm. When the focus of man’s thinking and acting is based mainly on earthly matters, concerns and aspirations, then a one-sidedness develops in the working of the two brains. An over-development of one to the detriment and shrinking of the other, due to lack of use, is the unavoidable consequence.


    The pressure of the volition or yearning for what is earthly upon the frontal brain led to its one-sided over development over the hindbrain. So it happened that generations of spirits that incarnated upon earth had to work with a physical body that became increasingly distorted over time, as the product of the wrongly directed volition of mankind, who were meant to help develop matter as they themselves developed upwards.


    The one-sided development of the brains meant that it was easier for men to “see” their conditions in unbalanced ways, i.e., without recognizing the spiritual component, which is the most important part in every happening, the foundation upon which everything else is built, as well as the actual prototype that determines the nature and shape of everything else.


    This meant that they could not see the beginning of the process that led to the conditions under which they found themselves at any given moment, the attitudes that formed the basis for the attraction of the conditions in question. In this blind and ignorant state they could not recognize the working of the Law of Reciprocal Action, which brings back to one those conditions that agree with his innermost stirrings. This Principle of Working or Law brings to one, as developed fruit, that which he advocated through his inner attitude, but many times enhanced or developed, just like a farmer reaps much more in the form of fruit than the amount he actually sows in the seed. So, he did not see how the accumulated fruits of his volitions, intuitive perceptions or deep inner stirrings, led to the conditions that formed for him to live through on earth, in the same way as particular seeds lead to particular fruits in the garden.


    Had he rightly recognized this happening he would have also seen that he attracted to himself conditions and people who were similar in nature to the attitude that he harboured within, and that he drew to himself through these processes, everything, whether good or bad, which was meted out to him in the course of his earth-lives and also in the periods in between. He would have seen that the attitudes that lead to such forms and conditions as he might criticize or find unfavourable and disturbing, can assume various forms in different individuals. Thus his gaze would have broadened in that regard.


    He would also have seen that the nature of his attitude determined how much he was able to recognize in the happenings around him of the true nature of how things work and develop from seed to fruit, from beginning to end-result, because he would be dragged low to depths where his gaze would have become too narrow for him to see this, if his attitude was wrong, or lifted up so that he felt light and could see a wider perspective of the happening, which would allow him to see more of the beginnings of the process of development, whilst also helping him develop more confidence that this process always works in this manner, does not change and so can always be trusted.


    But anyone who earnestly wishes to see this happening can do so if he exerts himself for it with the right degree of openness and objectivity (unassumingness). He will find in the conditions that form for him evidence that his own attitude has led to the nature of what has formed for him. He would also allow himself to see that the process is unfailing and that all non-recognitions in the past have been due to the limitations that he placed on himself due to the manner in which he viewed everything then.


    He will have to discover this for himself because only through the personal experiencing of this working, along the path of his own personal journey, can he develop trust and confidence in the constancy and perfection of this working. He will need to develop this trust and confidence because they will lead him to the development of conviction that this always is the manner in which things develop for man and every other species on earth and in the entire Creation. Only this conviction can allow him to remain steadfast in his willing or desiring for what is good in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles in his earth-life.


     And contrary to what many might think, even if he discovers that many a disastrous or calamitous event, which he had to live through in his past, came about as a result of his volition, he only gains thereby, for he will then have the opportunity to see that he has a say in what comes across his path here on earth and in the entire Creation. He could then come out from under the pressure of not-knowing, of thinking that there is no perfect justice in Creation, that it is possible for another to take away what is rightly due to him, in other words, that there is arbitrariness in the meting out of conditions here on earth and afterwards.  


    If he discovers, through this kind of experience, that he had a hand in the development of the unfavourable events that he had to endure in his past, and that, in fact, he was the architect of them, he would also be able to see that he could influence future conditions for the better by the way he attunes himself in the present. This is quite different from what many people hold as conceptions of the way that events develop for them to experience. Such a discovery, if truly recognized, would keep him from endangering himself and his surroundings with superficiality and base thoughts, words and actions. He will pay greater attention to what comes out of him as his works (his intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions), and he will perceive a greater enthusiasm for life, would have a higher sense of motivation to live and participate in upbuilding activities on earth and in Creation.


    Through his one-sided view of happenings and things around him over millennia, man denied himself the opportunity to see the strict consistency with which the Principles of Working in the Creation of which he is a part, work to bring man the fruit of his volition, of his inner willing. And because he did not see the regularity of the working, the perfection of it, he did not develop trust in it and could not steadfastly maintain the volition for what is good; the only thing that can lead him successfully through his wanderings through the World of Matter and back to his origin in the Spiritual Realm as a self-conscious and mature spiritual being.


    He could not notice any development in his capacity to know of the Will of the Light, because his volition was not so directed. Had he adjusted his inner being to the nature of the Will of the Light, he would have become increasingly more knowledgeable as to the Laws that govern Creation and how he is to cooperate in the furtherance of the creative radiation that comes from the Light. He would have unmistakably sensed a development within himself that would have encouraged him to strive more towards the Light in an upward development, and this development would have been reflected in beautiful earthly manifestations, just like his neglect and ignorance have led him justly to the ugliness that has been nurtured to date on earth.


