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The End of the World




People often do not know what to picture to themselves when they contemplate the question of the end of the world, if at all they give any heed to all the talk of the “End of the World” or the “End of Times”.


Many, who feel the nature, frequency and intensities of events today, point to the approach of something about which mankind should seriously concern themselves, and cannot be swayed from thinking that there will be some culmination to all this development, and that the endpoint does not promise a gentle experience or happening. They intuitively perceive the approach of an end, and this perception is aided by the fact that many a prophesy exists about the “End of the World” or the “End of a Time”, a time or period that has to find mankind prepared, or prior to which they should have accomplished certain things.


It also holds for some the potential for the end of everything that is, beyond which nothing would exist, leaving the ones who hold this view often concerned and anxious, simply due to the pressure of not knowing. Not knowing if they really should have accomplished some particular objective before this time, which would then qualify them for what may come next after the destruction of everything that currently is; or not knowing the form that this expected destruction would take and whether or not one would have to suffer painfully through the process. If at all there could be this end-time, would it then mean that those who were able to speak convincingly about it some millennia before were right, and that the other things that they also said and advocated with regards to the period (the End Time) and the happening were true?


If that is the case, then which one of the numerous predictions and warnings about how to prepare for this “coming” period should they heed? How can one tell which is authentic and which in the end would prove to have been false? A state of anxious not-knowing for the one who has not been able to just brush aside the matter completely.


For many a person who brushes it aside, however, he still does not fail to experience those moments when, from deep within him, something flares up like an unwelcome warning, urging him to prepare himself for that which will come and mark the end of the possibility for him to make a different decision, because there would no longer be the time for it, since the end would have come for the opportunity to learn and mature in this material school that has a definite time period of existence.


This will mean the end of the cycle of existence of this material school itself, which would bring with it the disintegration of everything that has been formed in it, so that a new and more energized form can arise from the resultant basic units, aided by fresh spiritual students (new spirit seed-germs) sown like seeds into matter. A happening that affects every material form, whatever it may be, and takes it through the process of birth, through development and maturation, to flowering and bearing fruit, and then finally to disintegration back to its basic units, so that said basic units, newly-energized, can come together again to form something new, following the discharge of the energy that is the fruit of the just ended cycle.


When this time comes for the earth, it would be best if the human spirits passing through it, in the course of their experiencing and maturing, would have already severed their ties and connections to it, so that they could move on towards the completion of their own development, in higher and more luminous spheres. If they found themselves unable to do this, then they would have to partake of the process of disintegration, which always entails a falling apart or even tearing down of what used to stand as a form in the material world.


This would mean for them the tearing apart and disintegration together with matter of the personalities so far formed for those concerned, signifying their failure to have taken advantage of the period allotted them in matter to form themselves in such ways as would have allowed them to leave matter in order to eternally exist and transmit light in the Spiritual Realm as self-conscious spiritual beings.


Where the gaze of a people has been lowered so as to have them consider as important only that which they can substantiate and estimate with their earthly senses, then such a people would through this continue to attach themselves to the physical and the earthly, with their intuitive perceptions, which shape their inner attitudes, thoughts, words and actions, and thus would not be able to see beyond this range in order to know any better. They would therefore sentence themselves to the experience of feeling the pain and effects of the tearing away from the material forms (which includes all conceptions bound to matter), which now have to fall apart in the natural process of their disintegration.


They would have in a sense declared that they would like to experience the fate of all material substance, to which they bound themselves so tenaciously. Ignorance of the nature of the happening would not prevent it from taking place at the right hour, and in strict accordance with the natural laws. It would have been the fruit of their desiring.


Man weaves a world for himself that agrees with the nature of his inner perceptions, his intuitive perceptions, which guide his thinking, speaking and acting. And as he intuitively perceives, thinks and acts, he emits radiations, or rather, like a magnet he pulls together for himself and around himself a world that is as distorted or as perfect as the nature of his perceptions. Through his connection to what he forms in this manner, he directs currents that flow through him, as an energy transmitter in Creation/the Universe, to them. What he attracts to himself as energy currents and transmits to the created forms (which are mostly invisible to the physical eyes), must accord in density and clarity to the nature of what he has formed.



