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Everything that happens around us, that is, everything that we are able to witness or experience, in our thoughts, feelings or in a physically tangible form, comes together and develops according to the same principles or laws.  The more of these instances we are able to recognise, the greater the trust we develop in the consistency of the working of the Laws, the Laws of Nature. When we follow these Laws in our own (human) activities, which include our thinking, speaking and acting, what issues from us forms beautifully, with a radiance that forms a sphere of similarly beautiful, beneficial and uplifting conditions.


Our capacities to adapt our natures to the workings of these Laws depend on the degree to which we have come to trust in their strict and unchanging nature. Only when we have experienced the perfection of this working, that is, when we have personally experienced that applying these Principles to our lives always leads to beneficial developments, and that not doing so leads to unfavorable conditions, can we intuitively, and thus, naturally respond in ways that agree with them. The more opportunities we have to experience the workings that express these Laws the greater the opportunities for us to see them from different stand points and thus expand our knowledge of them. Acting according to this expanded knowledge leads to the development of the human spirit and its surroundings in ways that only promote harmony.


It is hoped that the essays presented here provide the reader or listener with opportunities to see various forms of the workings of the Laws of Nature, also known as the Laws of Creation, for the purpose of that expansion of spirit which is urgently needed today.











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