    Most of what men do today encourage the production by man of base volitions such as envy, narrow-mindedness, conceit, vanity, one-sidedness, superficiality, fear, the pursuit of earthly power and influence, a craving for what is earthly, sordid sensuality in its various forms, spiritual ignorance and indolence, and a host of other dark attributes of the Darkness. Not one of these forms of dark attributes goes or manifests by itself. In accordance with the Law that similar forms attract each other, where you find one, you find evidence or potential for the manifestation of the others. And in all their effects they bind man to the earth plane and hinder his ability to see the spiritual import of happenings. They thus prevent his development as a species through the spread of darkness. They keep him spiritually inactive, immobile, and as if dead. To become spiritually dead then becomes his default aspiration, even if he does not know this.


    The developed dark volition has used the abilities of the spirit in man to form works that keep men in the dark as to their true capacities. In this way, this volition has ruled over mankind on earth and in many other planes in matter. Just like a virus takes over the protein-production machinery of an invaded cell in the physical body for its own use, thereby producing the building blocks of proteins that aid in its own development, replication and the maintenance of its species, so does the Darkness work to use men at all costs to maintain itself on earth and in matter and to lord over it. All the pain and misery, hopelessness and despair that men experience and have in the past experienced, are and have been due to their nurturing of base attitudes, which only serve the maintenance of a dark volition and further entangle them in the network of burdening and dense ugly forms.


    From these entanglements mankind can no longer on their own extricate themselves, and must follow these forms and the surroundings that they have formed towards destruction, through disintegration, if help does not come to them in time.

    A Spark from the Light, bringing with It a purifying Flame, has sunken Itself into Creation in order to rid it of all the darkness that has crept in through the wrong attitude of mankind. This is done out of Pure Love for the rest of Creation, so that the power coursing through Creation no longer is wasted in the formation of dark works through men. This Divine Spark also comes with the Volition: Let there be Light, so that those human spirits who still have a spark of longing for the Light can benefit from the effects of this Volition as it manifests here on earth and in other planes in matter. In the end of the purification process, which will give to men exactly in accordance with how they have sown for millennia, only those human spirits who have proved themselves capable of willing only what is light can exist or continue to live on this earth. This is because the Volition: Let there be Light comes from the Light Itself and so is now the strongest Volition in matter and on earth, Which is able to pull on every happening and form in matter in a manner that serves the fulfillment of this Will.


    This means that everything that has been wrongly formed by men, that is, everything that men have formed, will have to collapse and go through disintegration. It will be disposed of like excreta, involving a long and torturous process for those who remain attached inwardly and outwardly to what is wrong, and what must now decay. Recognition of how to move aright as spiritual beings, who have the capacity to form and shape their environments, will have to follow the development of the earnest volition for it from those so inclined. Only this will attract to them the uplifting effects of the Volition: Let there be Light. 

  • The End of the World



    People often do not know what to picture to themselves when they contemplate the question of the end of the world, if at all they give any heed to all the talk of the “End of the World” or the “End of Times”.


    Many, who feel the nature, frequency and intensities of events today, point to the approach of something about which mankind should seriously concern themselves, and cannot be swayed from thinking that there will be some culmination to all this development, and that the endpoint does not promise a gentle experience or happening. They intuitively perceive the approach of an end, and this perception is aided by the fact that many a prophesy exists about the “End of the World” or the “End of a Time”, a time or period that has to find mankind prepared, or prior to which they should have accomplished certain things.


    It also holds for some the potential for the end of everything that is, beyond which nothing would exist, leaving the ones who hold this view often concerned and anxious, simply due to the pressure of not knowing. Not knowing if they really should have accomplished some particular objective before this time, which would then qualify them for what may come next after the destruction of everything that currently is; or not knowing the form that this expected destruction would take and whether or not one would have to suffer painfully through the process. If at all there could be this end-time, would it then mean that those who were able to speak convincingly about it some millennia before were right, and that the other things that they also said and advocated with regards to the period (the End Time) and the happening were true?


    If that is the case, then which one of the numerous predictions and warnings about how to prepare for this “coming” period should they heed? How can one tell which is authentic and which in the end would prove to have been false? A state of anxious not-knowing for the one who has not been able to just brush aside the matter completely.


    For many a person who brushes it aside, however, he still does not fail to experience those moments when, from deep within him, something flares up like an unwelcome warning, urging him to prepare himself for that which will come and mark the end of the possibility for him to make a different decision, because there would no longer be the time for it, since the end would have come for the opportunity to learn and mature in this material school that has a definite time period of existence.


    This will mean the end of the cycle of existence of this material school itself, which would bring with it the disintegration of everything that has been formed in it, so that a new and more energized form can arise from the resultant basic units, aided by fresh spiritual students (new spirit seed-germs) sown like seeds into matter. A happening that affects every material form, whatever it may be, and takes it through the process of birth, through development and maturation, to flowering and bearing fruit, and then finally to disintegration back to its basic units, so that said basic units, newly-energized, can come together again to form something new, following the discharge of the energy that is the fruit of the just ended cycle.


    When this time comes for the earth, it would be best if the human spirits passing through it, in the course of their experiencing and maturing, would have already severed their ties and connections to it, so that they could move on towards the completion of their own development, in higher and more luminous spheres. If they found themselves unable to do this, then they would have to partake of the process of disintegration, which always entails a falling apart or even tearing down of what used to stand as a form in the material world.


