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 The Quickening




Sampson Iruoha




People often speak today of the quick development of happenings in their lives, the rapid changes in their environments, of the pace of developments in the worlds of politics, technology, science, of conflicts and other man-made catastrophes, and the increasing frequency in the occurrence of what are termed natural disasters.


 They mostly make these observations without expressing at the same time any inkling as to what has caused this perception, what it really portends and how they are to take it in and live with it.


Fears and anxieties of what may quickly be developing for them in their future conditions often only lead to the rapid developments or growths of their capacities to be fearful and anxious. And so they become even more fearful and more anxious. In such states, that is, without the right understanding of what is happening in the Cosmos with this quickening, they become even more entrenched in their old ways and cling even more tightly to old and familiar points of view. With this they use the opportunity for rapid development of fruits, brought about by the quickening, to sow just those seeds such as are destined towards destruction through disintegration, because their fruits are obstructive to the new and emerging state of knowingness, which naturally and automatically places them in the category of what is old, overripe and in need of disintegration so that what is fresh and new could subsequently form from their basic components.



Those who cling so tenaciously to this old, therefore, suffer painful experiences which feel as though it is tearing them apart, because they have, through the nature of their inner attitudes, decided to remain clinging to what is undergoing disintegration or bound for it.  Others, who are able to take in beneficial impressions very quickly in this period of a quickening of all happenings, are able to know within a very short time about how things really work in the Universe and man’s task within it, so that the seeds which issue from them yield fruits that lift them upwards towards states of usefulness and that corresponding freshness which nullifies the need for spiritual death through disintegration. 



All the developments that we are able to follow go through a cycle that begins with the sowing of a seed, goes through the process of growth, development and maturation, and finally results in the harvesting of fruit before disintegrating back into its component parts.



There is no happening in matter which does not go through this process. Everyone, therefore, is in a position to investigate this for himself in order to discover if it holds any truth for him. Only through this process of personal investigation can he discover the perfect regularity of this process in a manner that will leave him convinced.



Such a personal discovery will encourage him along the path of seeking out this working in all things, thus of continually growing and nourishing his conviction in the perfection of this working, in its unchangeableness and infallibility, its unfailing mode of working. Only the persistent seeking and detection of this working, in the processes which a person is able to observe along his own personal path of experiencing, can lead him to the conviction that things always go through this process of development.



Everything that is formed goes through this process of development, including that which comes from man. In order to see this happening in the works of man, however, one has to begin with the stirrings within him, i.e., coming from his spirit at the very core of him, which form the basis for the kinds of emanations that lead to the thoughts that develop through his thinking, as well as the words that result from these thoughts.



The words and actions of men are therefore preceded by thoughts, which are based on deep inner feelings that are like vibrations, inner vibrations. Each vibration takes on a particular form which leads to particular thoughts that allow for the formation and sounding of particular words, as well as the carrying out of particular physical actions, thus bringing the inner vibration into some physical form.



The physical deeds of men are what we are readily able to see as their works, and these develop, in combination with those of others around them, into the conditions and the structures which they are able to feel and live through. But these all have their beginnings in the inner stirrings of those connected to them. These inner stirrings of men constitute their volition, their spiritual volition - their real works. The volition determines the direction in which the more easily detectable works of man develop. With the nature of his volition he forms what he instantly or eventually experiences, within him and also in his physical surroundings. So, looked at in this way, man decides what develops for him to experience according to the way he adjusts himself within.



Inner stirrings or vibrations of fear or envy lead to physical actions and developed conditions that are built upon the foundation of fear or envy, which means  that at the time when this developing form, structure or institution has to bear fruit, it will release to those connected to it even more fear or more envy. That is, due to the nature of what develops from such an endeavour, those who contributed to its development and growth will have more reason to be fearful or envious. They will delve further into conditions which will make them even more vulnerable to fear or envy.



Where a person has become vulnerable to fear or envy, due the lowness of the forms to which he has bound himself with these emotions, he also makes himself vulnerable to a host of other weighty forms of vibration. So, a person who, for instance, gives in to anger also creates the conditions that help keep him from seeing the whole picture of the happening that has caused him to become angry. It is the narrowness of his perception that makes him view the situation in a manner that causes him to be angry. He is also fearful of what in his mind may happen if things exceed the range of what allows him, according to his perception, to be comfortable. His narrow view constricts his sense of the range of possibilities of happiness, and so he gets angry and feeds the already growing forms of anger to which he is connected. And because the weighty forms are all related in the sense that I just gave an example of, he also expresses narrow-mindedness, conceit (in thinking that his view is the broadest and could not be broader or more complete), superficiality (because he cannot see deeper than his shallow and narrow self- interest), greed (because he thinks he deserves more than he actually has received in order to satisfy his sense of fulfillment in the narrow sense of the earth-bound mindset), distrust (because he sees in others the same base volition which he bears within and cannot trust that they would not take away what he is striving for before he is able to get it), and so on.



