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Made of Things


We are made of things

purple and blue, red and green

dandelion yellow…

Tufts of cloud, swirls of wind

little bits of sunshine.

Here and there,

the world is built into our cells.

The body inhales…

unbound by the limits of its visible edges.


Plastic of bottles, particles flung from screens,

makings of artificial everything…

What are the things that enter into us?

That which we magnetically draw,

through the attractive capacity  of  the Spirit.


In each cell,

untouched by the matter of this material eye

vibration defines

the movements of how everything joins, separates and fuses.

And as the Spirit resonates,

the nature of the tune that it emits

such are the strings of the song

that guide the atoms in their dance:

repelling here or attracting there,  

to form the physical self.

So whether it’s the sky that is built in, or scraps

depends on what is held

in the deepest of the deep Within.








© Dalida Iruoha.

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