Through these connections he supplies sustaining nourishment to them, and they help keep him thinking and acting accordingly. Through him they are able to live, and through them he draws corresponding currents and pictures of how things are and work, in the natural reciprocal effect of his act of forming and sustaining them. They form a wall between him and reality, the boundary line of his capacity to recognise. He therefore forms through his actions his own capacity to see in Creation.


And every movement within him is an action that assumes a corresponding form, which is composed of the same substance as the species of action (intuition being finer and lighter than thought, which is finer and lighter than the spoken word, which is finer and lighter in its nature and composition than a visible, outward action). The particular form assumed is animated in the manner described above.


No two people can perceive their surroundings in exactly the same way, even if such an environment was the exact same physical one. This is because a person perceives and forms his own perceptions in a unique way. His unique perceptions then go on to contribute to what materializes on earth, together with the contributions of other unique personalities with their unique natures. They all participate in the forming but experience what has been formed in their own individual ways. They experience what has formed according to their own contributions to it, as fruits of said contributions. The forms of their intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions form the train of channels through which the impressions of earthly happenings reach the spirit residing within. And since the individual forms of perceptions and actions are all different, different channels to the spiritual cores involved must be different.


A person experiences that environment that he shares with another according the nature of the world that he has himself formed with his inner attitude, his thinking and his speaking. This inner world that he has composed remains linked with him as long as he retains the kind of thinking and attitude that has brought it about. It is, therefore, also through the filtering effect of this his own inner world that he perceives the world that can appear uniform to the physical senses of every onlooker. The world he forms within himself is a particular variation of the world that he physically interacts with and shares with other unique individuals.


The physical world can appear uniform, but the experiencing of it, what it triggers within the onlooker and unique contributor, is always different from that of the person just beside him. This is the case even if they had been through a similar upbringing in the same household, with the same parents and physical conditons. The way he has formed his inner world determines the way he views and experiences the outer one.


But the formation of the inner world is something that can take place over several lifetimes on earth and does not just begin in the present one.


A person who has built up an inner world that bases its source of happiness on an earthly and intellectually based sense of success and fulfilment, would form a narrow perceptive range for himself. He would draw superficially from the happenings around him because he would only see final physically visible manifestations, and he would react according to the narrowness of his perception. This narrowness agrees with his decision to confine his perception only to the narrow world of what is earthly, thus excluding the much larger parts associated with his existence, which include other planes or spheres of matter (that are inaccessible to the physical, gross material senses and investigative tools), with their differing degrees of fineness and permeability to Light radiations coming from the Origin of all movement. 


What comes out of him cannot then form what is broadly beneficial but must reflect his narrow-mindedness and short-sightedness. In this way, his connection to centres of narrow perception keeps him fuelling his tendency to form a narrow inner world, with a narrow perceptive range. This his inner world then manifests as his psychic and physical conditions for him to experience, to reap. In this way, he would always draw from the physical setting or happening only what would agree with his narrow-mindedness, thereby also experiencing in the physical world that which he already gave rise to within him, and his reaction would be such as would serve to maintain this his inner world, and thus, also maintain the physical conditions, albeit, perhaps, in different forms. For his reaction would reflect a limited understanding, thus sowing the seeds for corresponding physical conditions; conditions likely to elicit a similar narrow-minded reaction from him. This is because he retains his capacity to draw material substance together for himself, like a magnet, according to the mould of his inner nature, whether or not this inner nature of his is upward-tending or downward.


He would help the physical conditions develop differently, more beautifully, in a manner that permits the perception of more light, more understanding and greater clarity, if his inner world were such that allowed for this through its unique composition.


Today, however, there is ignorance, one-sidedness, a general not-knowing that keeps mankind in the dark and at the mercy of what flows through their correspondingly distorted formations, which effectively and automatically act as veils through which their originators then try to see.