When one has come to see that every happening is driven by some basic animating volition, and that this volition determines the nature of the outcome and feel of the happening, then he would also be on the road to experiencing and thus seeing the magnetic influence which the spirit of man has on the material substance.



With inner stirrings of beauty, joy, love, happiness, helpfulness, courage, confidence and trust, he experiences other vibrations of similar degrees of lightness and can feel an increase in his sense of the range of possibilities for being happy. In his expansion, due to the uplifting effect of what is lighter, he is able to perceive a wider range of possibilities. This also means that his responses are not as base, weighty or burdensome. In this world or on this plane of experiencing, he is not affected by what may ordinarily induce fear, envy, hatred, anger and so on in others. He does not bring the material substance together in such a way that leads him to experience conditions that draw out fear or anger from him. He also does not spread this effect so that similarly base emotions are encouraged within others. What he would then express and release into his surroundings would be lighter, and this would be reflected in the way these surroundings would develop.


So we have cycles of development leading to the manifestations of the various conditions and situations that we live through, often without paying much attention to the reasons why they have formed in just the ways they do.



The physical effects or conditions arising from one person's inner attitude comes together with those of others at just those points where these agree or share homogeneity, so that the individuals concerned receive from such conditions just that which agrees with their own personal inner attitudes or spiritual volitions, and with what has matured for them to reap as a consequence of these volitions. There is always a constant process of sowing and reaping, of giving and receiving, always according to the inner nature or attitude of the persons concerned.



So it appears on earth that we are always moving seamlessly from one condition to another, based only on the actions we have carried out physically and the words that we have spoken.


Due to the fact that things take much more time to develop here on earth than they do in the worlds of our deep inner feelings and our thoughts, at the time of the experiencing of the final effects in the realm of the physical or gross material, the origin, starting point or seed, which set everything in motion, is often no longer recognizable. It is no longer recognizable because it could have been a while, decades perhaps, since the time of the inception of the starting volition, or it could also be that said volition was initiated in a previous earth-life.



Many things have to come together in order to replicate here on earth, in physical form, what immediately takes on form in the intuitive perception or deep inner feelings of man. But it is a fact, which the reader or listener is encouraged to investigate for himself, that whatever does manifest on earth to be physically experienced must have its origin in what lies within man, in what has at some time in his past issued from him, whether this brings him pain or joy. In living through what has thus manifested he is able to know it and make the decision to move away from it or embrace it more fully. 



In the same way that a picture is capable of replacing a thousand words, an inner vibration, which is like a picture, requires a longer period of time in order to be brought together physically, that is, in order for that which is expressed within man to take shape outwardly around him. It requires the participation of many people and many parts for this particular replica to fully develop and be experienced by those who contributed to it through the vibrations within them.



For millennia, however, mankind have increasingly become unable to concern themselves with matters which have to do with what is beyond the earthly. They have increasingly viewed earthly gain and pleasures to be quite valuable, and the pursuits of these to be the main reasons for their lives’ efforts. This has increasingly led men to only or mainly see the physical parts of the cycle of the developments which actually begin within them in more ethereal forms. This has meant that mankind have limited their perceptions to the minutest part of the entire cycle of sowing and reaping, by only seeing the part where they have to reap the matured fruit, but without also seeing and knowing why the fruit has come to them.



This has increasingly led to the perception by many of several forms of injustice where these have never really existed, and this perception has been expressed by men in the forms of fear, envy, hatred, anger, and other similar emotions. The pressure arising from not having the full picture cannot but make itself felt in such painful or unfavourable ways as make the one concerned restless and motivated to find justice, true balance, the full picture, - truth.



The emanations from them have therefore been increasingly burdensome and base, because it has been weighty due to a lack of a clearer picture of the whole, which they could only get when they could experience the entire process, from inception to fruition. Any gap in this sequence will always present itself as a source of pressure, which needs to be addressed.



Men’s responses while in this state of ignorance, due to the weighty nature of such responses, have also kept their gaze tethered to and focused on what is earthly, on seeking very narrowly defined goals; for only a clearer view of the whole could allow one to send out those vibrations that build up and lead to the experiencing of spiritual expansion, peace and joy. The experience of injustice leaves those who cannot see the whole with only a limited range of responses, which are all bound to a low plane and cannot be described as uplifting. They feel constricted because they see only small parts of the whole, and reflect this narrow perception in their narrow-minded responses, which go on to form for them narrow-minded worlds. It is after this kind of vibration that all their visible and non-visible works are moulded.