    This would mean for them the tearing apart and disintegration together with matter of the personalities so far formed for those concerned, signifying their failure to have taken advantage of the period allotted them in matter to form themselves in such ways as would have allowed them to leave matter in order to eternally exist and transmit light in the Spiritual Realm as self-conscious spiritual beings.


    Where the gaze of a people has been lowered so as to have them consider as important only that which they can substantiate and estimate with their earthly senses, then such a people would through this continue to attach themselves to the physical and the earthly, with their intuitive perceptions, which shape their inner attitudes, thoughts, words and actions, and thus would not be able to see beyond this range in order to know any better. They would therefore sentence themselves to the experience of feeling the pain and effects of the tearing away from the material forms (which includes all conceptions bound to matter), which now have to fall apart in the natural process of their disintegration.


    They would have in a sense declared that they would like to experience the fate of all material substance, to which they bound themselves so tenaciously. Ignorance of the nature of the happening would not prevent it from taking place at the right hour, and in strict accordance with the natural laws. It would have been the fruit of their desiring.


    Man weaves a world for himself that agrees with the nature of his inner perceptions, his intuitive perceptions, which guide his thinking, speaking and acting. And as he intuitively perceives, thinks and acts, he emits radiations, or rather, like a magnet he pulls together for himself and around himself a world that is as distorted or as perfect as the nature of his perceptions. Through his connection to what he forms in this manner, he directs currents that flow through him, as an energy transmitter in Creation/the Universe, to them. What he attracts to himself as energy currents and transmits to the created forms (which are mostly invisible to the physical eyes), must accord in density and clarity to the nature of what he has formed.



    Through these connections he supplies sustaining nourishment to them, and they help keep him thinking and acting accordingly. Through him they are able to live, and through them he draws corresponding currents and pictures of how things are and work, in the natural reciprocal effect of his act of forming and sustaining them. They form a wall between him and reality, the boundary line of his capacity to recognise. He therefore forms through his actions his own capacity to see in Creation.


    And every movement within him is an action that assumes a corresponding form, which is composed of the same substance as the species of action (intuition being finer and lighter than thought, which is finer and lighter than the spoken word, which is finer and lighter in its nature and composition than a visible, outward action). The particular form assumed is animated in the manner described above.


    No two people can perceive their surroundings in exactly the same way, even if such an environment was the exact same physical one. This is because a person perceives and forms his own perceptions in a unique way. His unique perceptions then go on to contribute to what materializes on earth, together with the contributions of other unique personalities with their unique natures. They all participate in the forming but experience what has been formed in their own individual ways. The forms of their intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions form the train of channels through which the impressions of earthly happenings reach the spirit residing within. And since the individual forms of perceptions and actions are all different, different channels to the spiritual cores involved must be different.


    A person experiences that environment that he shares with another according the nature of the world that he has himself formed with his inner attitude, his thinking and his speaking. This inner world that he has composed remains linked with him as long as he retains the kind of thinking and attitude that has brought it about. It is, therefore, also through the filtering effect of this his own inner world that he perceives the world that can appear uniform to the physical senses of every onlooker. The world he forms within himself is a particular variation of the world that he physically interacts with and shares with other unique individuals.


    The physical world can appear uniform, but the experiencing of it, what it triggers within the onlooker and unique contributor, is always different from that of the person just beside him. This is the case even if they had been through a similar upbringing in the same household, with the same parents and physical conditons. The way he has formed his inner world determines the way he views and experiences the outer one.


    But the formation of the inner world is something that can take place over several lifetimes on earth and does not just begin in the present one.


    A person who has built up an inner world that bases its source of happiness on an earthly and intellectually based sense of success and fulfilment, would form a narrow perceptive range for himself. He would draw superficially from the happenings around him, and he would react according to the narrowness of his perception. This narrowness agrees with his decision to confine his perception only to the narrow world of what is earthly, thus excluding the much larger parts associated with his existence, which include other planes or spheres of matter (that are inaccessible to the physical, gross material senses and investigative tools), with their differing degrees of fineness and permeability to Light radiations coming from the Origin of all movement. 


    What comes out of him cannot then form what is broadly beneficial but must reflect his narrow-mindedness and short-sightedness. In this way, his connection to centres of narrow perception keeps him fuelling his tendency to form a narrow inner world, with a narrow perceptive range. This his inner world then manifests as his psychic and physical conditions for him to experience, to reap. In this way, he would always draw from the physical setting or happening only what would agree with his narrow-mindedness, thereby also experiencing in the earthly that which he already gave rise to within him, and his reaction would be such as would serve to maintain this his inner world, and thus, also maintain the physical conditions, albeit, perhaps, in different forms. For his reaction would reflect a limited understanding, thus sowing the seeds for corresponding physical conditions; conditions likely to elicit a similar narrow-minded reaction from him. This is because he retains his capacity to draw material substance together for himself, like a magnet, according to the mould of his inner nature, whether or not this inner nature of his is upward-tending or downward.


    He would help the physical conditions develop differently, more beautifully, in a manner that permits the perception of more light, more understanding and greater clarity, if his inner world were such that allowed for this through its unique composition. Today, however, there is ignorance, one-sidedness, a general not-knowing that keeps mankind in the dark and at the mercy of what flows through their correspondingly distorted formations, which effectively and automatically act as veils through which their originators then try to see.