The conditions within the family units, social, religious, economic, educational and governmental structures, all take after the very nature of the composition of the inner attitudes of men, hence, they reflect mankind’s general perception of how things work in the Universe/Creation and what to place value upon.


The physical conditions are the result of how men have decided in the past. They are the final fruits of particular decisions, dovetailed in together with those of other decisions, in a manner that forms a gapless flow of events and situations for the individual to receive as fruit.  These final fruits also go together with those of other people and connect with them at points of similarity. Through these similarities the personalities also connect with one another, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, thus receiving through each other’s works the developed fruits of their own works, in strict accordance with the Law of Reciprocal Action, which always brings back to a person, many times over, the same kind of fruit as the seed he sowed. Thus man is always receiving the matured fruits of his works. His works begin with his intuitive perceptions, which agree with his inner attitude. His thoughts, words and actions are other forms of his works that depend on his intuitive perceptions, coming outward from within him toward physical manifestation.


Man’s works, as described above, help form his conceptions, his pictures of how things work. How the physical conditions are perceived and taken in by men always reflect the conceptions of men, and it is again based on these conceptions that men go on to think and act. And since they cannot but move, that is, express something at least inwardly, they cannot but form according to their existing conceptions, which they shape according to the amount of effort that they put forth towards gaining expanding recognitions of how things really work in Creation.


These conceptions find expression in what later manifests physically as forms and happenings, so that there could never be a question of an accident (in the way that men often use the term), or any arbitrariness with regards to what people individually experience. The better the inner attitude is formed, the more one is able to draw from the physical condition and thus perceive through it, and the better he is able to compose himself within. The better his inner composition, the better he will put together physical forms through his actions, which will transmit light and clarity to his surroundings. He will then, through this process, contribute to the actual make-up of the physical conditions of his environment, from and through which others can then draw (also based on their own individual contributions), thus deepening and broadening the pool for greater inner enrichment, and spreading beneficial fruit in the course of his being. Through this he also gives back to the material world that provided him with the cloaks and coverings through which he experienced the working of the Laws of Nature, of the Universe, for his own maturing. 


The outward expressions of the collective inner state of mankind thus also form the lens through which they see the workings of the Laws of the Universe, the thorough understanding of which they must individually acquire if they are to step-by-step form and recognise the bridges to greater and wider perceptions, to enlightening recognitions and to the clear perceptions of things as they really are. Things as they really are reflect the true nature of the working of the Laws of the Universe, which never change and are thus perfect. Man therefore needs clarity in order to develop towards the perfection his being.


These perfect Laws will never change because only what is still developing is in need of change. It changes as it develops upwards. That which is perfect does not need to develop to anything else, because there is nothing beyond perfect. Perfect is the highest, the point at which everything is addressed collectively for the good of everything.  Perfection, in its broadness, is able to address everything, without exception and at the same time, in a manner that provides it with what it needs to develop upwards and serve the Light. It is to recognise this perfect working, which is very simple in its nature, that man is to strive. The more clearly he sees this working and adapts his thinking and acting to them, the more he will compose his inner world accordingly, thus enabling himself to see more clearly the perfect working of the Laws, and on and on it goes.


His perception gets broader and he sees more clearly. His reactions to his physical conditions would also reflect this broader perception, and so would the nature of his physical formations and their impacts.


The world of matter presents man with the opportunities to see this working, by permitting him to form works and follow them through their developments to their fruit. Every experience of man is the receipt of the discharge of energy from what he had previously formed, and which now returns to him fully laden with similar vibrations and mature for plucking and consuming. In so doing he directly tastes of the fruit of his doing and knows whether or not he is to continue with the kind of seed that led to it.


He does not have a choice in whether or not he will taste of the fruit, he can only decide at the point of sowing the seed what kind he wishes to develop for him. The development from seed to fruit happens automatically according to the natural laws and can take more than one earth-life, depending on the nature of the seed and the conditions that must then come together as the fruit. So develop for him to see and taste they must. The open cycle must close at its beginning. And the beginning lies in the person who opened the cycle with an intuitive perception, a thought, word or physical action.


