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I Am the Lord Thy God! Thou Shalt have No Other Gods But Me!




Through experiencing the effects of their actions on earth mankind were to know of the true natures of these actions. Equipped with the capacity to attract and hold developing matter in accordance with their own vibrations, human spirits are to grow through experiencing the effects of what they cause to come into being.


This is because whatever a person forms with his deep inner feelings, thoughts, words and actions leads to that which he eventually experiences on earth. So his earthly condition is always the consequence of what had come up previously within him as an inner perception or a thought. His words form the last moulding channel that determines just how the experiences that are due to him will manifest or impact him on earth. So man forms his earthly conditions through the manner in which he maintains and develops his inner attitude.


Should his inner attitude be an ugly one, he will feel this ugliness in the conditions that he has to live through, even if in the present he is surrounded by material wealth and enjoys a good reputation with regards to his fellowmen. The ugliness of his experiences in the conditions that he may find himself could manifest in the sheer ignorance that he harbours with regards to why he is on earth, and what beyond earthly gain he is to strive for. He goes through pain and misery even amidst the greatest material wealth, due to the pressure of not-knowing, that unconsciousness that is the mark of a handicapped spirit.


In this state of ignorance he is not able to sow those seeds that would yield favorable fruits; favourable. to his spiritual growth or maturity, that is. Therefore, he brings into form or existence conditions that cause him to lament and grumble, as he expresses fear, ignorance, anxiety, distrust, etc. This in turn ensures that what forms around him and the people with whom he would have to interact in this world of his, harbor dangers within; dangers of drawing out from him what is similarly ugly.


Man’s ability to form the material world according to his inner state comes about through the combination of his spiritual volition with the power or capacity that becomes his own with the attainment of a certain point in physical maturity. At the point in his physical development when puberty sets in, the physical body arrives at a stage when it is able to allow for the working on earth of the spirit within the body on earth.


In this period of development of the physical body, its vibrations become such that the spirit becomes accessible to the vibrations that work through the material substance of the earth, as well as the other planes in Material Creation. At this point the “opened” physical body, which is the last and outermost point of in the transmission of energy from above through the spirit, allows for the flow of energy vibrations to and from the spirit, which then affect the material surroundings of the spirit concerned according to the exact state of that spirit.


The spirit does not have a say as to whether or not this bridge develops or appears with the development of the physical body. Whatever it holds within and whatever is waiting to approach it from without have free and unencumbered access across this bridge. It is a free flow of currents the natures of which are determined by homogeneity.


The hold and influence that the human spirit has on all other substances below the Spiritual Realm automatically assures that what forms as a consequence of this flow of energy currents from the spirit, forms itself exactly according to what agrees with the volition of the spirit. Even in cases where the circumstances formed appear unfavourable in the physical, but where the one concerned may harbor the inner desire to do what is good, within the overall conditions formed will lie that which, when experienced in the right manner, must help him towards the right accomplishment of the goal expressed in the volition.


The receiving spirit must be able to discern the help that it receives in the conditions that form for it as a consequence of its willing, in order to respond rightly to these incoming vibrations. The vibrations approach him in the form of intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions, within and from without, according to how he has formed his inner nature or personality.  As such he finds himself constantly responding. His response goes away from him across this bridge that has developed and which empowers him to shape matter. He is therefore always influencing the development of matter.


In the first place, he is quite aware of what effect he has put into matter, because they are what form for him to experience as his conditions, ethereal or physical. Perhaps, better said, he is able to be quite aware of what he has caused to form in his material surroundings. Whether or not he is aware of this depends on how clearly he is able to see into the conditions that he has drawn to himself. When he begins to recognise his influence on that which forms for him to experience, he also begins to become conscious of the fact that he does have an effect on what forms for him and, as a consequence, also on what forms in matter as a whole, for he is currently in the material world. The condition that he forms for himself appears in the material world and, through the process of attraction and of sowing and reaping, he encourages the spread and growth of such conditions in matter.


In the recognition of the fruits of what he has sown with his thinking, speaking and acting, he is able to get glimpses of the working that is the Foundation upon which the entire Creation is built; the natural Laws of Creation.


With further investigation through personal experiencing, he becomes more and more able to see how deeply and quite easily he affects matter with his mere existence, because the vibrations of his conscious and unconscious volitions constantly make their way across the bridge that empowers him to act creatively or formatively in matter. Becoming more conscious of the process of cause and effect informs him more of the underlying Principle that is the Will of God in Creation.


When he consciously strives with all his strength to make his inner life as pure as he can, he also makes that which flows from his inner core more visible and detectable to him. His awareness of this traffic of currents makes him a less superficial individual and one who is able to guide better this power that derives from a combination of spiritual and material capacity (the wealth of his experiences in matter). His attainment of inner purity is synonymous with his dropping of all other motivations for his activities, save the desire to uplift whatever stands before his spiritual or physical gaze at any given moment. This desire helps or causes him to work through those weaknesses or faults that present themselves as obstacles to the development and manifestation of this high volition.


The opportunity to easily go through this process is presented to each soul on earth after its physical body has attained puberty. This is due to the emergence of the natural upward surge of the spirit, whose rays are now able to venture forth into matter in this new combination of power. In going naturally upwards it feels the effects of the burdens brought about by the faults it bears. It feels like dropping them and has the greatest impetus to do so in this time. But often, wrong examples and badly formed surroundings sap the strength from the soul on such a quest, causing the high volition to become starved of strengthening currents. The one concerned becomes diverted, and channels his energy in directions that less productive and, in many cases, outrightly harmful.


