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This events page shall be further developed to display an array of events going on in different parts

of the globe, for the purpose of pointing out areas where attempts are being made to draw mankind's attention to the existence today on earth of gapless explanations of Creation, the Laws operating in it, the origin and task of man, and other questions the absence of clear answers to which have left men under pressure for millennia.


So far, these are available:


Germany -



Canada  -



On the above websites can be found information on how to purchase copies of In the Light of Truth: the Grail Message.


This work is a collection of essays that has been available to mankind for almost a century, providing the earnest seeker of truth with gapless explanations of the workings of all the laws operating in the Universe/ Creation.


Lectures and talks on various topics that affect the human spirit's existence on earth and in Creration/ the Universe, based on what the speakers have drawn from this work, would also be made available on the websites listed above.  






United States of America  -


Click here for calendar of events.

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