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Tones of Silence



The whiteness of the frozen cold

over the lake,

expands the gaze.

And silence can be heard

in the vastness of space.

The fabric of it hangs, suspended

weightless, and still.

Only in this emptiness:

in the absence of the mind-junk of today

and the zig-zag of electromagnetic waves

can its oscillation be perceived.



it penetrates the entire being,

runs its fingers

over the filaments of the physical body,

bringing them into harmony with its own movement.

Clearing and cleansing.

Purifying the core vibrations of the cells

from the pollution of the modern world

and the coarseness it tries to encase us in,

one cell at a time, cell by cell.


And this Silence lulls us, it holds us

and allows us to unfold

parts of ourselves yet unknown…

It gives us the space for it.

As it enters in,

it pushes the boundaries of the Self

increasing the inner volume.


Silence is space

and in space there is silence.

Seeping inward, it weaves itself into the tapestry of the soul

so that power can flow through,

unshaped, unaltered.

And the Fountain is formed,

the Hearth

from which One’s works spring forth.







©  Dalida Iruoha.

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