    The conditions within the family units, social, religious, economic, educational and governmental structures, all take after the very nature of the composition of the inner attitudes of men, hence, they reflect mankind’s general perception of how things work in the Universe/Creation and what to place value upon.

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  • On the Question of a Final Decision


    Before getting into the matter of a final decision it would benefit the individual concerned if he determined for himself what the decision was about.


    A final decision gives indication of a cessation of opportunities to make further decisions, the one in question being the last one to be made. 


    What, in the life of man, could be accompanied by such a weighty situation in which he has to make a final choice and never get another chance afterwards? 


    The very nature of the finality of the situation already makes many a man not give the matter much weight or consideration. 


    It simply could not be; that things can get to a point where there is no longer the possibility of a reversal, an opportunity to do over or experience something once again, even if the happening were to occur after the physical death of the one concerned.


    In other words, many a man would find it difficult to accept that in a world where things are seen to go around in cycles, there could be an end, a cessation in the cycling. 


    There simply has to be the opportunity for the process, whatever it may be, to continue, even if in a changed and different form. 


    This perception causes many not to take seriously the question of a final decision, where it concerns man and his fate as a creature in Creation. 


    The assertion that man must make a final decision causes many in this camp to scoff and to point to the fact that calls have been ringing out in the past through men, considered to be prophets and spiritual helpers, for millennia now, urging mankind to prepare themselves for the final decision, the time of a final decision, the end-time, and yet generations of men have come and gone, and seem to keep coming and going.


    Why then should anyone put any stock in such assertions when they are made today?


    What would make the assertions or the situations at the time they are made any different from what has prevailed in the past?


    Those in this camp comprise men with a wide variety of perceptions in this matter.


    Their final conclusion, however, is that there is simply no sound reason to take such assertions seriously; some even feel that the ones who continue to make such assertions are to be pitied and helped to see more clearly, lest they spend their existence on earth in some fanciful plane of existence rather than attend to things of immediate and real importance.


    That is one camp.


    The other comprises those who believe that there is need for a fateful decision, made now or at least before the end of the period after which it would have become too late for it.


    The utterances of many in this camp cause them to appear not to see or acknowledge the existence of cycles in the Universe or Creation, causing some in the camp of scoffers and those who do see cycles to immediately recoil from them and not consider their assertions more seriously than they might have other wise.


    They are often seen as rigid and narrow-minded, and in opposition to science and traditional or conventional knowledge.


    They are seen as ones who have been blinded to the existence of logic and reason due to their obstinate and blind, often religious, faith.


    For this reason, they are not taken seriously, and if hey were to make any valid points in their arguments, such are not even allowed to rise to a level where they can be considered and objectively examined.


    The adamantine nature of their efforts in the face of scoffers and superficial responses from others causes them to appear more and more like fanatics, and also closes them in further within their homogeneous world.


    These seemingly fanatical efforts on the part of the second group also cause the vanity of the first group, the scoffers, to grow, because they feel pandered to and chased after, as though they were people of some importance to the attainment of some ultimate goal.


    But this only makes them reject and run away from what is being called out to them by those who appear to them to be dupes of religion.


    They have even less respect for them as a result and consider them to be delusional and out of touch with reality, backward and unscientific.


    This further separates the groups. In their homogeneous world, those who wish to spread the word about the need to prepare for a final Judgment, to make a Final Decision, develop further the sense of  “us against them”, and refuse to listen to anything else but the interpretations that they have given to the warnings and admonitions in the Scriptures or other writings, as well as to the events that they are able to witness or learn of in everyday happenings around the world.


    Narrow-mindedness therefore grows in both camps.


    Those in one camp, the ones who do not think that there is any higher governing order that they are supposed to heed, and which restricts them to particular ways of being and acting if they are to succeed as members of their species in Creation, do not read more deeply into the natural happenings around them and therefore do not get a wider perspective or interpretation that could help them understand that there is a definite goal towards which their species is to strive. 


    And that there is a point beyond which they would no longer be able to develop themselves in order to become useful fruits, able to participate consciously in the development and expansion of Creation.


    A point beyond which they would have to accept the fruit of the seed that they sowed with the decision not to investigate more deeply the purpose of their being on earth.


    The fruit of being regarded as useless fruit and corralled into paths and regions where they have to go through the disintegration of the personalities or egos that they have developed or formed in the course of millennia and several earth lives.


    They do not therefore seek wider interpretations of the happenings around them and thus do not find them either.


    They remain bound to looking at everything and every happening through the same lens as they had always previously done.


    Thus sealing their fate through reacting in ways that continue to form for them more closed and narrow worlds, just as they desired through their inner attitudes.


    Those in the other camp, the ones who feel that there are signs in the happenings of the present day that speak urgently of the foretold End of Time or Day of Final Judgment, feel the need to hold on even more tightly to their interpretations of the admonitions and the happenings, because they feel that they are at the battlefront, at which they have to steadfastly hold their ground lest they fall prey to the pull of the Darkness at the Final Hour. 


    They do not allow themselves the opportunities of personal growth in their understandings of the workings of the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature that logically bring about the happenings that they seek to interpret.


