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Financial and economic collapse

One one of the effects of the wrong application of human capacities 


Sampson Iruoha

Mankind have for millennia been focusing their attention mainly or one-sidedly on earthly matters, thus limiting their perceptive capacities to the level and scope of the narrow perspective provided by the gross material substance of the earth.


When events and happenings are viewed through this perspective, only a small range of the full happening is seen. When only a segment of a happening is recognised, the full appreciation of cause and effect cannot be taken in.


But the range of our recognition helps determine the nature of the conceptions that we hold about the way things work in the Universe, and the way we are to act if we wish to be happy and have a sense of success in life. Everything arranges itself for us around and according to this conception that we have formed.


The more we develop and mature the more of the full range of the cause and effect cycle we are able to appreciate and the more we perceive the Justice behind it all. The perception of Justice in the happenings that we encounter along our paths here on earth allows us to recognise the starting points of our current fate, or the seed that led to the fruit that we have harvested and have to live through. Therefore, the perception of Justice allows us to trust and become convinced that the nature of what we sow must accord with what we receive. This conviction helps us nourish and grow that inner courage that is indispensable in the maintenance of a good inner resolve, that is, the resolve to always do what is good and what brings benefit and leads to the inner growth of man.


Such light and upward-tending resolutions always manifest correspondingly on earth in the opportunities that come to man for their realization. The inner attitude of man forms the conditions that he experiences also on earth, because the earth is the plane of the final manifestation of what has formed within us. It is therefore of paramount importance that the understanding of this relationship (cause and effect) be fully developed and utilized by man. When he focuses his attention mainly or only on what is earthly, and on the attainment of earthly pleasures and gain, as well as the acquisition of earthly power and influence, he then relies mainly on his calculating intellect which, as a tool of the spirit, has the task of bringing into earthly form the inner resolve of the spirit of man. It is meant to serve the spirit. When, however, the tool (intellect) is given the decision-making position and power of the master, through being so heavily relied upon, it is one-sidedly developed at the expense of the maturation of the master (spirit).


The urge to satisfy earthly desires leads to the viewing of all conditions in terms of how they interfere with or help with the attainment of this goal. This narrow view also affects how man reacts to earthly conditions, and because of the narrowness of the foundation of the perception, the reaction from man also expresses narrow-mindedness, evidence of a limited or narrow perspective. So man reacts with anger and envy, or with fear or anxiety, when he runs into conditions that differ from the narrow view that he holds of what will bring him happiness. This emotion or deep inner feeling then leads to the nature of what forms for him to experience in his earthly surroundings, as well as magnetically attracts similar feelings and emotions from others who share such a nature with him. This keeps the gaze of men downward-pointed and prevents them from seeing what is higher and what lies deeper, below the surface, and thus from seeing the origins of the conditions that they experience.


Without this recognition they keep the base attitudes coming in greater supply, because they never learn, through the personal experience of cause and effect, to change for something better. The formed earthly conditions therefore continue to pull from us more of what is dark. So has it developed for millennia!


So, through the ages the goals of men have narrowed and the appreciation for the amassment of wealth has increased, amongst rich and poor alike. The poor often look in envy at the symbols of the riches of the wealthy, while the rich very often occupy themselves with maintaining and growing their wealth, because a consensus has been reached, expressed through the attitude of men, their art and their words, that the highest goal for man is the attainment of earthly wealth and position of earthly influence and power. Human spirits have therefore repeatedly come to this earth for their individual maturing, in alternating conditions of wealth and poverty, without becoming any wiser with regards to the working of the Laws of Nature, of the Universe.


As a consequence of this all the good qualities that men had developed during the times when a more balanced outlook had prevailed were gradually eroded, so that men let themselves go and no longer saw reason to concern themselves with anything that did not help them get richer or live more physically comfortable earthly lives. The institutions and structures that formed through the activities of men all took on shapes and forms that encouraged this thinking, even as men suffered the consequences of the fear, greed, selfishness, superficiality, base sensuality, conceit and narrow-mindedness that they helped nurture with their wrong, earthbound resolutions or volitions.