So men have been sowing seeds for a long time already, for millions of years now, and have been contributing to the nature of the formation of the environments into which they have been incarnating and through which they have been living in successive earth-lives. Their increasing focus and attachment to matter and earthly concerns and goals, however, have caused them to develop perceptions that have grown narrower with the passage of time. The narrowness goes together with rigidity in thinking and everything else, like a river that slowly stops flowing and turns into a pond, or several ponds, each getting stale and foul and contributing to disease rather than nourishing good health.


All men are thus connected to everything that they individually have to experience, no matter what its nature is. As always, the ability to recognise the working of the Laws of the Universe remains, and the opportunity for this comes with every experience, whether the experience is considered favourable or not. The perfect working of the Laws would always show the progression from cause to effect, from within the originator as seed and back to him as developed fruit. But the narrow-mindedness in men and the rigidity associated with this make them unwilling and incapable of seeing so deeply and so broadly, and so the lessons are not learned and the inner attitude and perception are not brought to alignment with the natural Laws, which all experiences are able to teach man. Through his reactions to his conditions he therefore supports the growth of darkness and narrow-mindedness, which form a world in which all forms of evil thrive, such as greed, envy, hatred, fear, conceit, vanity, spiritual indolence, and so on.  They thrive in a world where not-knowing creates a downward pressure upon the human spirit and its growth. And they (the dark forms) all have the effect of keeping man’s gaze focused on what is earthly and thus narrow.


These dark forms thrive and grow because their originators (men) have over time moved through matter whilst building on false foundations of reasoning and interpretations of happenings and conditions. What is built under these conditions cannot but reflect the faultiness of the reasoning that led to their formation, and upon which they stand. Yet it is this, which men build and surround themselves with, which forms the veil through which they see and perceive the workings of the Laws of the Universe. They therefore cannot see clearly in order to adapt to this only right way of being, so that what they form would allow for and encourage clearer perceptions for the flourishing of the promise held within each human being.


So these forms of darkness have one primary effect; they keep man from truly seeing. They cannot act otherwise or produce a different effect, because the seed must accord with the fruit. They keep him in the dark as to how things really are, so that he keeps acting in ignorance and producing forms that would maintain the reign of darkness, to which the forms themselves belong, in accordance with the Law of Homogeneity. The conditions of their daily lives are composed of series of discharges from the fruits of their labours. These mature at various times and return to their originators without fail, as the conditions that they have to live through, to discharge upon them the developed fruits, the seeds of which they sowed at a previous time.  Under the scourge of the discharge of these false works men then groan.


The currents that men were to transmit into matter were to get purer and purer, so that they would become purely spiritual, or based on the conscious perception of the spiritual origin of the human being, thus in accordance with the spiritual nature of the core of men. This would indicate development to maturity and self-consciousness on the part of the developing human spirits. To draw purely spiritual currents would mean to be quite conscious of the true nature of the human being and its abilities and responsibilities. It is the goal of the developing human spirit.


But in perceiving and acting wrongly mankind make connections with currents that come from very low depths; currents that do not come from above the human spirits concerned, and which cannot therefore serve to connect them with their origin for a magnetic attraction upwards, and correspondingly lead to the formation of works and forms that agree with this lack of purity and clarity, as well as with the state of being burdened with impurities. Lack of clarity results in the pressure of not-knowing, transmitted through the resulting darkness reaped by man through his own works.   



The spiritual particles that are the energy particles of the Universe/Creation, stream through everything formed in matter. Without these currents going through matter, the material substance would remain immobile and unformed in any way. Through the activities of men, the spirit particles implicated in the formation of matter were to increasingly become more energized, through being involved in the creation of rightly put-together forms, through which energizing and animating light currents could more easily pass, like clear glass or crystal.