    They do not discover the streams of currents that carry with them recognitions that lead to spiritual growth and expansion, which come along personal paths of experiencing the workings of the Laws of Creation.


    The expansion and growth of the spirit of man alone allows him to see more broadly and to rightly interpret the happenings around him.


    The right “seeing” and interpretation lead to the right reactions, and thus to the emergence from man or the transmission through him of currents that build upwards. Limited perceptions cause men to interpret and react wrongly to the happenings around them because they do not see the whole happening and cannot therefore accurately read the working-out of the logic inherent in the Laws of Creation.


    Wherever logic is missing, there also is lacking balance and the right foundation for the experiencing of joy and happiness for man.


    There also lies the germ of collapse sown with the wrong attitude, thinking, speaking and acting, and the accompanying pain and misery.


    This will come even if the one concerned has the best of intentions, because he would always have to reap the consequences of what he actually does express in his inner attitude, thinking, speaking and acting.


    And ignorance of the nature of the working of the Laws of Creation/the Universe, which is the same as non-observance of them, must yield corresponding fruit for the one concerned.


    Narrow-mindedness always leads to and manifests itself in the form of limited perception.


    This also takes the form of seeing only what is perceptible by the human intellect and the physical senses of man.


    In other words, man keeps himself from seeing the true origin and breadth of happenings and limits himself to what he can sense and examine with his physical tools and implements.


    He makes himself incapable of perceiving the happenings beyond what is earthly and of the earth. He limits himself to a definite space and time.


    This growth limitation cannot allow him to see logic and lawfulness. He would always only see in part in this way and cannot experience the joy-instilling effect of lawfulness, justice and balance.


    He cannot come to the point of a full understanding of what lies within his capacity to understand, and the not-knowing, which always comes with a particular kind of pressure, keeps him fearful, anxious, narrow-minded (with thoughts of narrow self-interest), envious and vulnerable to many other similar faults, weaknesses or base attributes.


    He would then not succeed in preparing himself adequately for the Final Judgment, which actually does go on in the moments of his earth life today.



    The Final Decision is made one moment at a time because each moment today represents a much longer period of experiencing in the past for the person concerned.


    Experiences that were acquired in the course of thousands of years can now be lived through again in a few months, as they come back to the persons concerned as unbalanced and unconcluded threads of experiencing, whose cycles come to a complete close only when the one concerned as learned through personal experiencing what that particular thread is to teach him.


    He needs the lesson in order to complete his development, the development of the personality that he must become if he is to be active and useful in Creation.


    Each moment holds the question “Man, how do you stand? Do you stand for the Light and life or for the Darkness and destruction?” for the every man.


    His choice is made with the way he addresses that which comes at him in the moment.


    Whether this is in the way he is attuned within himself, or in his thoughts, his words or his actions.


    With each moment today he moves more surely in a particular direction, making a reversal and change to another path that much more difficult, because a purifying power surge has now penetrated and taken over the earth and its surroundings, causing all processes of development to speed up tremendously, including the working that brings man the results or fruits of his decision-making, his desiring, whether he is conscious of these or not.


    This speeding up of the processes at work in the Universe, which is accompanied by a more intense binding between homogeneous species, now makes each moment more vital for mankind than any other has been in the past, because a lot now lies in the moment. It is literally now a question of “either or” for each person each moment.


    He would continue to find reason to stay in the dark and in the state of not-knowing, or he can continue to see and gain recognitions of the ways that the Laws of Nature work, so that he can see more of the Will of his Maker and attune himself more to it, for the development and maturation of the seed that is his spirit, before the end of the period allotted for this development.


    He can continue to assume that he knows all that he needs to know in this time and for this task, and each moment would give him even more reason to maintain himself on that delusory path, or he can decide that it might be wise to be humble and ask in all humility for guidance in the matter, so that the moments that continue to unfold for him would be ones that would accord with this willingness to receive, with the corresponding consequence of recognitions of what he needs for his expansion, growth and perfection.


    There would not be a date or a year when it would be announced that the Final Decision time has come. It has been time to make this final decision for a long time now.


    The consequences of the numerous decisions that make up this final decision for each person has now brought us all to the present point in our states of being. They are also responsible for the differing attitudes towards this question among mankind, and would be the factor that would separate those who would decide aright from those who would not, the wheat from the chaff.


    It is up to the individual to decide which it is to be for him.

    The work: "What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man" deals in more detail with the issues addressed with here. 

  • Consumer Confidence

    There has been some concern recently about the amount of confidence that individuals have in their ability to enjoy good fruits in the course of their interactions in this seemingly perilous time in the world marketplace.

    Confidence is developed from trust. When one moves ahead with a venture, trusting that the reason for its inception is sound enough to lead him to good results, he sows the seed of trust. If the trust is well placed, that is, if the action taken agrees with his pure intuition and sense of logic with regards to what will bring benefit in the broadest sense, and so, if that which is trusted by the individual is truly worthy of his trust, then the resulting effects of the developed fruit of this seed of trust will lead to the experiencing or feeling of even more trust.

    The experience of a favorable outcome (favourable in the broadest sense and not only in a narrow earthly sense) as fruit of the sown seed will lead to the development of even more trust that such an action will bring him favourable conditions. He will therefore trust even more in the recognized process that always brings to him good or favourable conditions when he sows the seed of good intention. It is the honest and good intention at the core of the decision that determines the nature of the formed condition and the experience that he draws from it.

