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What is Energy?

 A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man


By Sampson Iruoha




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 ebook Format

 ISBN:  978-098-65906-1-0


This book addresses the primary form of energy in Creation and the need for its right recognition and usage for the development of mankind and their surroundings. Over millennia this energy has been misdirected by man due to his ignorance of its existence and nature of working. As a consequence, only works that have led to despair, chaos and destruction have formed in great numbers and grown through the thinking and general activity of men. The right use of this energy always leads to upbuilding in Creation, because it brings together and holds forms and substances in ways that only encourage upward growth and beauty.






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Cause and Effect


Understanding Cause and Effect, the connection between what has been and now, what we put out in the past and our present condition, is key to understanding the Law of the Universe, the Language of God. “What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” delves into this subject, with a view to alerting mankind to the existence on earth today of all the (remaining) explanations of the working of the Laws of the Universe/Creation.


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