The more light currents pass through the thus created forms, the more the particles involved in their formation would be animated, rising in their movements to higher frequencies, and thus leading to different degrees of friction and magnetism, and thus to different formations. The higher the frequency of movement of these, the greater the heat generated and the more perfectly formed the resultant works. These resultant works come together as such to resemble more closely the forms in existence in the higher realms of Creation, whence the spirit particles come as unconscious spirit-germs. The form replicas of the higher spiritual world whence the spirit of man came as a spirit seed grain, in order to develop to maturity in the material world of development. 


Through this process the human spirits capable of drawing down and passing on spiritual currents help with the increased animation of the spirit particles responsible for the animation of the substances of matter. This causes them to transmit more animation to the material substance, so that the latter can come together in better ways that would allow for correspondingly clearer pictures of the working of the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature. Man is to form the bridge for the transmission of this increased energy through his intuitive perceptions, his thoughts, words and physically visible actions.  


In the disintegration of the forms that result from these, at the end of the cycles of their existence, they would discharge such energy as would aid in further upward development. And having been through some development of their own, these energy particles would cooperate in the formation of better and more luminous forms; forms that would allow more clarity and light to reach mankind. They would automatically, in strict accordance with the Law of Homogeneity, be implicated in works that are more beautiful in their forms and their effects. The presence of these kinds of forms, with the kinds of spirit particles that are associated with their formation, would indicate also the presence of human beings who, through their efforts at their own purification and maturation, have become able to truly live as spiritual beings.


The sin of mankind is the formation of a world wrongly put together due to the drawing of greatly overlaid spirit particles, thus the formation of dark works that immediately connect men to streams of correspondingly dark (greatly overlaid particles) currents. In this way man formed for himself a material environment that is composed of conceptions, institutions, traditions and practices that maintain the old and wrong energy forms, thus encouraging and making possible the transmission of the same, in spite of the best volition in some to do what is good.


The best volition could not help man see beyond the boundary that he had set for himself, through surrounding himself with forms and structures, the primary nature and goal of which are dark and downward-tending. Nature gets rid of what is downward-tending because it does not agree with the upbuilding Laws of Nature. This behaviour of mankind has therefore set it on the path towards destruction, together with the wrong formations that have attended his wrong way of making use of his God-given abilities.


If man is to get help, such help would have to aid in the elimination of all that has stood in the way of his perception of guidance from above and the implementation of acquired knowledge. The walls that he has built around himself, which prevent any light from coming in, and which thus also keep him locked-in with his false conceptions and ideas, must be breached. But since he is no longer in a position to even understand the logic and goodness in what could actually help him, because of his self-imposed narrow-mindedness, so that he could implement it for the formation of a better world, the Help now comes piercing through from outside of these walls.


But as it does so, it comes only for those who earnestly express the desire for it and work towards receiving it and making use of it, for only those would receive it in accordance with the Law of Sowinf and Reaping, of Reciprocal Action. It cannot be taken up by those who have not prepared themselves to recognise it as such. It will therefore just pass them by without making any impressions on them. The coming of this help therefore agrees with the Laws of Creation, for the human spirit has to truly seek it in order to receive it. The one who does not seek it would interpret its effects in the happenings around him according to his own inner state of not-wanting-to-see. 


But, having issued from the Origin of Life, from Life Itself, it brings a power that greatly animates everything, including all developmental cycles still in the process of reaching their conclusions, towards what is good and evil, so that the fruits could quickly mature and fall to the laps of those who have nourished them for ages. Through this alone could mankind quickly taste of the fruits of their labours and individually decide whether they wish to continue along the path towards destruction, or with all their strength to adjust to the Laws of Creation now being shown to them, so that they can rise out of disintegrating matter for their continued development to fully conscious and mature human spirits. 


With the greatly quickened process of development of all that has been placed in Creation as a form by men, everything is quickly brought to its final conclusion, so that no one could again be fooled into thinking that a particular path could lead to something good and beneficial, when actually it leads in the opposite direction. Only the personal experiencing of this can now bring willing men to the point of becoming convinced as to the only way forward for them, if indeed they wish for this. Each person will experience this for himself, for it will affect the uncompleted cycles of development that he is still connected to, through his link with the forms that he has been rearing in Creation in the course of his millennia of wandering through the earth and other spheres of matter. With his inelinable right to choose, inherent in his free will, he will have to choose the direction that it will now be for him. For or against the Will of the Light expressed in the Laws of Nature. Either for the Light or against It. Either, Or. 