    The conditions that will develop from the seed of trust (i.e., trust that the good intention will lead to favourable conditions), sowed with his good action, will be so constituted that they will be charged with trust-inducing vibrations. In other words, they will be such as will leave him with the confidence to invest further in that kind of action which, before making his move, he trusted will lead to good results. The experiencing of more trust or the feeling that he wants to give even more trust, thus the attraction or drawing out from him of even more trust, can only happen if the formed condition (the result of the seed sown) has the capacity to induce the feeling of trust.

    If it has a favorable vibration with respect to this individual, then it would be one that he would like to experience again, one which he would trust to provide for him the opportunities to experience something similar to that which had just brought him joy. It would have to be one that he could count on to deliver what would bring him joy. He would have confidence in the capacity for a similar seed such as he sowed to yield such favorable conditions, to bring to him similar fruit upon its development to maturation and bearing of fruit. So he would have developed confidence in the potential for that kind of seed (one similar to the initial action) to deliver what will bring him joy, as often happens when a person does something for the joy and happiness of another. The expression on the face of the joyous recipient is enough to encourage the giver to carry out this kind of deed again in the future. This confidence would have been developed or attained through the personal experiencing of the result of trusting that his initial good deed would bring good results and thus lead him to the experiencing of joy.

    “Good deed” in this regard is not limited to the visible or outward action of a person, but in the first place begins with the inner attitude of the individual. This inner attitude forms the basis of his reactions to his environment, the people in it and their actions towards him. Through the experiencing of favorable conditions from his good deeds, he discovers that the nature of the reason for one’s action has influence over, and indeed determines the way the fruit of that action is experienced in the future by the one concerned. He understands better and more deeply the working of the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Sowing and Reaping, of Cause and Effect. He sees that he can trust in this process to always bring to him conditions that agree with his inner nature, his inner attitude, whether this attitude is good or bad.

    With repeated experiences this process of sowing and reaping becomes one that he can trust and have confidence in; something that he is certain of. His trust in this process develops from his ability to count on reaping a beneficial outcome when he genuinely sows what is good. So, first he learns through experience to trust in the working that brings him what agrees absolutely with the kind of seed that he sows, and then he also learns that in order to reap a favourable condition he must act in ways that are favourable to the spiritual development of those around him.

    Acting in this manner, as he moves forward, would bring to him those conditions that not only would aid him in this pursuit, but also would help him in his own spiritual development. The after-effects or the ripening of this fruit on earth would be his finding himself in just those conditions that suit him and serve his needs in the broadest sense.

    But what can man count on today to bring him benefit in the broadest sense, and also cause him to experience true joy and happiness, not just a transient feeling of happiness that may not really be true happiness?

    The deeper the feeling of joy and happiness, the longer lasting this feeling can be. It lasts long and is not so transient because it derives from impressions that touch the core of man, his spirit. What is able to touch the spiritual core of man is never superficial, for superficiality is an indication of a lack of penetrability. It expresses shallowness, and thus, a separation from that which really counts. That which is superficial only touches on the surface and the external. It has to do with the outward form of a happening, and this outward form is more subject to change than that which is able to touch the spirit, which is lasting in its effects.

    Over several millennia mankind have been drifting towards focusing attention mainly on what can bring earthly benefit. Increasingly, as a result, the perception that men have held about what will make them happy has included only earthly desires and pleasures. So, men have sought those conditions that appear to have the potential to deliver earthly pleasure and gain. Those practices, cultures and traditions that have been seen by men as being able to aid in the attainment of these narrow goals, have in the past and until recently been accorded a lot of trust. Men have therefore developed some degree of confidence in them, even if what they have hitherto delivered have only appeared to lead to happiness, but not really satisfied and nourished the spirit.

    That which nourishes the spirit is immediately felt as being uplifting in nature. This allows for the expansion of the spirit, thus the experiencing of true, deep and lasting joy. It releases the spirit from binding conceptions that have the effect of keeping it in a contracted form, which feels like a pressure to the one concerned, because it greatly reduces its range of expansion and movement and thus keeps it confined to a narrow world.

    It is in this narrowly compressed world, formed through the narrow-mindedness of the individual human spirit, as an expression of it, that pain resides. This world of narrow-mindedness affects the perception of the person concerned. Everything that he sees or perceives would have already been subject to the effects of the vibrations of the narrow world to which he is bound, through the self-imposed limitations in the range of his perception. It is this narrowing effect that causes a spirit so bound to see only superficially and narrowly, and thus to see only a very limited range of possibilities for its own happiness, and therefore to form the volition or desire to go after those things which, according to its narrow perception, it feels should bring about those specific earthly or material conditions that it wrongly perceives as bearing the potential for true joy.

    This has led to the focus by many a person on the acquisition of earthly wealth and power, and on those things that are used to symbolize the possession of these, as the only things worth striving for in their earth lives. They have also sought security in the possession of material wealth due to this narrow view, and have therefore invested heavily in those fields and practices that promise security to all who can afford to buy in.

    But these are all superficial goals and practices, which do not touch upon that realm where the seed for what man will experience is sown as seed. This is the realm of the intuitive perception or thought, the deep inner feelings of man, which actually determine what he experiences in the conditions that form for him here on earth and beyond, no matter what outward forms the happenings that bring these experiences to him may take.

