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  • The End of the World



    People often do not know what to picture to themselves when they contemplate the question of the end of the world, if at all they give any heed to all the talk of the “End of the World” or the “End of Times”.


    Many, who feel the nature, frequency and intensities of events today, point to the approach of something about which mankind should seriously concern themselves, and cannot be swayed from thinking that there will be some culmination to all this development, and that the endpoint does not promise a gentle experience or happening. They intuitively perceive the approach of an end, and this perception is aided by the fact that many a prophesy exists about the “End of the World” or the “End of a Time”, a time or period that has to find mankind prepared, or prior to which they should have accomplished certain things.


    It also holds for some the potential for the end of everything that is, beyond which nothing would exist, leaving the ones who hold this view often concerned and anxious, simply due to the pressure of not knowing. Not knowing if they really should have accomplished some particular objective before this time, which would then qualify them for what may come next after the destruction of everything that currently is; or not knowing the form that this expected destruction would take and whether or not one would have to suffer painfully through the process. If at all there could be this end-time, would it then mean that those who were able to speak convincingly about it some millennia before were right, and that the other things that they also said and advocated with regards to the period (the End Time) and the happening were true?


    If that is the case, then which one of the numerous predictions and warnings about how to prepare for this “coming” period should they heed? How can one tell which is authentic and which in the end would prove to have been false? A state of anxious not-knowing for the one who has not been able to just brush aside the matter completely.


    For many a person who brushes it aside, however, he still does not fail to experience those moments when, from deep within him, something flares up like an unwelcome warning, urging him to prepare himself for that which will come and mark the end of the possibility for him to make a different decision, because there would no longer be the time for it, since the end would have come for the opportunity to learn and mature in this material school that has a definite time period of existence.


    This will mean the end of the cycle of existence of this material school itself, which would bring with it the disintegration of everything that has been formed in it, so that a new and more energized form can arise from the resultant basic units, aided by fresh spiritual students (new spirit seed-germs) sown like seeds into matter. A happening that affects every material form, whatever it may be, and takes it through the process of birth, through development and maturation, to flowering and bearing fruit, and then finally to disintegration back to its basic units, so that said basic units, newly-energized, can come together again to form something new, following the discharge of the energy that is the fruit of the just ended cycle.


    When this time comes for the earth, it would be best if the human spirits passing through it, in the course of their experiencing and maturing, would have already severed their ties and connections to it, so that they could move on towards the completion of their own development, in higher and more luminous spheres. If they found themselves unable to do this, then they would have to partake of the process of disintegration, which always entails a falling apart or even tearing down of what used to stand as a form in the material world.


    This would mean for them the tearing apart and disintegration together with matter of the personalities so far formed for those concerned, signifying their failure to have taken advantage of the period allotted them in matter to form themselves in such ways as would have allowed them to leave matter in order to eternally exist and transmit light in the Spiritual Realm as self-conscious spiritual beings.


    Where the gaze of a people has been lowered so as to have them consider as important only that which they can substantiate and estimate with their earthly senses, then such a people would through this continue to attach themselves to the physical and the earthly, with their intuitive perceptions, which shape their inner attitudes, thoughts, words and actions, and thus would not be able to see beyond this range in order to know any better. They would therefore sentence themselves to the experience of feeling the pain and effects of the tearing away from the material forms (which includes all conceptions bound to matter), which now have to fall apart in the natural process of their disintegration.


    They would have in a sense declared that they would like to experience the fate of all material substance, to which they bound themselves so tenaciously. Ignorance of the nature of the happening would not prevent it from taking place at the right hour, and in strict accordance with the natural laws. It would have been the fruit of their desiring.


    Man weaves a world for himself that agrees with the nature of his inner perceptions, his intuitive perceptions, which guide his thinking, speaking and acting. And as he intuitively perceives, thinks and acts, he emits radiations, or rather, like a magnet he pulls together for himself and around himself a world that is as distorted or as perfect as the nature of his perceptions. Through his connection to what he forms in this manner, he directs currents that flow through him, as an energy transmitter in Creation/the Universe, to them. What he attracts to himself as energy currents and transmits to the created forms (which are mostly invisible to the physical eyes), must accord in density and clarity to the nature of what he has formed.