Their solutions to the problems that emerged were always superficial and so did not address the main causes of the problems, but only allowed them to grow stronger as they developed within men. The goals and desires became even narrower and the means to their attainment even harder to come by. So men gave out towards each other even uglier intuitive and thought forms, which shaped their surroundings accordingly and further enslaved them under the rule of the calculating intellect, which then served a dark volition. The human spirit, which alone could receive the guiding pictures from above, from higher and lighter planes, to which mankind had closed themselves through not being able to sense of anything other than what could be physically examined and understood, was allowed to become languid, gradually sliding into a comatose state towards spiritual death. As I have already mentioned, this development occurred over the course of several earth lives for men on earth today.


In the course of this development, and as men cried out for help under the scourge of the conditions that they had helped form, prophets and others who had not closed themselves to the guidance from above, sought to help by bringing helping teachings to man in order to assist him towards viewing the world around him aright, so as to send off those energy-forms that only could bring ennoblement. Later on came a Part of the Light Itself in the Person of Jesus Christ, when it had become clear that mankind were headed for certain destruction. Had they heeded aright the words of these teachers and the Son of God, they would have developed to understand better the nature of the cause and effect that brings them their fate, and would have attuned their inner lives accordingly.


But their desire for earthly pleasures and gain remained strong. They at best tried to outwardly give some semblance of piety but retained the old inner attitudes that formed their outer surroundings, and which show themselves today in their words and their general attitudes. The teachings were used to support old habits in new forms through the establishment of religions, which also bore at their cores the very weaknesses that men nourished, and which therefore could not lead man to true knowledge.


Men themselves had to steadfastly work on achieving this change without the restrictions brought about by rigid doctrines. They were to experience life for themselves in order to achieve this change through personal recognitions.


The lack of success that men experienced through their own indolence led them to worship the intellect even more wholly and to throw out much of what had been brought to them, which they had mangled and distorted through viewing them too narrowly and with conceit and vanity.


With the intellect at the leadership role for mankind, money and its acquisition became the most sought-after and priced goal for most of mankind. The attainment of this goal was a priority over everything else for many a person. So it happened that the means to its acquisition no longer mattered in the course of time. This however, meant that the wrong attitudes only grew stronger and multiplied.


But today a surge of Power courses through the entire Creation (Universe), bringing about a quickening to everything that is developing. Everyone today, in the hastened unfolding of all developments, can feel this quickening effect. The frequencies of happenings that used to be few and far apart also reflect this. In this time also, the fruits that have for millennia been nurtured by men are now quickly ripening and falling to their originators. These include fear, conceit, anxiety, vanity, envy, the pursuit of earthly power and influence, spiritual indolence, etc. Since these fruits have mainly been dark and weighty, they bring oppressive pressures in their near-simultaneous ripening.


The foundations of the wrong conceptions of man are now being shaken, because they cannot harmonize with the vibration of the new and increased power. They are forced to reveal their hollowness just when men would go to them for promised support. Men now have the opportunity to see the true effects of their inner attitudes, because they now manifest in earthly form with lightening-like speed. What may have taken decades or even several lifetimes to form now manifests in days and weeks. What would have taken thousands of years to develop now manifests in months. Men now very clearly would see what brings them help and what causes them to sink deeper into despair. They will through this see true Love and Justice in their combined working.


The current economic or financial crisis is only one of the happenings that give evidence of the purification process. In every one of the cases or stories of misfortune there will be evidence of a seed of the wrong nature sown by the one experiencing it. It could be one of greed, fear, anxiety, spiritual ignorance due to spiritual indolence, or some of the previously mentioned base attributes or others not mentioned here. Whatever the case, however, one-sidedness would always be a factor, for where the spirit has been alert and leading the intellect in a balanced working, there will be no pain. This is therefore the solution to the problem that mankind is facing today. Man must make his decision based on the resolution to do what is good. This will become reflected in his physical conditions.


All superficial solutions to the current and emerging problems will only lead to the experiencing of more devastating events for the individuals concerned, because in the meantime they would have allowed the base forms clinging to them to grow, and their reciprocal effects to generate more mass and impact. All this is telling man where and how he has to make a change, while he is still able to. Help is at hand today for that person who decides in time to “see” along his own path of necessary experiencing.

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