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Forest Green

What is suspended there

amongst the trees

that emits such sounds of peace?

What is hidden there in the green?


As the movements of the colours, sounds


particles of Light are flung off…

that shower the forest,

like fireflies dotting bright the night sky.


And you can breathe it in.

This other-worldly resonance.

Released by the lawful arrangements

of the leaves.

It draws upwards

the core vibrations of the cells,

it makes them long…

for lawfulness.



submerged in this natural weaving,

a rhythm begins to pulse within.

The matrixes of this material self

begin to sway in a different way.

And all that is lifeless

and unnatural

is released and cleansed.


Such is the gift of all

that swings, in what is natural.



Note: The lawfulness and laws that are spoken of here are the Laws of Nature












©  Dalida Iruoha.  

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