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Gift from the Grail


   People speak often of the Holy Grail and the search for it. It is usually regarded by those who speak of it as the highest of all that is worth striving for. In this light many refer to it as the highest achievable goal in some earthly field of activity or other. In every case, however, its attainment is considered to be the fruit of great effort.


The sensing by many that the Holy Grail is the highest of goals derives from the fact that it actually does exist, and has existed for all eternity at a great and lofty height. Eternity is a concept which mankind cannot fathom, since they came into existence at a definite point in time. Eternity indicates the absence of a beginning, for to say something has begun is to presume that such a beginning follows something else. Nothing can exist before eternity, because if that were at all possible then that which came afterwards cannot be called eternal, cannot possess the quality of eternity.


The human spirit in man has a beginning and so cannot be called eternal. It can only take on the quality of being eternal by attaching itself through an alignment of will with that which is truly eternal and which, therefore, truly possesses this quality and has no end to it. Only that which has a beginning can also have an end. It completes a cycle of existence at the endpoint. What does not have a beginning cannot have an end either, for the end is only spoken of in reference to a beginning.


Life is eternal because Life proper is God, and God is eternal. Everything that we experience in Creation or in the Universe can only be effects of the existence of Life proper. It is the effect of the pressure that results from the activities associated with the presence or existence of Life. The emanations or radiations which result from the pressure felt due to the presence of Life proper, of the Light, lead to the formation of everything which can then have a beginning, depending on where it takes on form, and also an end, depending on whether or not it is able to continue to absorb from

Life the impetus towards that movement which we refer to as evidence of life.

Death or dissolution comes at the point where that which is formed can no longer maintain a healthy relationship with that Which is Eternal and Which alone bears Life, is Life. Death is the cessation of movement.


Everything outside of Life, of God, is formed as a result of the radiation of the Light, which leads to movement, to the generation of friction and heat, and to the assumption of form. Creation is a product of this process. So is everything else within its immense boundaries, the scope of which is unimaginable to earthmen. In order for Creation to be maintained in good form, and not decay and disintegrate through lack of stimulating and movement-inducing energy and warmth, it needs to receive that which comes from Eternity, from the Light.


Through the Holy Grail Creation was formed, and it perpetually receives all that it needs to remain viable, through continuous movement, through the Pure Gate to the Light, which is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail therefore links Creation with eternity, as an Act of Grace for the entire Creation and all its creatures.


Whatever comes from the Holy Grail holds eternal existence for that creature, including man, which is able to make use of it rightly. This is because it exists to form the bridge for this purpose for those which do not possess eternity as a part of their natural being, thus every creature in Creation as well as Creation itself.


Earthman is able to receive and make the right use of what comes through the Holy Grail only if he attunes his inner being towards the pure nature of the Light. Without this inner attitude, will or desire, he cannot recognise or make use of the help from the Light which flows through the Holy Grail. In such a state he then faces spiritual death, effacement from existence in Creation, not only departure from the earth. This is because he fails to eat and drink of the nourishing currents which flow from God, and which alone can allow him to exist eternally. He then stagnates in his upward animation, decays and ceases to be.


A gift from the Holy Grail, therefore, must hold for earthman that which will enable him adjust his inner self in the right manner for the connection with the flow of currents of power from Eternity. A gift therefrom provides earthman with the same opportunities as the Holy Grail itself provides the entire Creation - the opportunity for eternal existence. It must hold for earthman everything which he will need in order to understand aright Creation and its Laws, so that he may work himself out of the entanglements of wrong conceptions and attitudes for ascent towards the Light.  So earthman must work to receive and make use of this help, just like all the other creatures in the different parts of Creation do.


The Work: In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message provides all the answers and explanations to all happenings in Creation, in a manner that leaves no gaps, as it explains Creation and the Laws which govern it. That person who is able to rightly grasp and apply what it brings will live joyously, in peace and harmony, because he will swing in complete harmony in the rhythm of the Laws of Creation, and will no longer oppose them through his wrong attitude.




In the Light of Truth - the Grail Message is available at Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company,  

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