Since this is the case, all the fruits of their works lead them to feel even more of the same kinds of emotions that formed the foundations of the works. For this reason, the earth and its development have gone on in a direction that reflects one-sidedness, superficiality and lack of knowledge, because all this development is modeled after the inner nature of man. Man’s magnetic core – the spirit – has had a holding and an automatic leading effect in matter. By virtue of the position of the spirit in relation to matter in the order of Creation, it naturally influences the latter. But everything has been formed wrongly due to man’s misdirection of the power made available to him, and the result of this can be felt and heard in the cries and  groaning of many people today.



The superficiality that is produced by the educational systems, leading to the development of so-called intellectuals who cannot recognise and deal with issues concerning the inner man, and thus cannot get to the roots of emerging and existing problems, the one-sidedness behind the transactions between nations, which shows a shortsightedness that is a part of the fruit of man’s limited perception, the general fostering of narrow-mindedness and deeply-seated immorality, which keep mankind’s gaze focused on what is physical and on the lowly earth-plane, whereas the currents of freshness and well being come from higher, lighter and finer planes above, as well as the widespread distrust and sense of hopelessness in any of this ever changing, now presents mankind with a picture of what they have borne within due to ignorance.



Under this weight men have been crying out for help, help to get them out of whatever it is that they have fallen into; gradually at first, but now speedily.



The quickening which can be felt all over the world and by many a man today, causes all the cycles of development to move from sowing, through development and maturation, to bearing fruit and harvesting in a very short time. This has two consequences.



In the first place, that person who earnestly wishes to receive help with the predicament that he shares with his fellow men, will become able to see quite easily the relationship between cause and effect, inception and fruition, because these are now manifesting so close together that an investigation of the infallibility of the Law of Sowing and Reaping can now be easily carried out by him. What used to take thousands of years could now be experienced by him in months. In trying to apply the Law of Sowing and Reaping he will become able to discern what brings benefit and what does not. This reveals a love which he cannot even fully comprehend, for he could not come out of the predicament about which he cries today without a prior change in his inner attitude, which requires that he recognise what has been wrong with his old attitude. The love shown to him through this process will become apparent to him only after he has made use of it.



He will also be led, through the newly engendered volition of earnest seeking, fostered by the newly acquired confidence and trust in the inherent justice in this law, to the circumstances and conditions that will increase his knowledge of the way things actually do work. He will be led to the recognition and realization of a more complete picture of the workings in the world in which he lives and what role he has to play in it. This would be the natural consequence of his seeking to know of the Principles at work in the Universe of which he is a part.



On the other hand, the one who does not strive to energetically make use of all his strength and all the opportunities presented during this period, when everything is quite obviously sped up, to broaden his gaze and see how things actually work and develop, and act accordingly, will continue to feel the concentrated pressures of all that he weaves wrongly in his ignorance, here on earth and also after leaving it, receiving no relief because he would no longer be inclined to seek it and would have very quickly drifted too far to even want to consider doing so, until all that has been developed within him over millennia is again ground to dust in unspeakably painful and horrifying experiences.


He therefore goes through a process of disintegration as all material forms do. Whereas he might have, if he so chose, retained his rightly developed spiritual form that is in fact not subject to this disintegration and belongs to a spiritual world which, due to its closeness to the Source of all animation, is indeed indestructible and, as such, can exist for eternity. A sad and somewhat frightening picture and yet, one that actually cannot depict the true seriousness of reality.



The quickening which we are experiencing and which shall yet increase in its rate, allows us today to learn and know very quickly what we have over thousands of years failed to grasp. Our failure has caused us to continue to perpetuate wrong and misleading forms, so that over time the saying has arisen: the more things change, the more they remain the same. The pressures must increase, for they will not stop until mankind have seen the last of the effects of their worship of the intellect, which is only meant to be used as a tool by the spirit of man, and not the producer of solutions. Men would come to see the emptiness in the promise that the intellect would bring them lasting solutions. They would see this in the collapse of all that has been wrongly formed over ages while under this delusion. Only then would many recognise what they have done with their talents and then transform their attitudes…if there is still time for this.



Everything that has been said here can now be investigated by any willing reader or listener because of the present quickened state of all developments. Even his serious investigation regarding what has been said here would not take a long time before it yields fruit for him. And no one can do this for anyone else.





©   Sampson Iruoha.









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