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From the Editor


There is today and has been for ages a pressure that people feel as a result of wrong conceptions regarding the reason for man’s existence on earth, the nature of his capabilities and how his use of these capabilities affects his fate.

If there is any relatedness between these factors then it can be safely assumed that a good understanding of them must lead to earthly conditions that reflect peace and harmony. Discord and chaos, conflicts and disharmony only arise where the right way to be and act is not known. The right way to be for the individual must lead to a lack of oppressive pressures and to his/her experiencing of true bliss and joy.

The path to this experience will be different for each individual, but the goal remains the same – the right grasping of, and adaptation to the Principles that govern all happenings in Creation through the personal experiencing of their effects. Adaptation to the workings of these Principles or Laws leads to the blossoming of the gifts which each individual bears within. This represents growth for the individual.

The gifts developed contribute to the perfection that the whole of humanity is capable of achieving. The final picture must be one of harmony and one that is free of oppressive pressures. On the way towards this goal for each individual, he will recognise the true nature of the driving force within him, the reason for his presence on earth and how he is to use the capabilities of this driving force for the attainment of this recognized goal.

No one who moves actively on this road would harbour the desire to cause harm to his fellow man, either physically or otherwise, in thought or with words, for he will have recognised that his every action, every stirring of his inner self, is a seed that grows and returns to him for reaping as mature fruit of a similar kind, forming his conditions and determining his unavoidable fate.

With this knowledge he will become a transmitter of light radiations, for the nurturing and sustenance of ennobling forms and conditions. He will no longer be vulnerable, due to ignorance, to the self-destructive forces that tempt him to express negative emotions, the forms of which bind to him and act as channels for what is similar to flow to him. This knowledge forms a protective shield around, because he will only sow, in his interactions with his environment, only that which will bring him joy.

The fruit sown by men in this regard over millennia have led him downwards to a state of deep ignorance and blindness, so that he no longer can recognise what is harmful for him, but rather mainly seeks what will bring him earth benefit and gain. These cumulative fruits are now quickly ripening and falling to his lap for his experiencing, and so he has the opportunity to see their true nature and to desire what is better; for, as he will find on this road to his inner development, only that which he wills, comes to him. He must truly desire a change from what is wrong and oppressive before he is able to get the opportunity to experience it.

The works presented on were put together with the wish to share upbuilding experiences, which might help the earnest seeker of truth identify along his own path what he needs for the development of that entity within him, which is his actual and true self.


We, at, welcome questions and comments from readers who earnestly wish to strive for this development.


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