In the course of this quickening, and in accordance with the Laws of Reciprocal Action and the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, the destructive fruits are delivered to those people who are connected to correspondingly destructive mindsets and conceptions, and who hold within them the seeds of collapse and spiritual death. All men have been implicated in the past in the formation of these works. It is now up to the individual to sever connections to them through a change of his/her inner attitude and mode of being, as these forms go through destruction through disintegration.


With the streaming through of this energy-surge, the world formed by men through their wrong ways of thinking and seeing comes to an end, as individual forms within this world collapse from within; proving that they never bore good seeds within them, but were dead and hollow within.  Simultaneous with this would also be the coming together of new forms, which together would form a new world. Gradually, men would then see, through their own individual experiences, that the old has passed away and a new leadership in the way things would have to be, going forward, has come. It is the presence of this new Force, which replaces the collective false will of the developing human beings in matter, which brings about the automatic rearrangement and realignment of everything to suite the Will of God, expressed in the Laws of Nature. This recognition would also strike people individually, each at his own time and in his own way, but everyone sooner than most might think. The old has passed away and the new has taken its place. A relatively quick disintegration and reformation is now taking place.  A purification leading to a transformation. The end of the old world. The End of the World.


Evidence of this happening now abounds, as anyone who wishes to is able to experience the speeding-up of all existing cycles of development. Also, whatever is started today by anyone now quickly goes through its cycle of development to its blossom and bearing of fruit. Every happening is therefore now greatly energized. It is also because of this that it appears as though all the evil is rising to its peak. It is being force to blossom and then present its fruit. Only this can now clearly show mankind what has been good and what has been wrong and evil. It is presented to him along his own personal path of experiencing, in a manner that is able to make an impression on his spiritual core, so that he may never forget the lesson learned.


This helps man with the experiencing in his own life of the process of cause and effect, which he has closed himself to for a long time, but through which alone he is able to understand the working of the Laws of the Universe. The blessings that come from adjustment to the Laws of Creation are also quickened in this process, since he needs to know and adapt himself to these Laws that he is now able to quickly recognise. Adaptation to them means that he could rightly develop (as with all seeds well-cared-for) into the spiritual being that is able to cooperate in the furtherance of Creation or the Universe.


But it is a blessing only to him who seeks to know the Laws of Creation or the Universe, to everyone else it would speed up the development of those discordant fruits which, in ripening and dispersing their contents, would spew out pain and despair, in large quantities, according to the Law that one must reap what one has sown, many times over. The responses from men would be one or the other; the desire to know and adapt to this ruling Will, or defiance of this Will out of fear, anger, anxiety, hatred or due to conceit, narrow-mindedness, arrogance, spiritual indolence, or any of the other related dark attributes. The seeds sown with these responses would quickly yield fruits that would not only separate men strongly into homogenous camps, but would cause them to feel, many times over as matured fruits of their labours, all those attributes that they have given rise to. Between the two camps would develop an unbridgeable gulf.


In this way the earth experiences a Final Judgement, because never again could the separated groups come back together, for some would have chosen disintegration together with disintegrating matter, and gone along the paths that lead thither, while others would have chosen adaptation to the Laws of Life, and gone along the path thither as well. The strength of the Force at play today causes this powerful intensification of the purifying Ray from the Light, causing the Laws to manifest more strongly. The attraction between homogeneous species is thus greater, the law of spiritual gravity pulls down or lifts up much faster, and the law of reciprocal actions, of sowing and reaping, brings rewards and punishment much faster and more intensely. A purification is thus effected, for the sake of the salvation and redemption of the Universe from darkness and those who have served it and wish to continue serving it.





© Sampson Iruoha.

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