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What is Energy?

 A Call to the Spritual Core of Man


This book addresses the primary form of energy in Creation and the need for its right recognition and usage for the development of mankind and their surroundings. As well as the nature of the animating core of man, his spirit, which is a distinct entity of a different nature and consistency from that of the physical body and the brain.


Over millennia this energy has been misdirected by man due to his ignorance of its existence and 



nature of working. As a consequence, only works that have led to despair, chaos and destruction have formed in great numbers and grown through the thinking and general activity of men.


The right use of this energy always leads to upbuilding in Creation, because it brings together and holds forms and substances in ways that only encourage upward growth and beauty.


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Many have grown quite weary with regards to mankind changing their ways, in many of the aspects in which it has been clearly shown that they can and must change, if they wish for the survival of the species.


The efforts at drawing people's attention to the consequences of wrong actions and inadequate attention to the effects of their own works have largely led to no real changes in the inner attitudes of men.



With all the modern tools for gathering information, which now can occur at a faster rate than ever before in the history of the earth, and with the gains in science and the associated opportunities to know more about the Laws of Nature, the fall of man in the dark continues at an alarming rate towards his spiritual and, consequently, species-wide disintegration.


At what level must the awakening one then act in order to effect a change, within himself and also around him, in the face of this apparent state of hopelessness?



Are things really that hopeless or is he looking for the guiding signs in the wrong places?


How can he draw that encouragement that he needs in order to tirelessy move in the right direction in the face of the opposing currents of dead-wood sludge?


Where is he to draw the strength from, which will allow him to see that all that opposes him is already dead and lifeless, and needs to be seen as such, lest he dissipates his own last vestiges of strength against unworthy adversaries, due to his own narrow perception of what is real and what is possible?


Where does he find the strength to stand as a human spirit and drop all the material dross that he has allowed to cover him like layers of slime, which have confined him to a limited and increasingly limiting space, greatly obscuring his vision, telling him that he has no hope, and leaving him with the impression that his sincere and sustained will to rise out of this space is not enough to open him up to the necessary strength for it?


Could the battle for mankind today be within the individual himself? Could this be the reason why nothing has changed fundamentally for the better, in spite of all the changes yet?


Could his unchanged and fast-falling inner being be responsible for the replacement of the old with even worse conditions, causing him to tire himself out and lose all hope?


Could this be an area of fruitful personal investigation?  







In the course of events on earth today we can see what can only be acurately described as acts of madness of various kinds.


 "Madness" here does not perchance refer to the state of being unwell and in need of medical attention, but the state that eruptuously results from the pressure currently acting upon the inner being of man today. In the very words we can discern an apt description of the events themselves.


They are increasing in frequency and number and are becoming the norm on the daily news. For this reason one needs not mention particular examples, for everyone should at least be able to point to a case of mass-murder, rape or mass-rape, oppression, other violent acts as well as expressions of complete moral poverty in his own part of the world. They defy understanding and logic when looked at objectively. 


 And yet we are obliged to receive these ugly fruits so that we ask the questions:


 - Is there really a "cause and effect" process, a "sowing and reaping" process at work here, or is all this just random and we are bound to live forever in fear of random acts of apparent madness?


 - What have we sown to reap this, if indeed there is a strict process of "cause and effect", of sowing and reaping?


 - Is it possible to form for ourselves a different kind of fate and world, where there could be more certainty of the enjoyment of lasting good fruits?


 - What are we to change in ourselves as individuals in order to draw a different fate?



-How can we discover the key to doing this? How can we trust this key? Why should we bother to discover this key as individuals?  








 In all the talk about  same-sex marriage today it has become necesary to clarify within and for oneself the true meaning and purpose of marriage.


To tackle this question would require a devling into the reason for the existence of man on earth in the first place. This is important in attempting to addess the question of marriage, because it is only when one has become clear as to the reason for his being that he can start to appreciate the contributions that unions of various kinds can make to this discovered purpose.


Where the foundation for this understanding is wrongly formed, that is, where the reason for man's existence on earth and in Creation has not been rightly understood, then he cannot also arrive at the right understanding of the outgrowths from this existence.


Only the right understanding of the foundation and, following this, of the outgrowths, such as marriage, conception and birth of children, etc., can lead to their right use and development, in spite of what a majority might deem necessary or true at any given point in time.





Are there differences between men and women besides their physical features? 

If so, why is this the case and what purpose are the differences to serve, given that everything exists for a reason?

Should mankind heed these differences in their activities or are these differences, where they exist, meant to be done away with or ignored? Is there a risk to doing the latter? 

What do the Laws of Nature say about the matter? Should they be heeded?


A spiritual perspective




  º   The Destructive Ends of Intellectualism

Over recent millennia mankind have raised the intellect to a level to which it does not belong. It is a tool that the spirit of man is to use in bringing its volition or will into earthly realization. It is used to facilitate this process and it always works to find ways to do so.


However, the working of the intellect leads to collapse, as a certainty, when, in its calculations and analyses, which cannot go beyond the ambit of what is earthly, it is not guided by the sensibility provided by the inner warmth of the human being. ...  read  more


(The general collapse of institutions, relationships and so on, which have been built by man on hitherto agreed-upon conceptions of why we exist, how we are to be and what it means to be a human society on earth.)





It is quite evident today that a pressure is being exerted on everything, every person, every development and every happening.  A certain pressure is driving every process of development to its final conclusion much faster than has been the case hitherto. It is clearly evident today that as soon as a step is made in a particular direction by a person, a group, a nation or a people, the consequences of said step develop very quickly to their logical conclusions.


The quickly developing consequences also come together and converge upon the one who has taken the step or the decision, focused like a laser beam, so that he experiences conditions such as he never bargained for, but which are in strict accordance with what he had set in motion with his prior decision. ...

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(The so-called Arab spring and related events involving the shake-up of long-established structures, the growing economic and social pressures on governments and the peoples they represent, the increasingly urgent search by human beings today for more logical and satisfactory answers to old and present but, as yet, not-fully-addressed questions)





There has been some concern recently about the amount of confidence that individuals have in their ability to enjoy good fruits in the course of their interactions in this seemingly perilous time in the world marketplace.


Confidence is developed from trust. When one moves ahead with a venture... read more.



One of the effects of the wrong application of human capacities.


Mankind have for millennia been focusing their attention mainly or one-sidedly on earthly matters, thus limiting their perceptive capacities to the level and scope of the narrow perspective provided by the gross material substance of the earth.


When events and happenings are viewed through this perspective, only a small range of the full happening is seen. When only a segment of a happening is recognised, the full appreciation of cause and effect cannot be taken in ... read more.



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