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How We Form Our Fate

By Sampson Iruoha




Every living organism that we are able to examine here on earth takes in the radiations prevalent in its surroundings. In responding to their streaming to and through it, the organism produces effects unique to and characteristic to its nature. What is formed as a result can always be traced back to the organism, creature or plant as the fruit of its activity – of its response to what has come to and through it.


So the plant, in taking in the rays of the Sun, develops and produces the fruits and flowers which are characteristic of it, and whose beauty and perfect formation express a simple greatness that is usually attributed to Nature and all that pertains to it.


The human spirit in man, his living core and animating part, is also subject to this happening; to having radiations of particular kinds flow to and through it in order for particular and unique fruits or results to develop. In addition to the air that goes in and out of him as he breathes, as well as all the other physically perceptible processes of intake and output, man also experiences the effects of the currents that flow through him, within him, as his thoughts and inner perceptions. He is also able to experience the changes in the feel of the flow of these currents through him. Thus man is able to feel the flow of this radiation through him in various ways, physically, psychically and intuitively. His inner attitude is the beginning of his response to this flow. It is the basis for what becomes visibly manifest in the course of this natural and ever-occurring happening.


What forms around him, as the fruit of his inner adjustment, is an expression of how natural he is with respect to his species; just like the plant must be. When the processes within the plant go as they should, with regards to how it utilizes the Sunlight, water and food around it, it gradually develops into a creature the uniqueness and simple greatness of which could be considered both recognizable, as belonging to that species, and beautiful. This outcome is only due to the goings-on in the individual moments of the cycle of its development.


This is also the case with man; at least it should be. Unfortunately, man’s attitude has led to an earthly environment that leads to his experiencing of pain, terror and despair, because for a long time he has remained ignorant of this happening, of this process as it occurs with him, within him. His ignorance manifests in the form of the darkness that surrounds him, which keeps him from seeing clearly, and thus, from recognizing this simple and logical happening. He does not see his hand in what has formed for him to experience and so does not adjust himself accordingly, in a way that will lead to the formation of only what brings true happiness and lasting joy.


The darkness, the not-knowing, reflects a particular state of the inner attitude that gives direction to the formative currents of power, which flow to and through him for his use. Were he as he should be, only what is beautiful would manifest as the final working-out of this process as it works through him. For man clearly stands as a species that has the capacity to give rise to much that is great in this part of Creation.


As a result of this fruit of ignorance and darkness, however, the simple path to greatness eludes him. He races and struggles towards goals so narrow and minute, in comparison to this potential greatness, that he unavoidably travels a wider than necessary course in their pursuit, without really attaining to the goal that he seeks, or at least not addressing the issues that prompted the pursuit of the narrow goals in question. This tires him out as he watches the transient fruits of a very narrow perspective collapse upon itself, due to the faultiness of the foundation upon which the individual building blocks were laid.


But since these building blocks can only be laid rightly when he correctly directs the rays coming to him and passing through him, and since he can only do this when he is present in the moment to rightly experience and receive the gifts that come to him in the form of recognitions, which he is meant to transform into deed, he places himself on a path towards doom, because his fears and anxieties keep him thinking and worrying about the future, as he draws upon old and wrong conceptions of his past for preparing for and addressing current perceived problems. He never gets to know through personal experiencing the actual nature of how things are and work in the Universe, because he is constantly sowing seeds of fear and anxiety, and also of a general not-wanting-to-know, which always bring him matured fruits of the same kind – fear, anxiety and general state of darkness – not-knowing.  


He is therefore not able to recognise what lies before him in the moment; the right response to which alone forms a stable and furthering building piece in the structure that comprises his future psychic and physical conditions. So, in his ignorance he perpetuates and even makes worse, through the way he reacts in the present, the conditions that form for him as his fate in his future.   


Man today feels a great deal of pressure simply due to the state of not knowing how his fate is formed. The knowledge that makes it possible for him to relieve this pressure lies in the moments of the present. His reaction in the present forms the fruit of his future. The right reaction forms a favourable and upbuilding future for him. To react aright would require knowledge of the workings involved. It would require the knowledge of Creation.


We have the explanation of all the Laws or Principles of Working that today is able to help us understand Creation or the Universe. We have the explanation of Creation that we need in order to understand all the workings therein. With the right understanding of Creation, through the understanding of our species and our own selves, we can respond rightly to the goings-on in the present for that right development in the future. 


“What is Energy? A Call to the Spiritual Core of Man” has been written to alert the earnest seeker of truth to the existence on earth today of the explanations that we need in order to understand aright the Universe/Creation in which we live and all the Laws working in it.






©  Sampson Iruoha.










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