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What is Energy?

A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man - eBook

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150 pages


ISBN:   978-098-65906-1-0   


This book alerts the reader to the currents of particles of energy that stream through the Universe as they magnetically pull together material substances to produce the systems and structures that comprise the Universe.


What is tangible to the physcial senses of man is only the lattermost consequence of this process. Man's ignorance of that which he cannot physically perceive, causes him to form wrong conclusions about the goings-on around him, as well as to make wrong decisions in the way that he reacts to them and crafts his laws.


He does not see the connection between his inner attitude, his thoughts, words and actions and the nature of the formations that he has to live through, because he has not understood the basic working of that which he cannot see.


Today, scientists are making discoveries that allow men to see that worlds exist beyond what they can readily substantiate with their physcial senses and tools, as well as interact with. But these discoveries cannot unveil for them the activities of the particles mentioned above, which are of a completely different species and therefore imperceptible with physical tools. To know of this world of the primary energy currents in the Universe, he would have to make use of corresponding tools, which lie within him.


Today, a surge of energy streams through the Universe to animate all developments by many orders of magnitude, thus bringing everything in the process of forming quickly to its logical conclusion. Inlcuded in this are all the works of men (produced with their inner attitudes, thoughts, words and actions). These are returning to them for their tasting so that they can know through direct experiencing what they should continue with and what they should abandon.



Also, in this time, explanations of the workings of the perfect Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Nature, exist on earth and are available to every willing person. To alert the reader to this fact is the reason for the authorship of "What is Energy?" A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man". In this work, the author sought to form pictures that would help the willing reader exercise those parts of his inner being that would be required for the right perception of the available explanations that we have today in our midst and which we cannot now do without.








What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man


eBook type


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