    What he feels deeply within him determines what he draws from the happenings that he has to live through.

    Thus a thought or an action that is based on fear leads to the experiencing in the future of even more fear as fruit of the seed sown. The superficial is transient in nature. It is only there to serve the purpose of that which is eternal, which does not need to go through the process of disintegration after having gone through the process of development from seed, through maturation and bearing fruit; a process that is natural to the World of Matter. That which is eternal remains living, that is mobile, and only shows itself (its nature) in matter through what is transient, such as the transient earthly cloak (man’s physical body, his physical conditions).

    What is transient cannot be eternal because, in its lack of perfection, it is in need of repeated reformation into a more beautiful form, which entails disintegration and change. If one were to cling to it and not disengage from it in time, before it has to undergo the natural process of disintegration or transformation, then such a person would suffer the tearing and ripping pains of the disintegration process. This will also shows itself on earth, in the earthly condition, as a painful experience or a series of painful experiences.

    The recent financial crisis is but one of the effects of the necessary transformations that have to happen now in order to get the volition or resolve of men turned again towards what brings lasting or eternal benefit, as that which has been wrongly formed goes through its natural course of disintegration and collapse.

    Only a seed that can lead to this kind of fruit (beneficial) can bear the potential to always deliver what will bring benefit. However, only a person who has learned through the experiencing of the strict working of the Law of Sowing and Reaping (Cause and Effect) can develop the trust that a good seed will always lead to favourable (and lasting) conditions. With the confidence that comes from this kind of experience, which must be ongoing in nature if it is to guide the one concerned step-by-step and steadily upwards, the consumer in question will go back out into the world and engage it, confident that the fruits of his good actions and choices will yield good returns. Also, in the future, only such companies and industries as strive in the same manner can have any hopes of surviving and remaining in existence.

  • Cause and Effect

    Cause and Effect


    Many people to date have assumed the existence of the phenomenon of “Cause and Effect”, but without being able to grasp its underlying working they have mostly been unable to be convinced that it absolutely exists in every circumstance, without fail or exception.

     The grasping of the underlying working that relates all effects to particular causes, in a manner that can be logically followed, requires that the one who desires this understanding becomes more familiar with the working that brings to him his own fate.


    In other words, he has to become aware, through direct experiencing, of the relationship between the conditions that form for him to experience and what issues from him in the form of his inner attitude, his thoughts, words and actions. Only that individual, who seeks this clarification and deeper understanding, can himself discover, along his own path of personal experiencing, the strict and unbreakable link between cause and effect. This is so because only he can experience the beginning as well as the end, in a complete and unbroken manner, in order then to make the necessary connections.


    For the human spirit, which is the animating core of man, the beginning of the process is his inner attitude, which forms the foundation for his thinking (carried out with his frontal brain), which precedes his words or his speaking, as well as his physically visible actions. Paying more attention to what comes up from within him can, therefore, allow him to see connections between his actions and his fate, that is, what comes to him for his experiencing; either inside of him (psychically) or in his physical environment. 

     The capacity to make these necessary connections has been increasingly lost to mankind, due to their desiring of mainly that which they can see and examine with their physical senses and tools.  This mainly physical desiring, be it in the context of resource gathering, or love, or happiness, or any other context, has meant that their inner attitudes have been mostly inclined towards what is earthly and physical. This simultaneously and automatically manifests as a desire for the physical and earthly, in all that they seek to pursue and to understand, also with regards to the scope of their perceptive capacity.


    This means that with the narrow focus on the physically tangible and the earthly, man can only see so far and so deeply.  A person in this state cannot see the beginning that leads to what then comes to him as his fate or the condition he is obliged to live through. He cannot make a connection between “Cause” and “Effect” in his life, in spite of his seeing this phenomenon play out in the happenings around him, also in Nature, which he is able to follow from the beginning to the end as an objective observer.

     But only the conviction that comes from seeing, and thus experiencing this happening also in his own life, can allow him to steadfastly plant good seeds with his thinking speaking and acting, in spite of pressures that might push him to do otherwise. Only the person who can consistently plant such seeds as lead to his spiritual growth would grow to see those beneficial fruits that man is supposed to bring to bear also in his material surroundings. 


    And because the phenomenon of “Cause and Effect” never ends, there would never be an end to the discoveries that he would make in the course of his own expansion and growth, whilst on earth and also after he has left it.

     Contemplating this issue is very difficult for the man or woman of today because we have, over several millennia, formed for ourselves a world in which the desiring for true knowledge is discouraged. In this world, the desire for what is superficial is promoted and is supported by the mindset, structures and institutions that this desiring has led to as its fruit. And since the yield is always much more than the planted seed, mankind have become overrun by and entrapped within the narrow world of their own making.

     This narrow world also has very rigid walls, making the sounding of alarms on the outside of it imperceptible to many within it. In this state the nourishment that is meant for the spirit of man, which does the actual experiencing and living, has been cut off, because the spirit requires for its nourishment, growth and expansion the recognitions of lawful truths. Lawful truths are revealed in every single happening and would be recognised as soon as the earnest desire for it awakens within the onlooker, and he presses forward accordingly.