In the case of a successful soul incarnated on earth, however, with the elimination of the layers or veils formed under the influence of the force of his faults and weaknesses, the spiritual currents that are able to flow to, from and through him are increased, and the works and worlds that result from this flow are correspondingly more brilliant and radiant, in their feel and in their looks. The one who is able to experience this gains at the same time in his appreciation for that which makes this possible – the flow of pure spiritual currents from above, from the Light, from God. He is able to gain in appreciation of the worth that lies in doing things according to the Will of the Light. He gains in his desire to worship God. For, to worship is to express the discovery of worth in that which is worshipped.


When mankind made the focus of their perception only or mainly what was earthly, they severely adulterated the quality of the vibrations of the power that they received in every earthly incarnation with the attainment of puberty.  One can perhaps more rightly say that they connected and drew to themselves a greatly weakened species of power. This distorted form of vibrations led to distorted conceptions and to corresponding spiritual works that only brought imbalance, injustice, one-sidedness, wrongness, narrowness, blindness, sluggishness and everything else that was wrong and that grew out of and was strengthened by other things that were wrong.


In his state of blindness, man could not spiritually see his way to where the strengthening purifying currents come from. By simply being, he added poison in every lifetime to what was already a noxious earthly and ethereal environment. The motivating factor for his perceiving and his actions was not the desire to serve God, and so he expressed his worship of something else other than God through his actions. He approached the issues that confronted him with this mindset and drew from that which he worshipped.


The several attempts made to help mankind with their problem, through Called ones and prophets, were geared towards helping men intuitively perceive the statement of fact and expression of Divine Love: “I am the Lord thy God! Thou shalt have no other gods but Me”. It was the first of the Ten Commandments given to mankind through Moses. This was all necessary because mankind’s problem lay in their being so narrow-minded as to find worth primarily in what lay within the limits of their earthly perception. The reasons for their thinking and their actions were mainly earthly in nature. This meant that they could not draw through the attraction of what is similar those currents that come from above and which alone are able to form what is favourable.


Through this they placed themselves under the dominion of the intellect, which ruled over everything earthly, in service to the darkness, the world of not-knowing, into the embrace of which the sullied earth had sunken.


The denseness of the worlds that men had built around their perceptive capacities presented an impenetrable barrier to those who came to help them. With the supplication of the Primordially Created Spiritual Beings for help from the Light for the developing human spirits in Subsequent Creation, which formed as a further consequence of their (the Primordial Spiritual Beings) volition, and which mankind had helped disfigure and decimate, help was promised mankind in Subsequent Creation.


But for men to recognise and make right use of this help they had to first have the desire for it, and this was lacking in a majority of mankind. In their development they had gone past that point where they could easily be guided to look upwards, for they had bound their will so very firmly to that of the earthbound intellect, which was being used by the Darkness, through men, to battle the Light here on earth.


The desire to uplift everything that came in front of their spiritual and physical gaze was not strong enough anymore within darkened mankind in the lifetimes that they had to experience on earth. This desire, which is an expression of love, true love, was the only one that could uplift the gaze of men.

So, Divine Love came. Divine Love came to help mankind redirect their gaze to the Light, to the Source of true Love. But the Love that He came to impart to the willing recipients of His help is that Love that helps the spirit approach everything with the mindset that the fulfillment of the Will of God must be the basis for its every stirring. A Love that goes together with severity and Justice, because it serves to keep the spirit concerned strictly on that path that will have it fulfill the Will of the Light in the midst of darkness.


Only such love can have the human spirit concerned view every condition with the desire to uplift it. Being able to transmit this love alone allows him to achieve the goal of uplifting everything he comes across. It connects him with God, for He is Love. One who expresses this love in this manner lives with the conviction that the path marked out for him by the Will of God is the only path worth treading. He would have experienced in the consequences of his decisions the truth in the statement: “I am the Lord thy God! Thou shalt have no other gods but Me”.    


Today, many people are expecting the Helper that the Love of God promised would come to help mankind. The attitudes of those who await Him are varied in their natures. But only those who truly strive to live according to the admonition expressed in the words above can draw adequately from what the promised Helper shall bring.


Mankind would indeed be very fortunate if He showed them a way, in these times, to live aright in order that they may experience the Glory of the Creator. It would truly be a great and tremendous help, even if undeserved, if He made known to the willing listener exactly what he had to do in order to cleanse himself of wrong conceptions so that he could once again see clearly enough the path that leads him upwards.  And if He did so in a form that could be understood by today’s mankind, so that there could not be any ambiguities and misinterpretations of what is brought, then there would indeed be no reason why anyone should fail to know and apply the Will of God on earth. 


Surely the recipient of such great help would gather all his strength for the execution of what is given, for in the process of taking it in he would have seen that the Truth expressed in it reveals the Will of God and is indispensible for ascent for this mankind. He would spare nothing in carrying out what the Will of the Light expressed with every word of the Teaching demands, for he would have personally experienced the absolute necessity to thoroughly heed the stern and loving statement: “I am the Lord thy God! Thou shalt have no other gods but Me”. 









© Sampson Iruoha.

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