    Through these connections he supplies sustaining nourishment to them, and they help keep him thinking and acting accordingly. Through him they are able to live, and through them he draws corresponding currents and pictures of how things are and work, in the natural reciprocal effect of his act of forming and sustaining them. They form a wall between him and reality, the boundary line of his capacity to recognise. He therefore forms through his actions his own capacity to see in Creation.


    And every movement within him is an action that assumes a corresponding form, which is composed of the same substance as the species of action (intuition being finer and lighter than thought, which is finer and lighter than the spoken word, which is finer and lighter in its nature and composition than a visible, outward action). The particular form assumed is animated in the manner described above.


    No two people can perceive their surroundings in exactly the same way, even if such an environment was the exact same physical one. This is because a person perceives and forms his own perceptions in a unique way. His unique perceptions then go on to contribute to what materializes on earth, together with the contributions of other unique personalities with their unique natures. They all participate in the forming but experience what has been formed in their own individual ways. The forms of their intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions form the train of channels through which the impressions of earthly happenings reach the spirit residing within. And since the individual forms of perceptions and actions are all different, different channels to the spiritual cores involved must be different.


    A person experiences that environment that he shares with another according the nature of the world that he has himself formed with his inner attitude, his thinking and his speaking. This inner world that he has composed remains linked with him as long as he retains the kind of thinking and attitude that has brought it about. It is, therefore, also through the filtering effect of this his own inner world that he perceives the world that can appear uniform to the physical senses of every onlooker. The world he forms within himself is a particular variation of the world that he physically interacts with and shares with other unique individuals.


    The physical world can appear uniform, but the experiencing of it, what it triggers within the onlooker and unique contributor, is always different from that of the person just beside him. This is the case even if they had been through a similar upbringing in the same household, with the same parents and physical conditons. The way he has formed his inner world determines the way he views and experiences the outer one.


    But the formation of the inner world is something that can take place over several lifetimes on earth and does not just begin in the present one.


    A person who has built up an inner world that bases its source of happiness on an earthly and intellectually based sense of success and fulfilment, would form a narrow perceptive range for himself. He would draw superficially from the happenings around him, and he would react according to the narrowness of his perception. This narrowness agrees with his decision to confine his perception only to the narrow world of what is earthly, thus excluding the much larger parts associated with his existence, which include other planes or spheres of matter (that are inaccessible to the physical, gross material senses and investigative tools), with their differing degrees of fineness and permeability to Light radiations coming from the Origin of all movement. 


    What comes out of him cannot then form what is broadly beneficial but must reflect his narrow-mindedness and short-sightedness. In this way, his connection to centres of narrow perception keeps him fuelling his tendency to form a narrow inner world, with a narrow perceptive range. This his inner world then manifests as his psychic and physical conditions for him to experience, to reap. In this way, he would always draw from the physical setting or happening only what would agree with his narrow-mindedness, thereby also experiencing in the earthly that which he already gave rise to within him, and his reaction would be such as would serve to maintain this his inner world, and thus, also maintain the physical conditions, albeit, perhaps, in different forms. For his reaction would reflect a limited understanding, thus sowing the seeds for corresponding physical conditions; conditions likely to elicit a similar narrow-minded reaction from him. This is because he retains his capacity to draw material substance together for himself, like a magnet, according to the mould of his inner nature, whether or not this inner nature of his is upward-tending or downward.


    He would help the physical conditions develop differently, more beautifully, in a manner that permits the perception of more light, more understanding and greater clarity, if his inner world were such that allowed for this through its unique composition. Today, however, there is ignorance, one-sidedness, a general not-knowing that keeps mankind in the dark and at the mercy of what flows through their correspondingly distorted formations, which effectively and automatically act as veils through which their originators then try to see.


    The conditions within the family units, social, religious, economic, educational and governmental structures, all take after the very nature of the composition of the inner attitudes of men, hence, they reflect mankind’s general perception of how things work in the Universe/Creation and what to place value upon.

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