    The currents of energy that come to the spirit when it makes these recognitions, bring about the simultaneous expansion of the spirit of man, as well as the transformation or enhancement of its environment. This transformation also includes the expansion of the environment in question and the enhancement of its permeability to light radiations; that is, to clearer recognitions of the way things actually come together in the Universe.

     With the clearer recognitions the ones concerned also apply the received currents in new ways that further the blossoming of their smaller and greater surroundings, as an expression of the joy that they then possess, and gratitude to the One that has sent the possibility.


    “What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” goes deeper in its description of the currents of energy that govern and uphold Creation or the Universe. It seeks to alert the reader or listener to his (her) ability to draw these currents in the course of his living and being, his sowing (planting) and reaping, and the inherent responsibility to use or direct these currents well.

     The author hopes to convey to the reader or listener, through the depth and expanse of the details revealed in this work, that there now exists on earth complete and gapless explanations about the workings in the Universe or Creation. It would then be up to the willing listener or reader of “What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” to follow up on what is revealed therein, for his own obtainment of this now available Help, which made the writing of this work at all possible.

  • Beauty in Life

    Here on earth we experience life in the form of movement. It is the particular movement of a life-form that identifies it as such, as a living member of its species or group. For the manifestation of one single visible-to-the-naked-eye stroke of movement, a variety of invisible ones has to take place. The nature of these movements determines what eventually manifests and becomes visible. In the course of the various movements, particular similarly vibrating units come together to produce particular forms, which agree in different ways with the individual natures of the movements of the individual component parts. Once the vibration or nature of movement changes, the kind of form produced as a result also changes. Through this phenomenon we are able to identify taste, look, colour, temperature, texture, etc. in the different substances that we come across in our earthly environments. The movements within and around these substances add to the fabric of our experiencing in our environments, and we can consider the effects of these movements to be pleasing and favourable or unfavourable and off-putting.


    Of all the experiences of the comings together of the different vibrations that characterise the various forms that we encounter here on earth, that which we call Nature comes up with what we often consider to be the best in the presentation of combinations of movements or vibrations. We are awed by the variety and constitutions of the species in Nature and how their effects weave in and dovetail with one another in a manner that is splendid and intricate, as well as logical in its simple explainable relatedness. These effects of the natural environment and the creatures alive and at work in them leave us wide-eyed and marvelling, often as we nod in agreement and in recognition of that which appears to us as though it had to be just that way and could not be otherwise … and yet appears great and unexpected, fresh and refreshing – livening. This experience in Nature arouses a good feeling in us because it brings about certain movements within us that resonate with the nature of the combinations of vibrations at work in such natural settings. These movements and combinations of vibrations that feel and look good - beautiful, follow the same natural laws as we regularly discern in our sciences and daily experiences. These are the Laws of Nature that form the basis of all the movements of all the species of the natural world around us.


    The movement according to these laws by the different creatures involved alone brings about that which could have such an effect on man. Only such lawful movements, carried out albeit unconsciously by the different creatures involved, could lead to the intersections in colours, sounds, smells, textures, behaviours and developments, in such harmonious and logical a process as can be seen and experienced in Nature, where all natural outcomes lead ultimately to what is good and beneficial.


    Man, too, is able to bring about works that could have these kinds of effects on his surroundings. He could achieve this by striving to walk in step with the movements of the Laws that he recognises in Nature. In this process he cannot know the exact form the outcome would take, but he would only be certain that it would dovetail in nicely with everything else and must have a beneficial effect in spite of its differing from what might appear good according to his old and wrong pictures. His desire for refreshing and livening beauty would lead him to the recognition of how his species should move if it wishes to harmonize with that which makes Nature so awe-inspiring. Each of these recognitions gives him joy because he feels the vibration of that which he recognises. His perception of it is at the same time a harmonizing with it. A falling in line with a vibrating string that at the same time speaks to him convincingly of truth, justice, love, logic (purity) … of perfection. His reaction to it is joy and gratitude, which cannot be separated in the experiencing of man. He gives off gratitude in the form of an erupting and spontaneous release of joy, as only a particular kind of vibration can set free through a human spirit.


    And since that which he recognizes at the cores of the happenings around him allows him to know of the Will of God, since such movements manifest only the Will of God, the erupting joy is his reaction or response to the Will of God. The joy that comes from him returns to the origin of that which gave the impulse for the vibration which we know as joy. This joy is his expression of his gratitude. At the time of his perception of this feeling of joy he thinks of its origin, even if not consciously. For one only truly expresses thanks when at the moment he is thinking well of the one whom he is thanking, as even the similarities in the words (think, thank) express.


    With the sending forth of a ray (the most powerful kind of ray, P-ray, Prayer) from the recognizing spirit towards the Height from which the Will descends, he expresses the desire for a connection with that Origin. Automatically, he receives in return the fruit of his desiring, which comes in cases like this in the form of opportunities to see and recognize more of this Will, for this alone allows him further opportunities of connecting with the Origin of that which is recognized – the working of the Will of God. And since this Will is inseparable from beauty in the various ways that beauty can be experienced, one who has become able to see in the individual moments of the hours of his days on earth, the workings of the Will of God, also sees and experiences beauty and joy in the moments of the hours of his days. The effects of his experiences would help those around him to benefit from his contributions to the fabric of their own experiences.   

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